Butterbeer Ice Cream

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Paid a visit to @fatcatsg ‘s newest location at Kovan! First visited their original outlet at Bedok (which was quite sometime before cafes/ice cream shops were as common as they are today) and happy that an outlet has conveniently opened up in the area! Tried their butterbeer and seasonal special flavour pineapple toffee tart. The butterbeer tasted a little too burnt (from the brown butter perhaps?) for my liking but their pineapple toffee tart was a winner! The pineapple flavours helped mellow out the toffee sweetness but the flavours still blended really well. They don’t have a dine-in area but they do have (limited) seats for small groups to sit and chat while eating ice cream/drinking coffee.


FATCAT’s second enclave is just a short walk from Kovan MRT!

Taking on a much brighter tone, this outlet has 18 flavours on display with pints and ice cream cakes for takeaway. Expect to find unique flavours such as Butter Beer (yes, for you Potter-heads), Smoked Oolong & Seasalt Matcha.

Went for their Hokkaido Milk with seasonal Blackforest. Imagine creamy fresh milk ice cream with decadent 70% dark chocolate and cherry jam, it’s a harmonious balance of flavours. But for the purist, nothing hits the spot like a nutty sweet Pistachio.

Signature alcoholic flavour by FatCat
A Harry Potter inspired concoction made with brown butter foam and Hoegaarden beer
The brown butter foam provided a nice buttery nutty flavour to the gelato and Hoegaarden beer added a nice kick to it

Was adventurous enough to try the butter beer ice cream (signature flavour) but not that gutsy enough to add on a serving of salted egg yolk dip (comes at additional cost btw). Looking back, I should’ve just gone for it since I’ve travelled al the way from west to east just to try out their ice cream waffles! Butter beer ice cream was extremely creamy. Tho alcoholic, it doesn’t leave you with a nasty beer breath. Waffles lived up to expectations- crisp on the exterior while fluffy on the inside. As with all charcoal waffles, there’s no significant taste to the “charcoal”

A favourite of the heartlanders living around this area, this cosy little parlor already had a queue waiting outside at 1pm! They’ve got some really interesting flavours: The first we got -✨Butter beer -actually contained the familiar alcoholic essence of beer and even packed a fizzy aftertaste🍺 Whereas for the✨Smoked chocolate...my friend swears by it, but I like to limit my smokiness to charcuterie😅 I’d stick to the classics like ✨Honey & Hay or ✨Pistachio here, where the muted flavours don’t overwhelm accompanying scoops or the waffles.
Speaking of which, their charcoal waffles are EXTREMELY crisp and light, blurring the line that separates “waffle” and “biscuit” - each piece crumbled beneath my knife just like how a biscotti would. The final garnish: lavender florets sprinkled atop the caramel drizzle, lending a floral touch to each bite! 😋

Tried charcoal waffle with thai milktea icecream and butterbeer icecream ($16). The waffle is very crunchy but wish it is a bit chewy inside. The ice cream flavours are quite unique and distinctive. Good to have a dessert here after dinner (but better come early!)

$16. $4.50 for each scoop of ice cream, $6 for charcoal waffle, and $1 for salted egg yolk sauce (not in photo).

I didn’t know there will be salted caramel sauce to line the plate, so the salted egg yolk sauce feels too “extra” to be part of this dessert.

Charcoal waffle is way, way too crunchy.

Butter beer ice cream is good, love the light butter taste to it.

Smoked chocolate tasted like an average chocolate scoop, almost couldn’t feel the “smokiness”

Overall, it’s priced on the expensive range

Fior di latte blew my taste buds apart. I love how wonderfully smokey it was, a hint of cheese and that one scoop was all I needed.

By the name, I initially thought it was some coffee flavoured ice cream. 😂 Until I asked my best friend, Google.

Butter beer used to be my number 1 fave and they took it down. That left me sad for a little while... But that's okay because fior di latte took over.

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First, Butter beer (the drink not the ice cream). Tasted just like plain beer, the only plus point is that the bubbling while serving was quite interesting. Second, AVOID THE ICECREAM FLAVOR FIOR DE LATTE. It's the worst ice cream I've ever tasted... Tasted like the smell of gasoline.

Other than these two, the waffles were great as usual and the ice cream flavors Hay & Honey and Genmai were good.


Situated underneath blocks of HDBs in Bedok, you can find a chic store with minimalist exteriors. Got the charcoal waffle with butterbeer & butterscotch with salted egg sauce and the total came up to a pretty average $15+. The butterbeer ice cream wasn't anything to rave about, it was too alcoholic-y for my liking but the butterscotch ice cream went very well with the charcoal waffle & not forgetting the star of FATCAT & their main selling point: the salted egg yolk sauce! (Which was honestly perfect for an instagram shot). The salted egg sauce went well with the ice cream & waffles but it wasn't THAAAT good. I'd still recommend east siders to visit FATCAT though, just for that instagram worthy shot.