My Double Roast Noodle

$12.50 · 22 Reviews

Curly egg noodles made fresh daily with slender BBQ pork slides & roast pork chunks with crispy tops, topped with a dollop of fried pork lard cubes for that crunch in your bite. $12.90

The amount of roasted meats was a lot for me. Actually I prefer to have more noodles. But the roasted meats was good and delicious m, but just too much for me. $12.90

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Springy noodles with great char siew. However, might be a little overpriced if you are ordering the BCM. Nonetheless, great place if you wish to satisfy your noodles craving.

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Prices are highish for a pretty basic eatery; the meat is good but not the best; after all these years, service is still haphazard. But it’s all worth it, because they definitely make the best fresh noodles in Singapore - so springy It energises! This mee is for me lah! Did the chefs who knead the dough undergo the same training as the master therapists who knead your feet at Footworks next door?