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How it works at Burnt Ends is that once you have chosen your steak and the desired weight, the server would present the uncooked meat and warn you of the cooking time (approx 40 mins). Kiasu diners like myself would then add another 100g. Touché.

Meat was well cooked and slathered in the most curious and delightful sauce. A little goes a long way, so hold your horses kiasu eaters! (And choose your doneness wisely. They take it very seriously here.)


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Ranked no. 10 on #Asias50best and no. 59 on the #Worlds50best Restaurants list, as well as having been pinned with a MICHELIN Star, it’s little wonder “Burnt Ends” remains one of my all-time favourite restaurants in Singapore. Even friends who visit from overseas have this place on their must-try list, which is why a small group of us ended up there for a slap-up feast a few days ago.
We chose the “Chef’s Select” which means we left it to Chef Dave and his team to decide what we get fed. I prefer this arrangement nowadays as I feel it is the best way to try more items from their menu. Moreover it’s fun due to the element of surprise. All you need to do is let them know how hungry you are a.k.a. how much you are willing to spend (the gauge is between $180++ to $250++ per head) and of course, do inform them if there is anything you don’t eat as well. Then sit back, relax, order a cocktail and/or a glass of wine and be prepared to have your socks knocked off.
I loved all the food that came our way that night - from the classics (if these items were ever to be removed from the menu, it would trigger a riot for sure) to the new stuff dreamed up by the Burnt Ends team. Admittedly, I still have my favourites from this collection of greatness. They would be the meltingly-soft Onglet Steak served with bone marrow, burnt onion sauce and watercress salad, the Burnt Leek in burnt butter sauce plated with roasted hazelnuts and black truffle, the caviar-topped “Steak Frites” and the juicy Jamaican Chicken with lime crema. All of these were exceptional to the nth degree.
From amongst the onslaught of fabulous desserts that came our way, the tiramisu ice-cream puffs and sourdough ice-cream embellished with white chocolate and freshly shaved black truffle were the two that had us the most awestruck.

What. An. Epic. Meal. Truly,


Came for the Onglet but they were sold out 😭 had the Rump Cap, Burnt Onion and Bone Marrow instead. Felt a little underwhelming 😕 ⁣⁣

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The Onglet ($28/100g) is cooked to juicy tender perfection, topped with luscious chunks of creamy bone marrow, on a bed of intense burnt onion sauce which further accentuates the beef’s smoky flavour. Decadent, rich, and bound to dispel any silly thoughts you might be having about eating meat made from plants, which will probably never taste this good. @burntends_sg @dpynto @jakekellie
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No visit to Burnt Ends is complete without a steak, and the Onglet is our favourite. Also known as the butcher’s cut, this most tender piece of meat is absolutely packed with flavour and will literally slide down your throat with ease. The burnt onion sauce is sublimely smokey and tasty as always, and the slivers of marrow are precious blobs of fat I always let slowly disintegrate in my mouth. Satisfaction guaranteed.

Taste: 5/5

Recently awarded a Michelin star, this Australian barbecue restaurant is famous for its highly raved Onglet ($26/100g). Charcoal-grilled to a beautifully pink, succulent bite, the hangar steak is served on a bed of robust burnt onion sauce and topped with pearls of creamy bone marrow – truly decadence at its best.
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Insanely decadent but so outrageously delicious. Burnt ends recently got awarded a Michelin star but my first thoughts were how it went so long without getting one.

The menu is ever rotating so this might not be available anymore but heck you can blindly point to anything on the menu and it's bound to knock your socks off.

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The Onglet ($28/100g) was cooked beautifully pink, with a juicy, buttery melt-in-your-mouth texture. This was topped with chunks of creamy, nutty bone marrow and an intense burnt onion sauce which further accentuated the beef’s smoky and savoury flavour, making for a very decadent (and delicious) plate of food. @burntends_sg @dpynto
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The 200gm onglet was nicely nestled in a heart attack inducing onion-bone marrow sauce before being topped with even more gobs of bone marrow. Super juicy and real flavorful with each bite eliciting sighs of content, it was a fight for the last piece. The salad seemed more like an afterthought but no complaints on my end.