Toritama Don

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The accompanying bowl of chicken soup looked creamy and rich but tasted anything but— a tad too bland and light. #foodporn #vscofood #eeeeeats #vsco #foodie #foodies #vscocam #food #instagood #eat #instadaily #whati8today #foodinsing #sgfoodblogger #foodphotography #eating #lunch #igfood #igfoodie #foodspotting #onthetable #feedfeed #foodstagram #sgfoodie #sgigfoodies #8dayseat #burpple

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Chicken Yakitori with Minced Chicken and an Onsen Egg lay on a bowl of rice. It did not taste bad but neither did it taste like anything. It was not only bland, in addition to that, the bowl came so cold that I felt the need to add some soup that accompanied the don for some heat and flavour. All our food came cold including the yakitori sticks. From there you can see that their planning for the cook of the yakitori is not planned out well nor sychonised for one table request.

Was surprised that it was even on a Michelin Guide for Singapore. Probably time for a reevaluation.


I have to admit that I was not impressed when it was served. I typically don't like my dons with minced meat. How wrong I was! This was absolutely delicious. The meat (including the minced meat) was tender and the overall taste with the runny onsen egg was sooo yummy. My daughter liked this better than the oyako don, which I already thought was very good.
@nantheless the Toritama don sounds similar to the Orihara don you had next door. Would definitely order this again.
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Try the deliciously grilled Hatsu (heart, $3.50), Otafuku (neckmeat, $4) and Kanmuri (cockscomb, $4) at this Robertson Quay izakaya. Don't miss the comforting Toritama Don ($13) that every diner orders — rice topped with chicken skewers, seasoned minced chicken and a wobbly poached egg.
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Tori tama don. Slathered with minced chicken, 2 skewers of chicken and a molten egg. Comfort in a bowl.


Hailing from Tokyo, Japan, this is the izakaya to go to for perfectly cooked chicken skewers. They serve other meats like beef and pork, but we are zeroing in on the wackier parts of the chicken that this joint prepares so well. Start with the cockscomb, Kanmuri ($4) — eating the red crest atop the rooster's head is not as strange as it sounds — it actually tastes like chicken skin! Take our advice and skip the windpipe, Saezuri ($3.50), as tasty as it looks on the skewer, it's too rubbery and dry for our liking. The heart, Hatsu ($3.50) and the neckmeat, Otafuku ($4), however, are well worth a try — both are tender while nicely charred on the outside. As a base to your meal, you must order the Toritama Don ($13) as almost every diner here does, a simple yet satisfying dish of rice with seasoned minced chicken and a poached egg. Reservations recommended.
Avg price: $40 per person with drinks
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A Yakitori place specializing in using all the parts of a chicken, you'll get to try some exotic skewers like the chicken heart or even... the chicken spleen? 🐔

But everyone is sure to order a bowl of the Toritama Don, a rice bowl topped off with minced chicken, chicken thigh and that perfectly oozy onsen egg.

Mix it all up for a tasty mess and wash it down with the complimentary chicken collagen soup that comes with the bowl. It's a tasty bowl but it ain't anything to write home about. But at $13 bucks, you'll get to enjoy a chill view of Japanese chefs grilling dem meats over a charcoal grill. 😊

Quite out of this world; and with the chicken soup, accompanied with copious amounts of Asahi Black and sake...a dream combination for a good night out. #burpplesg #burpple #每天happyhour #japanesefood

Yes! If one serving is too much, you may divide it by 2 and add an additional #onsen egg! Comes with a chicken broth that's equally LC! #lifechanging


Amazing food.