Pistachio Ice Cream

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Ordered double stack of waffle because it was my dinner and yes it did kept me full! Cost around $13(if I'm not wrong, including gst/service charge). Its a good combination with the biscuit and a good place to catch up with your friends after dinner or tea break!

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The ice cream was a bit too sweet for us and got jelat after a while. But if you’re in the mood for something sweet, this is always a good spot

Paid $13 for this.

pistachio soft serve is niceee but honestly nth trumps the ice cream at creamier. melted too quickly. came w lotus cookies n lotus sauce.

yum: 7/10

had the pistachio soft serve with one waffle and lotus cookies and cookie butter drizzle

sexiness scale: 10/10

As always, pretty desserts, creamy soft serves and great to chill over. Generous with the amount, overall okay for its price point. In terms of flavour, I’ve had better pistachio ice cream elsewhere 🤷🏻‍♀️ biscuit is great, but doesn’t particularly blend well w the ice cream. Nut topping didn’t really complement the ice cream either, just made it a bit coarser.

The ice cream is really sooo creamy and delicious. I really appreciate how it isn’t too sweet and jialat. I recommend the waffle over the ice cream cone even if it costs more. :)) would definitely come back again (when I’m feeling rich)

Ah, such a classic. A big swirl of pistachio-infused soft serve with a sprinkle of pistachio crumbles and two Lotus biscuits as a topping. ($11.50)

The Lotus biscuit and the soft serve make such a good pairing. <3 Take the biscuit and run it through the soft serve, and the sweet cinnamony, gingerbread flavor of the Lotus biscuit makes such a good accompaniment to the earthiness of the pistachio.

The soft serve itself was really good. Strong but not overpowering nutty flavor with that perfect balance of creaminess. And the waffles, of course, were delicious even on a busy Friday night. Really props to Sunday Folks' consistency and a really well-thought, perfectly-executed dessert.


Got the signature ice cream and waffle. I ordered the roasted pistachio flavour and the pistachio taste was really rich but it does not feel too overpowering and the waffle was nicely crisp on the outside. It was slightly pricey at $13.90 but definitely worth the quality!

We ended up with getting Earl grey lavender and pistachio flavours. It was my first time trying the pistachio and I really loved the fragrance of the pistachio nut incorporated with the soft serve. The lotus biscuit bits have it a nice crunchiness and nutty texture. However, IMO the earl grey lavender is still my fav, with its classically smooth texture and subtle tea flavours, coupled with the sweet and fragrant lavender. The charcoal cone was also really good, and it was not as sweet as the other cones, allowing the flavour of the soft serve to play out. Not to mention all the toppings!! Love the almond brittle in the earl grey lavender and I’m already looking forward to my next visit!!
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