Drunkard Noodle Pork

$7.90 · 79 Reviews

Probably the best Thai joint in Singapore. Affordable and it ALWAYS hits the spot.

Tasty and pepperish fried kway teow. A must try dish at kra pow.

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Drunkard noodles with seafood ($8.90)

Used to be spicier but it's a lot more toned down nowadays. The noodles has wokhei taste but it's slightly too garlicky for me. The rest of the ingredients went well.

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Drunken pork noodles ($9)

Beware it's spicy! But so yummy!! Good bland of chilli padi, minced pork and smooth kwayteow, it was so shiok to eat.

A must order everytime I'm here!

The big kway teow used to whip up the dish was a delight as the chef managed to stir fry it without cutting it up into pieces. However, more wok hey could have made the dish a more memorable one. The popular grilled pork collar was a let down too as it was chewy and overcooked.

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Perhaps one of the dishes Kra Pow is best known for and also one that we have ordered each time we’ve visited. It’s like the Thai version of fried hor fun. While we did enjoy this dish as usual, the Devil’s Fried Rice overshadowed this completely and overtook this as our favourite dish at Kra Pow. Still a good option though, especially for days you just don’t want something too spicy.

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Simply excellent

Every bite was so tasty.

Highly highly recommended Thai food


To satisfy BF thai food craving.
Everything tasted good but spicy!!

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We had drunkard pork noodles($10), Green curry chicken with Jasmine rice ($9+$1.50), Deep fried pork belly ($15) and Coffee ($4.50). Prices has increased but food is still good. May come back just for the drunkard noodles and fried pork belly.

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Went to Kra Pow Thai for the first time for a friend’s birthday and I was really impressed :’) First of all, can I say how rare it is for a restaurant to let you book a table for 13 people? But these guys gave it to us 💁🏻‍♀️

And the food... my oh my ☺️ The drunken noodle pork ($7.90) had the perfect wok hei, followed by a sweat-inducing chilli kick 🌶 The Ko Moo Yang (Grilled pork Collar, $12.90) was really tender and the zesty sauce complimented the grilled meat perfectly. The Green Curry ($7.90) was slightly spicy as well, and is a must-have with rice. The only disappointing dish was the Krapow XL ($14.90) - it would be a good dish at other places, but it kinda paled in comparison here.

Good food, great prices. 10/10 will come back again 😋