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Traditional Roman Schiacciata (Stuffed)

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Large $18.
Taste like truffle mushroom soup stuffed in the bread.

There are many great items from @ioosteriasg but their truffle bread remains a favourite. Crispy schiacciata stuffed with creamy truffle sauce makes for an excellent starter β€” assuming you don’t stuff yourself full before the rest of the food comes because it’s so good

It's always the simplest ingredients done well that wow me the most at Italian restaurants. I don't need that lobster pasta or caviar tarts -- this dish is no exception.

I adored this vegetarian combination of fluffy bread and potent truffle! Although I would have appreciated more stuffing, the overall crispy outside and soft insides had me repeatedly coming back for more.

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Order the Traditional Stuffed Roman Schiacciata ($10) to start off our brunch. A crispy Italian flatbread sandwiched with melty pecorino cheese and fragrant black truffle comes in 4 pieces so recommend sharing.

Favourite dish here was this Italian flat bread stuffed with truffle and cheese. Extremely fragrant, crisp and toasty on the outside, yet soft and flavourful on the inside. Dip in vinegar and/or olive oil if you wish, and it becomes a great, classic appetiser or even, pre-meal staple for Italian meals!

For starters and sharings, we had
- Porchetta $9
- Traditional stuffed Roman Schiacciata $9
- Pizza $18

For mains, we ordered
- carbonara $22
- tagliolini $22
- grilled pork chop $22

For drinks, we had
- Cioccolata $6
- latte $6

Overall, I would say the starters are really good. The Schiacciata is very rich in truffle sauce while the Porchetta is very crispy and fulfilling. However, while the pizza is melted with tons of cheese, it is okay compared to the other 2.

For the mains, I find the carbonara to be flavorful and I like the tagliolini except for its small portion. Pork chop is a no no, very dry pieces.

Cioccolata is literally chocolate at its liquid state. Holy. Thick and rich for sharing.

Great ambience and great italian food! Many other dishes to try. I will come back again!

Rating: 9/10

The bread was toasted to a crisp! Although the truffle mushroom paste was fragrant, it would have been nice if the restaurant was more generous with the serving. Nonetheless, it is still a unique appetizer to begin your meal at Italian Osteria!

πŸ’Έ: $18

πŸ’¬: Thick truffle-rich cream, imagine that slathered in between two pieces of chewy schiacciata and tell me that you are not gonna order that.

Was most looking forward to having this schiacciata again! Unfortunately, while the schiacciata had a good crunch, was quite disappointed that it wasn’t as stuffed as we remembered from the last time, hence pretty thin.

Traditional Stuffed Roman Schiacciata [small] : $10.00
crispy flat bread with truffle mushroom cream stuffing

although the bread was good, I personally would have preferred it to be a little crispier. well-balanced truffle mushroom sauce but a little bit lacking in the filling. it was a good started - not a life changer.

Rating: 3.68/5 ⭐️

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