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Sweet Morning

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Parmesan crumbed poached eggs, a double baked spinach and cheese soufflé, tomato chutney and grilled bacon laid atop a savoury French toast. Once again, something different from the usual brunch menu items with the all-day breakfast offerings here.
No doubt French toast could be more aromatic and the soufflé while something different, may have worked better just being left to its individual elements of spinach and cheese; but the entire dish still lived up.
So did our sides of Spiced Paprika Fries and Brazilian Bread (cheese bread bites). Love the removed, cosy ambience as always, which is great for a slow dinner over chat. How are you spending Saturday? #wildhoney #saturday #herpenandfork #sgblogger #sgfoodie #8dayseat #burpple #vscofood #openricesg #cafehoppingsg #instafood #instafood_sg #onthetable #stfoodtrending

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A clear winner for me at @wildhoneysg. The delicious poached egg, spinach and cheese souffle as well as the french toast. I even added avocado on the side for a real treat.
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Stuffed savoury french toast with signature brioche, leg ham, Gruyere cheese, Dijon mustard topped with fried egg & hollandaise sauce with petit salad and pearl tomatoes.

This is a pretty huge serving. Two thick brioche used. Loved how savory the filling of the toasts is as well as the soft eggy bread!


A dish which i ordered twice on two visits here. Was actually the first french toast that wowed me (i barely eat frencg toasts back then)). Okay it did not wowed me anymore, still a really good french toast regardless 4/5

Decent french toast with mango stuffing although I wish there was more mangoes. A bit pricey for $20 although the maple syrup and berry compote went well with it.

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Decent french toast with mangoes sandwiched instead the toast. Wish there was more mangoes though. A little pricey for $20 too. But the maple syrup and berry compote went well with it.


This dish was delicious beyond believe. Not too expensive and I will absolutely go back to have this again. Eggy, sweet and slightly tart. Delicious.

Hand churned salted caramel, chocolate ice cream sandwich between brioche French toast.
Price: $12

Price: S$24

Running at 24 bucks, I would maybe consider this reasonable if you share it. The serving is overkill for one person anyway (except if you're a dummy like me who saw this as a challenge of pride to finish the whole thing).

The Parisienne breakfast is made of thick french toast with ham and cheese in it. It's definitely one of the most satisfying french toasts I've had. I wish the 2 fried eggs would have runnier yolks, but they were still good. The best surprise of the dish was the rocket salad on the side. You can't see it in this picture but there is a heap of rockets in there with some dressing and I LOVED it. It was the best palette cleanser to balance out the hefty toast.