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12-Hour Belly of Pork

$16.90 · 15 Reviews

@Garcons.sg creates a golden, caramelised masterpiece of crackling beyond its fancy meltingly tender meat, for which the sauce cuts through the richness of the dish atop its flavourful mash & salad picks. No question asked, you'll be more satisfied by simply digging in.
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Roasted pork belly served with creamy mashed potatoes and salad (S$16.90).
Highly recommending this dish because of the super tender belly that is drizzled with our Chinese dark soy sauce, awesome!


Crispy 12-hour Belly of Pork ($16.90)

I can understand why the chef @Garcons.sg strongly recommended that we ordered this signature pork belly dish!The flesh of the pork belly was absolutely tender with most of the fat disintegrated while that skin sure was cracklingly crispy! Most importantly, not a tinge of porky stench from this dish!


Similar to our Chinese Roast Pork though it is served with salad and mashed potatoes instead of rice. The pork belly has crispy skin and melt in your mouth fats but the amount of fats is simply too much for me! Otherwise a good dish.

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Located in an "atas kopitiam" right by The Pinnacle(don't worry it's air conditioned!), you'll find a variety of great food at Essen.

Garçons serves affordable French food in this relaxed space. Crispy crackling on tender soft pork made for a mighty fine meal. Loved the honey balsamic that kept the dish interesting and refreshing. Sadly they stopped selling their scotch eggs which I really wanted to try 😭


Besides the slow cooked pork belly, Garçons also serves an excellent oxtail stew and herb scented butter rice (pictured)


Amazing pork belly! The pork belly was cooked until the fat would just melt in your mouth, and the skin was seared to perfection where it's crispy without being overly dry or hard to bite. Definitely recommended!


12-hour Belly of Pork ($16.90) in an atas food court (reminds me of Salut actually!) - we waited with bated breath when I cut into the crispy pork belly skin and.. what a delightful crackling sound! 😍 Good contrast to the fatty belly that melts in the mouth, with creamy mash potato that needs a little more work on its taste. The honey balsamic reduction was a great complement.


One of my new favourite food places is Garçons. It offers extremely affordable French cuisine at an upscale food court. It probably directly rivals with Saveur. Garçons comparatively lacks in presentation but it triumphs in taste and portions.

It's signature 12-hour Belly of Pork is definitely an eye opener. The pork was immensely tender but that crackling of the top brought me utter joy. The pork is served on a bed of fluffy creamy mash with a mesclun salad dressed with honey balsamic reduction. Délicieuse!

The glorious juice oozes out as you enjoy the full essence of the 12 hour grill. Everything else on the plate just pales in comparison for this heavenly indulgence.
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