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Came for the Onglet but they were sold out 😭 had the Rump Cap, Burnt Onion and Bone Marrow instead. Felt a little underwhelming 😕 ⁣⁣

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The Onglet ($28/100g) is cooked to juicy tender perfection, topped with luscious chunks of creamy bone marrow, on a bed of intense burnt onion sauce which further accentuates the beef’s smoky flavour. Decadent, rich, and bound to dispel any silly thoughts you might be having about eating meat made from plants, which will probably never taste this good. @burntends_sg @dpynto @jakekellie
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No visit to Burnt Ends is complete without a steak, and the Onglet is our favourite. Also known as the butcher’s cut, this most tender piece of meat is absolutely packed with flavour and will literally slide down your throat with ease. The burnt onion sauce is sublimely smokey and tasty as always, and the slivers of marrow are precious blobs of fat I always let slowly disintegrate in my mouth. Satisfaction guaranteed.

Taste: 5/5


Recently awarded a Michelin star, this Australian barbecue restaurant is famous for its highly raved Onglet ($26/100g). Charcoal-grilled to a beautifully pink, succulent bite, the hangar steak is served on a bed of robust burnt onion sauce and topped with pearls of creamy bone marrow – truly decadence at its best.
Photo by Burppler Casey Tan

Insanely decadent but so outrageously delicious. Burnt ends recently got awarded a Michelin star but my first thoughts were how it went so long without getting one.

The menu is ever rotating so this might not be available anymore but heck you can blindly point to anything on the menu and it's bound to knock your socks off.

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The Onglet ($28/100g) was cooked beautifully pink, with a juicy, buttery melt-in-your-mouth texture. This was topped with chunks of creamy, nutty bone marrow and an intense burnt onion sauce which further accentuated the beef’s smoky and savoury flavour, making for a very decadent (and delicious) plate of food. @burntends_sg @dpynto
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The 200gm onglet was nicely nestled in a heart attack inducing onion-bone marrow sauce before being topped with even more gobs of bone marrow. Super juicy and real flavorful with each bite eliciting sighs of content, it was a fight for the last piece. The salad seemed more like an afterthought but no complaints on my end.

The star of the night at Burnt Ends, the Onglet demands your full attention as a prized cut that's known for its flavour. I reserved 200g before coming down and got this sexay beast on a bed of burnt onion sauce (this sauce is as much of an attraction as the beef!).

Plump, juicy and full of flavour, there's something about the texture that's just so irresistible, made even better thanks to the creamy, earthy bone marrow. While not necessary, the well-dressed salad was a nice distraction.

Onglet ($26/100gm)
One of the best dinners I’ve had in a while. The ambience and seating was perfect, right in the middle of the counter where food gets checked and plated before getting served.
First time trying @burntends_sg ‘s much raved about onglet. Preordered just in case! 195gm of perfectly cooked steak that looked so lean but tasted so tender and juicy. Served with that burnt onion and bone marrow sauce, omg richness level maxed! This is by far my favourite dish for the evening!


Medium beef of 300g : 76 dollars. This is a must try and it is so yummy, juicy and tender.