Seafood Pancake

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No regrets topping up from our lunch sets for this huge seafood pancake, cause it was easily our favourite dish on the table! It was thick, but had such a great non-greasy crunch and was well seasoned. The seafood ingredients were well distributed across the pancake too. Definitely one of the best one I’ve had in recent times!

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Awesome. Crispy, sumptuous and huge. I always say Korean pancakes don't go wrong. This took it to another level. Whoever made this takes life seriously.

The seafood pancake had a lot of sotongs while the kimchi pancake was very flavourful. A good item to order if you come in a big group. But omg its so oily it started dripping down the table and onto the chairs so just beware! • #letsguide #burpple #foreverhungry #singaporeeats #instagood #chope #hungryeatwhat #hungryeatwhere #foodie #foodiesg #hungrygowhere #chope #entertainerapp #sgfood

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Crispy and flavourful, probably the best korean pancake in Singapore.

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Good for sharing between 5-6 as it is really filling, a bit overdoing for 2 pax. 😋


Although their prices for the other Korean fare like their army stew is rather ex ($34), their pancake is quite worthwhile considering it's size (it's about twice the size of my head) with generous servings of seafood and ingredients, and stays crispy over the meal which other places tend to fail at being too doughy. #burpple @burpple @that_dex

HOW. TO. RESIST. Especially on a rainy day, with a $11 set lunch 😱😱😱😱😱 This spicy seafood tofu soup is everything I want - lots of seafood flavour, generous amounts of tofu and the best part? I can top up $4 for seafood pancake 😍

With quality banchan/side dishes framing the authentic-style charcoal grill, I finally had the chance to try out the free-flow egg + crabmeat mix that were poured out from a golden kettle, how impressive!
Some dishes we got were the Herb Wine Pork Belly ($20) which I strongly recommend, don't think there's anything else better than this, as well as Pork Shoulder Butt ($18) - still unsure whether it's shoulder or butt but whatever, it tasted freshly imported and man, you got to wrap these all with the lettuce & sides.
Ala carte orders include Cold Noodle Soup ($10) & Pork with Potato Soup ($35). Wanted to try the spicy chicken stew which wasn't available in their dinner menu but this pot gives the flavours of a lifetime & perhaps the best euphoria I haven't had in awhile 💕
Another highlight would be their extremely large (bigger than the grill you see) Seafood Pancake ($18), served on bamboo-woven tray, it goes extremely well with the kimchi & meat. Though when that arrived on our table our first thought was "Oh no I hope we're beyond starving." & To be honest, I had to takeaway half of that home - still spreading the remaining portion out for dinner tonight.
Overall, the Korean vibes were definitely strong here, awesome atmosphere (if you don't count the smoke) & convenient remote-based service. For those who saw my snaps would know I had a real hard time dealing with a true food coma 101 😂
Anyway, great giant absolute thanks to @RubbishEatRubbishGrow, @GraylingSG & #KoreanRestaurantGuide for this celebratory meal at @WangDaeBakBBQ 🙆🏻 Much appreciated.
P.S. Hope everyone's enjoying Sunday! I always preach "Eat well" - that's the key to happiness.

Before 10% lunch discount.
Truly a daebak deal for one of the best Korean restaurants in Singapore. The seafood soup was not salty and I didn't detect any hint of msg. The beef was super generous portion as well. The pajeon (pancake, non-crispy variety) had a great smoky note. Will be back for the BBQ next time!
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Highly recommended by a friend who visits the restaurant once every two months since she started working in the CBD, I visited Wang Dae Bak for the first time last week. The biggest I have ever seen, Wang Dae Bak’s Seafood Pancake (haemul pajeon) is a must-order according to her and it was about or if not bigger than the hotplate (!!!) so I couldn’t help exclaiming that when it arrived at the table thus I got laughed at by the server. To be shared among 3 or more, the gigantic pancake was served on a bamboo-woven plate so note that it might get a little oily but definitely worth a try for the sinful crispy edges and you can just warm it on the grill when it gets cold.