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Yes, we definitely will come back next time. It's so scrumptious and great idea especially for the dessert (Coconut / Asam leaf ice cream / pomelo / green Chilli) and Oyster with smoked tomato granita.

Coconut (part of the set lunch menu), was confusing at first, but the Thai-inspired flavours slowly grew on me. It's a fine example of incorporating ingredients typically used in savoury dishes into desserts. The laksa leaf ice cream is very unique, even though the flavour seemed to gradually dissipate with every mouthful, with the milkiness taking over. I especially enjoyed the not-too-sweet coconut semifreddo with green chilli sauce (first thing that came to mind upon tasting was GREEN CURRY 😆). Along with the addition of juicy pomelo and chopped peanuts, this is one dessert you should try if you're seeking something different!


I would not normally rave about anything which is pickled but the pickled eggplants were awesome!
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We were in awe. Loved how some of them were served in baskets made from banana leaves. Featured here are the coconut sambal and pickled eggplant. The coconut sambal was really lovely, with freshly toasted desiccated coconut and a hint of sourness, perhaps from limes? The pickled brinjal was so good that I have to confess I probably ate the lion's share of it. Loved the anchovies in it.


Cheek has a Mother's Day Menu and this is served as the second course. The beetroot was refreshing, laid on top of goat cheese, pickled raisins, and lifted by horse radish. I like the beetroot, though i know the goat cheese won't be for everyone.
The other four courses are - Mackerel (check out my post on 11 April), monkfish with bonito butter, kangaroo loin, and ending off with a coconut with laksa leaf ice cream dessert.

This is my recommended dessert of the set lunch. What is said to be "burnt coconut husk" is actually brunt meringue that's pretty light. It's laid on coconut sorbet, marinated plums and sichuan pepper. Pretty, and good.


This almost savory sounding dessert eats like a dream! The slight spiciness of the green chili sauce is doused by the creamy coconut semi freddo, well complimented by the juicy sweet pomelo. But the star element of this dish for me was that laksa leaf ice cream that was mind blowingly awesome. I asked if they sold pints of the ice cream as I want to eat this on my couch with Netflix but was regretfully told that they do not. It's strange to associate all these ingredients with a dessert but the genius is this dish is in your face! #burpple #cheekbyjowlsg


The concept is definitely very refreshing.
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Bonkers the combinations, I know. It's a dessert that definitely demands &/or grab your attention. 🌶
Surprisingly, it worked out. Its savoury & sweet at the same time, a rollercoaster ride of Flavours for your tastebuds. Kinda genius. 😋

ACAMASTIPS💮: Its a dessert that either you Love it or you Hate it. Everything compliments strangely.
The coconut ice cream, laksa leaf & green chilli, Its like a deconstructed laksa gravy turned into a dessert for me. 🖖🏻🙃


We brought friends who're visiting from Hongkong to dinner at Cheek By Jowl last night and just as I anticipated, they were impressed with everything we had.
The surreal but lovely "Coconut Semifreddo with Laksa Leaf Ice-cream" was the dessert that had them most enthralled. Like myself on a previous visit, they were bewitched by the unexpected cold form the laksa flavours came in, with clever extras of juicy pomelo and whole peanuts thrown in. Boasting that unmistakable fragrance and spicy heat, this was a dish which managed to simultaneously taste familiar yet new.