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The gula melaka was power, similar to the redhill power cendol. Very thick, it almost solidifies due to the temperature of the ice. I like fine ice, but not everyone would appreciate the ice melting halfway thru the bowl and turn into soup. Coconut milk was a bit diluted, cendol itself was devoid of any pandan taste. The red bean though, idk if it's just me but i feel it's the best I've had. The mixture of the paste and the whole beans, as well as the creaminess and balanced sweetness. Overall, it's a great bowl, and not too expensive either

This was my fav thing here! Shaved ice drenched in thick and sweet gula melaka and creamy coconut milk is a great idea. I’m not a fan of the green cendol bits usually so I let my dinner buddy have them, but I really enjoyed this dessert bowl. The shaved ice was smooth and fine, and the adzuki red beans were of good quality.

The gula melaka and coconut milk were very fragrant and this was simple but tasted so good

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Not a fan of cendol cos it is usually sickeningly sweet. But this is surprisingly refreshing and the coconut milk is a stand out. Makes a lot of difference!

We could also tell that the gulamelaka used was of good quality and was served generously. However, the chendol could have done with more ice and could have been shaved finer. Somehow there seemed to be something amiss but I just couldn’t point my finger on it.
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The Cendol was creamy and milky, which when paired with the generous gula melaka drizzled all over, makes for a really good dessert. I only wished for it to come in a bigger serving though, as it was gone too soon 😭


But I have to disagree with the pundits on this one. Too little gula melaka, too diluted/not strong enough and the Pandan gave this a bitter end. I don’t know how come Pandan is bitter. I think this will qualify for the Healthier Choice symbol.

The nasi is lemak but not jelak. Very frangrant. The sambal is sweet, salty, spicy and delicious! The secret ingredient (we think) is chay poh (shredded pickled daikon). The chicken was juicy and tender. The fish was my favourite. Haven’t had ikan kembung (chub mackerel) for a while. It was fried so the skin is crispy but the meat is still juicy and tender. And then we had Chendol. The green squiggles were, I think homemade, because it is not the luminous green ones you get in most places. Also, you can taste the Pandan flavour. You mix that with coconut milk and palm sugar. Just heaven! #nasilemak #chendol #burpple #burpplesg #ikankembung #ikankembunggoreng #eeeeeats #foodporn #foodphotography #coconutmilk

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My funny requests just because I think out of the box.
Ending my meal with icy cold chendol. I asked for the gula melaka (brown sugar) to be separated so I could control the sweetness. I was rather surprised when the staff asked if I wanted red beans. Well... it used to be just ice and pandan jelly. So I am an ang tau (redbean) person, definitely a must. I dug a hole on top and neatly spooned some in. Then goes the flow of gooey golden brown gula melaka. Pandan jelly are buried below. So now it is my time to go crazy and mix everything. It turns alittle beighy brown depending on how much gula melaka is added. It is coconutty. It is sweet for sure.
My happy sweet moment because eating simple local desserts make me happy.

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