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Traditional Roman Schiacciata (Stuffed)

$18.00 · 46 Reviews

Stuffed Roman Schiacciata with cream cheese , truffle oil and mushroom (I think? - I didn’t taste any mushroom though and didn’t see any). I was expecting so much more from the rave reviews. It tasted like cream cheese + cheese + truffle oil sauce between flatbread.

There was not enough filling for me. It was even rather dry in parts with not much sauce. The bread was good though. The dish tasted good enough I guess but didn’t wow.

Prochetta, Baked Pork Belly, Wild Fennel. Enjoyed the crackling pork skin the most along with the fatty bits. The meat in the middle, however, was quite dry and I didn’t finish it.

Enjoyed the pork more than the Schiacciata (and I am a bread lover! Should I give this another chance?)

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If the unchartered west is where you're aiming to bring your date, pop by this cosy resto for amazing Italian nosh. Must-orders include the Traditional Stuffed Roman Schiacciata (from $10) – think creamy, aromatic truffle mushrooms embedded in a fluffy, chewy and slightly crusty flat bread. Trust the Burpple community's gut and go with the divinely crispy and crackly Porchetta (from $9), before finishing off with the delightful Pistachio Tiramisu ($14).
Photo by Burppler The Fine Diner SG

Had to make another trip to IO to have their Italian fare and it remained phenomenal - the burrata was fresh, with generous servings of Parma ham, and the schiacciata was dripping with truffle cream. Service here was prompt and efficient as well! Do note that the last order is around 9.30pm as they close at 10pm.


Stuffed with black truffle, cream cheese! This was an absolute delight to eat and I order this here every time. I also love the assorted pizza and some pastas are not bad but this is my go to starter (+ burrata) :-)


Loved how warm and toasty the bread is when I bite into it. The creamy truffle stuffing was also aromatic. Brought my parents here and they loved the food too!
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This was the new one I received. It was perfect. Hubby thot the previous one was “ok, quite nice.” But this blew him away. Creamy cheese slathered generously onto chewy crispy bread, with bits of mushrooms to make you go “Hmmmmm...”

They didn’t charge me extra.

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It looked different than before so I opened it up to see. What used to be literally dripping with creamy cheese was now so dry that I couldn’t even see much whiteness. Only saw the black mushrooms. I took one pc. It was bland. I tried several bites. I mainly tasted only bread. I was so upset I sent it back to the kitchen, which is extremely rare for me. Must be bcos I already tolerated the abysmal pork chop. I told the waitress to charge me extra if she wanted, but I couldn’t eat this. She got me a new one.

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This is for you.
Actually this is for anyone. Haven’t met someone who thumbed down it. Traditional Roman Schiacciata. (Half for $10). Hidden in Hillview, tried this a year ago and back eight months later, the standards for this is still consistent. Pro tip: you may be better off with the pizza dishes and flat breads. #ioitalianosteria #schiacciata #trufflemushroom #hillview #italianfood #herpenandfork #sgblogger #sgfoodie #8dayseat #burpple #vscofood #openricesg #cafehoppingsg #instafood #instafood_sg #onthetable #stfoodtrending

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This was the small size at $10. The large one is $18. The small one is actually good to share with 4 people as you get a slice each, which is satisfying enough. Loved the bread and the creamy truffle stuffing! Absolutely delicious!!!