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Feta Burrata

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For a different brunch experience, I highly recommend this place. Artichoke is now available on Chope so I won’t have any difficulties with finding seats for 4 on a Saturday afternoon. The vegetarian-friendly Cauliflower Sabbich is just amazing: charred cauliflower, pickled vegetables, hummus and crispy toast; all those things I really love. The Feta Burrata was good too (the cheese and bread combination is just so simply satisfying) but there’s a whole bunch of rocket salad in this one so those who don’t fancy this ‘bitter’ salad shouldn’t order this! The last item was the Turkish Hot Pan Eggs which had soft-boiled eggs, mozzarella cheese and lamb meatballs. I’m not a fan of lamb but others who tried this enjoyed it!

Very messy but super delicious. Well balanced dish by the burrata and basil sauce. While the palate was enjoying the milky creamy cheese, a pop of sweetness by the pomegranate surprised the tongue. .
Just by thinking of this dish, my Monday blue was been chased away.


After visited Artichoke for so many times, this is my first time posting its brunch. .
Toasted Turkish Bread with mashed avocado. Topped with pan fried mushroom and feta cheese. .
Local inspired ingredients and 100% vegetarian. Who need meat when we can eat this!!!! 😋😋😋
* Do note that it came with more rockets

I got a little afraid of Burrata dishes ever since my encounter with the giant blob of cheese I have had at Lollapalooza which saw a combination of two portions into one plate with an intimidating ball of cheese — the fact that the Feta Burrata comes served with creamy cheese comforts me for its less scary to look at. The same Turkish Toast from the Haloumi Mushrooms appear here, which was perfection for that texture where you get that satisfying pulling sensation when you cut it apart, yet not too dense with a delightfully light crust. Again, the cheese here feels light — it's never too jelat for a cheese-based item and immensely smooth while elements such as the passionfruit just cuts it just right with a little bit of zing that goes on in there. Very very smart indeed.

I love me a good burrata. Coupled with the reviews on Burpple I knew I had to order this. 🤔

Ohhh boy, it was super delish and look at it! Pretty as a picture! Never though a non-meat dish could make me feel this way.😍 The salty, creamy burrata went great over the Turkish bread and all the greens helped to cut through the thickness.

It doesn't have to stay meatless though (and it shouldn't), order the add on Maple Glazed Bacon Chop ($10) - a thick slab of porcine perfection, with a nice layer of oozing fats and wafts of maple just completed this dish.

There used to be an item on the brunch menu that featured this thick slab of divine maple-glazed bacon chop with eggs and some greens. While that dish is no longer available from the current selection, you can still get this as an add-on for $10 and you really, REALLY should. It's like a well-smoked bacon and Christmas ham's love child and remains undefeated as my favourite here (tied at first place with the feta burrata, of course). ❤️

Feta & Burrata: fluffy toasted Turkish bread, creamy burrata, sweet pickled onions, and little pomegranate rubies. It's light, tangy, and refreshing - a great way to start the meal.

Man, this was sublime. Texture was akin to that of cottage cheese, but with a lighter taste. The pickled onions and cherry tomatoes added acidity and brightened the dish, which was great because a hearty serving of cheese can get monotonous. This was so good, the table next to us ordered a second serving 😋

This was so good! The bread was well toasted and topped with rockets and feta cheese. You would love this even if you don't like cheese.