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Reviews at Chin Chin Eating House

Reviews of good food at Chin Chin Eating House

Surprisingly, my family loved the steamed chicken here (since we have our favourite, which is Leong yeow waterloo chicken rice)! The hainanese pork chop was the least favourite item (it was just fried and dried. We don't get what's so nice about it). While the ngor hiang is still my number 1 favourite dish! #burpple #burpplesg

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Pretty decent Hainanese pork chops - I have asked for the tomato sauce to be served separately so the pork chops could stay crisp throughout.

For 6 dollars - I would say this was really value for money .

My favourite Hainanese pork chops would still be from hock sin kee at Alexandra village Hawker ( See my post on hock sin kee ). The pork chops here have a finer crust and tend to be juicer :) without being greasy 😊

Try and you will know the difference 💫

I haven’t dined at Chin Chin for quite sometime because the last time I had my meal there , I felt that the standards had gone down .

Glad that I am back this evening after a Long hiatus . This Hainanese chap chye with fish maw , coriander , cabbage , black fungus and vermicelli was well cooked in a brown gravy.

I would have liked it to be a little less greasy and less starchy ( from the use of corn starch ) but this was still pretty tasty 😋

Was less than $5, rice is flavorsome, chicken has soggy skin, though taste is good 4/5


And they served rather good fish head curry too. The curry was quite lemak but not too thick, which was “friendly” to drink directly. Just perfect for a cooling day with this hot and flavourful curry. Also great for those like me who enjoy the other ingredients in the pot other than the fish head, because there were plentiful of eggplant, lady’s finger, onions and beancurd.
Try having the chicken and curry together because “curry chicken” together was really yummy.


Chicken rice from Chin Chin Eating house.

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Succulent and tasty chicken. Add the chilli and garlic, delicious 4.25/5


23 Jul'17, Sun
Dinner at Chin Chin Eating House 津津餐室...
- Chicken Rice
- Hainanese Chap Chye
- Hotplate Toufu

The chicken rice is a must order, tender and it with the chilli and ginger, one word to describe...shiok!

The Hainanese Chap Chye is also another must order! The tung hoon and taukee are my favourite, cannot miss!

The auntie introduced, saying the bittergourd omelette is quite popular there but sadly didn't get to order that that day...

Total damage (including 3 drinks and 2 bowls of rice) is $48...

There are many tables, can accommodate families but be sure to go early to avoid the crowd!

I found it tasty but not really that fantastic. Group consensus: Gravy too diluted, not really worth a revisit 👎🏻
Steam Chicken ($14 for half) - This was another hot item & you can see the queue waiting for the chicken. After trying it, our verdict: Not worth the wait. I had much better, tastier & tender chicken elsewhere 👎🏻
Hainanese Pork Roll ($10) - Sadly, this was so average and I much prefer & love those crispy & yummy ones made by my FIL. Conclusion: No go 👎🏻
Salted Prawn ($15) - This was ok & I had nothing more to comment 👌🏻
Hainanese Porkchop ($6) - Again my FIL pampered me with a yummier version. This had no wow factor 👎🏻
Hor Fun (5) - Hor Fun was thin & smooth. This was rather soothing & tasty 👍🏻


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$10 for small portion. The meat was well minced and seasoned and the sweet sauce given balanced the saltiness of the roll. Delicious. Meat was moist and the outer layer crisp. Would come back for it.


$5 for a small portion. Well seasoned, beef slices were coated with starch so they were smooth. The wok hei was present but not strong. Gravy was delicious and the vegetables were crunchy. Would come back for it.


Drink served before dishes. $1.60 each. Chilled and tasted nice. Sweet flavour of longan blended well with luohan.


Hainanese Pork Chop.

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Chicken or egg first? I'd say chicken, as chicken rice can do without egg but egg rice without chicken?!¿ Not the best, or the most flavourful chicken rice in town but decent enough. We planned to go Clinton's for chicken on waffles but the friend wasn't sure about having pancakes/waffles for lunch so we dropped by Chin Chin first. After that, Clinton's history. No room for dessert after two drumsticks and a quarter steamed white chicken.


A walk along Purvis Street or Seah Street and you should find a number of places selling the humble chicken rice. Chin Chin Eating House, being one of them, seems to garner quite a following with many Hainanese food lovers who swear by their authentic chicken rice and signature pork chops. Spotting large families, it does bring a touch of nostalgia when dinning in, with the whole ambience. As for the fare, the pork chop was a little stiff but together with the sweet and tangy gravy added points to the dish. The steamed chicken was decent too, though not life-changing. Overall, a good option for local tzechar/zichar style food as there is something for everyone on their extensive and affordable menu.

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