Drunkard Noodle Pork

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It’s looks pale but full with flavour...
Flat rice noodle stir fry with minced pork, hot basil and Thai's bird chilli.
📍Kra Pow.
14, Scotts Road,
Far East Plaza #03-26/27.

This is the best dish here - super spicy, savoury and addictive! A must try!

Minced Pork Drunkard Noodles ($9): this may look unassuming but trust me, they pack some robust flavours! 💯 Featuring strips of flat rice noodle stir-fried with hot basil & Thai bird's eye chilli 🔥, I believe they have toned down on the spice level - more palatable to the masses! 👍🏻 I like it very much!

Fast forward to 2020 with a price increase in their dishes and an additional outlet at Chinatown Point, the restaurant still sees a steady stream of diners from my observation on a Saturday. Their drunken noodles of stir fried flat rice noodles with bird’s eye chilli, basil and minced pork or seafood still retains the fiery kick, but I find the wok hei wasn’t as strong as before but still acceptable enough for me. Other dishes that I ordered include the tom yum seafood and fried omelette with minced meat which I would like to bring your attention to the latter as I do not know what sorcery or magic the Thai chefs use, but their omelette is always on point. Crispy on the outside while amazingly fluffy on the inside with the texture of the minced pork and the sweet chilli dip makes it a wonderful side dish. It’s so good that the omelette cost more than the drunken noodles even.
✨ Kra Pow Thai Restaurant
📍 14D Scotts Road, Far East Plaza, Unit 03-26/27, Singapore 228217
🛵 https://m.facebook.com/eatkrapow
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👉Ko Moo Yang - SGD12.90

Should’ve just ordered their popular Drunken Noodle Pork/Seafood which probably won’t disappoint right?

Asked for less spicy as well, but this one wasnt as spicy as the drunkard Noodles. The heat comes from the sauce so you're really sacrificing flavour when u ask for less spicy.

Interesting taste profile, with a main sweetness and a mild tanginess. We enjoyed it, but definitely not a stand out item amongst the other bestsellers

Definitely ask for less spicy as there's quite a kick already. Anymore and u would be breathing fire and probably not enjoy it as much for most ppl

Anyway, the sauce was full of umami and sweetness, despite the Noodles looking Plain. Their signature for a damn good reason.

P. S. Their service is insanely fast. We waited for around 5 mins? before the dishes came one after another

Ordered the Tom Yum Goong and the drunken pork noodles. The pork noodles is spicy af but must try!! Pro tip - never suck in the noodles lol.

Probably the best Thai joint in Singapore. Affordable and it ALWAYS hits the spot.