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Prosciutto Crudo di Parma

$19.00 ยท 8 Reviews

Prosciutto di parma and frutti de mare half and half. This was delightful! Came here three years ago and the pizzas are even better than I remembered. One of the best you can find in SG for sure.

I am a super fangirl of their XXL 21 inch pizza!! We are here at least once every month to satisfy both of our visual and taste bud cravings! Suitable for 3-4pax, or 2 big eaters (like us!!). For the past 5-6 times we were here, we have been fully committed to the same 2 toppings, pancetta & prosciutto crudo di parma, best combination ever! Pancetta is very rich with thick cheese layer, ham, tomato slices and most importantly, 2 sunny eggs. While Parma is less cheesy with mountain of rockets above the layer of parma ham. Price wise, very reasonable, $55 with no additional service charge or GST. We will definitely be back for our monthly affair. But the next time, shall consider to finally change the topping combination for once~

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Here's a 21 inch pizza that fed the 5 of us (3 guys 2 girls) comfortably. Love how we could choose 2 kinds of toppings on one pizza! The pizza was delicious. I especially love the very very garlicky sauce on the frutti di mare half. They were also really generous with the toppings - look at the heap of mushroom and ham, and seafood including prawns, squid and mussels (that are not very noticeable in the photo). Service was also friendly. Waiter who served us exclaimed "are you ready for pizza???" when he served the pizza, and brought us a jug of "vodka". A great place for big groups of friends and family :)

And another XXL prosciutto pizza on the table with @totallyguan @timothyethan @fredkieran ! #food #instagrammers #iphonography #foodgasm #foodporn

Pizzas here are average but this appetizer is da bombbbbbbb. fat cheesy pillows wrapped in layers of divine fatty pork - def. my version of a low carb meal. a bit salty really, but who cares!!!