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Traditional Roman Schiacciata (Stuffed)

$18.00 · 55 Reviews

Traditional Stuffed Roman Schiacciata [small] : $10.00
crispy flat bread with truffle mushroom cream stuffing

although the bread was good, I personally would have preferred it to be a little crispier. well-balanced truffle mushroom sauce but a little bit lacking in the filling. it was a good started - not a life changer.

Rating: 3.68/5 ⭐️

💳 accepts credit card
🌬 air-conditioned
📱 reservations available through chope
🙋🏻‍♀️ service charge and GST applicable

We loved the food at iO Italian Osteria and will definitely be back. I would recommend the porchetta and the stuffed roman schiacciata! Very unique and delicious. I would give the saffron pizza a miss the next time. Another point to note is that although the service staff were polite, the way that they attempted to our plates even before we were done eating at times was just rude. I understand that the restaurant is overbooked and that they wish to improve their turnover rates but this is not the way to do it... The whole meal felt so rushed and not as enjoyable as it could have been.

Crispy flat bread with truffle cream I think?? Had it twice and I think it will continue to be my must order when I’m here! Service was great too.

Heard this was a must-order, and so we did. Had high expectations for this but ours came UNDERSTUFFED :-( The bread was hot and crispy, but the filling was so miserably little, it’s nothing like the pics I’ve seen. The bread to filling ratio was off and we weren’t impressed at all...

had the pesto linguine, lamb ragout gargenelli & truffle schiacciata (L). pasta was fresh and tasty in both dishes.

truffle schiacchiata was pretty pricey ($18++) but oh so good! 😋 the truffle sauce was thick, creamy and had a strong mushroom-y flavour but i would say the star was really the bread. it was crisp on the outside and chewy on the inside, baked to the perfect texture. was a good vessel for the truffle sauce. also, this dish came piping hot, which made it extra yummy 😍

8.5/10 🌟

This’ Italian flatbread blew me away with its rich burst of cheese and truffle goodness. Visible truffle specks can be sighted from the sides (as pictured!) and whiffed as soon as the waiter laid it on the table. It clearly doesn’t win the heart from it’s presentation but you’ve got to trust the Italians when it comes to bread! The truffly richness was so intense that it immed satisfied all truffly cravings I had. It’s now my go-to for carbs and truffle, ‘definitely a healthier option than truffle fries! (Available in small ($10++) and large ($18++) sizes.


Back here for the third time and the food is consistently good! I came with more people this time so we could order more dishes to try. I went with my usual favourites - traditional stuffed roman schiacciata and porchetta pork belly. Also tried some new items this time, including the burrata, mixed grilled fish and seafood platter, assorted pizzas and homemade tagliolini. Overall, a good experience although slightly marred as it’s really crowded & busy. Would return again.

$18. Stuffing: truffle, mascarpone cheese, pecorino cheese. Yums! Like crispy bread!


Stuffed Roman Schiacciata with cream cheese , truffle oil and mushroom (I think? - I didn’t taste any mushroom though and didn’t see any). I was expecting so much more from the rave reviews. It tasted like cream cheese + cheese + truffle oil sauce between flatbread.

There was not enough filling for me. It was even rather dry in parts with not much sauce. The bread was good though. The dish tasted good enough I guess but didn’t wow.

Prochetta, Baked Pork Belly, Wild Fennel. Enjoyed the crackling pork skin the most along with the fatty bits. The meat in the middle, however, was quite dry and I didn’t finish it.

Enjoyed the pork more than the Schiacciata (and I am a bread lover! Should I give this another chance?)