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[CLOSED] Dancing Crab Shack (Timbre+)

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* This place has closed :( Please try somewhere else. *


From the Burpple community

They serve seafood. It's quite expensive considering that timbre+ is similar to food court concept. Self service and got to return tray after dining. But it is something new tho comparing to traditional food court. Not much of presentation of the dishes as it is mend to be no table manners kind of dining. Just get messy.


Been wanting to try this fried chicken waffles for the longest time! The two pieces of chicken breast were tender with a crunchy exterior. Got pretty tiresome after a while, but dip into the sweet, mellow honey butter sauce and it's all good. The yeasty waffle however, was a major let down. I should have known straight away from the pale looking waffle that it was undercooked. But I got too caught up in talking and didn't realise the mild bitter yeast taste and moist interior. Ugh. I suspect what I had was the first waffle of the night, which should have been discarded. Other than that, the fried calamari was super good, with a stellar sauce to boot. Truffle fries were good too, with some tiny bits of truffle on top!


One of the more affordable lobster rolls around at $24; the Timbre+ outlet is slightly cheaper than the other Dancing Crab outlets as well. Coming with Cajun fries, the roll bread was unfortunately cut rather shallow, hence the chunks of lobster meat were simply sitting atop the buttered brioche instead of being stuffed in between. While the lobster roll tasted decent with the sweetness and freshness of the lobster flesh detectable with crunchy and refreshing coleslaw, the portion was a little small, which made everything felt like it ended a little too quickly. Cajun fries were however well seasoned; crisp and rather enjoyable.


Lobster Roll.

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