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Grilled Cheese Toast with Tomato Soup

$10.00 · 21 Reviews

Admittedly, I do love me a good grilled cheese and tomato soup combo. Punch’s 𝙂𝙧𝙞𝙡𝙡𝙚𝙙 𝘾𝙝𝙚𝙚𝙨𝙚 (~$11) was good, but it just didn’t hit the spot.
The tomato soup had a thick consistency, yet lacked that tangy tomato kick I was searching for, tasting more of a ‘pasta sauce’ than a tomato soup. 🍅
The grilled cheese could do with being more grilled and toasted, since this had loads of potential to be comparable to the grilled cheese I had from ps cafe.

Ig @goodfomood

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Here for the hyped iced mint mocha (!!!) and grilled cheese sandwich 😛😛 slightly on the pricey side but worth a visit. Mint mocha $8 was very refreshing, and I sought comfort in the simple grilled cheese sandwich $13 that was stuffed with molten cheese and came with a hearty thick tomato soup. Wished they used sourdough instead of plain white bread tho

Okay, I did feel a little self-conscious seated next to a group of ladies with their workout gear and post-gym glow as I stuffed my face but all was good as I got to comfort myself with PUNCH’s Grilled Cheese Sandwich ($11)! Served with Tomato Soup for dipping, the sweet-savoury combination was foolproof. Think soft-gooey center of melted emmentaler, grated parmesan and brie smacked between beautifully toasted white bread. The ratio of cheese to bread was simply lip-smacking, add a warm tangy dip into the mix and you got yourself a winner. Mopped up with the crispy yet absorbent sandwich, the texture of the soup could pass off as pasta sauce which was strangely a good call as the thick consistency made the meal more hearty and satisfying in my opinion. The slight sharpness from the tomatoes also cutting through some of the richness.


Not that it isn’t good, but this is my exact sentiment. You’ve got slices of good ol plain white bread, nothing artisanal about that and basically what classic greasy American grilled cheeses espouse; and then you’ve got a rather atas blend of cheeses — emmental, brie, and parmesan cheese — melted to a soft, chewy, meaty centre, creamy yet flavourful enough. Yes it’s yummy enough, but at the same time I can’t help thinking it could be better either swapping the toast out for sourdough, or keeping the bread and throwing in some kraft cheese 🤔 still it is a pretty good bite with the side of smoky bacon tomato soup, and very decently priced at $11.


The coffee lacks body and it’s too acidic for me even though there’s was milk in it and it still couldn’t mask the acidity. However, the one thing that would make me come back again would be the Grilled Cheese Sandwich ($11) which was thoughtfully created with a trio of emmentaler, grated Parmesan and soft brie. A bowl of bacon tomato soup is served on the side for dipping. Choosing the right cheese is important to ensure that it’s able to melt in the heat and yet the cheese flavour profile will not clash with one another. In addition, some grilled cheese sandwich can be surfeiting due to the strong and pungent flavours of the cheese but the one here in PUNCH is very well balanced.
32 North Canal Road, Singapore 059288


I love the soup, very delicious and comfort food.

Am a big fan of @punch.gram Grilled Cheese Sandwich ($11) that I order this whenever I drop by for breakfast. The cheese grilled sandwich is comforting but dipping it into the bowl of thick tangy tomato bacon soup was a bliss!


Flavour-wise, the pancakes pales in comparison with the nicely grilled cheese sandwich [$11] that comes with a bacon tomato soup for dipping. The open kitchen and counter akin to a live cooking show completes the brunch experience at 👊🏻, a sister cafe of Ronin (where the best scrambled eggs can be found). #punch #brunchsg #livetoeat #sgfood #sgfoodies #sgcafes #whatweekendsarefor #instafood #cafehoppingsg #burpple #burpplesg

The grilled cheese sandwich with tomato dipping soup is very appetizing too! Am usually quite particular with how the chocolate and coffee balances out in the mocha. The mocha here didn’t disappoint me 👍🏻😉

Emmentaler, Grated Parmesan, Soft Brie, Served with Bacon Tomato Soup for Dipping
另外能与之媲美的,就是多年前吃的、一直念念不忘的Jimmy Monkey的烤芝士面包蘸半熟蛋了。细细想来,新加坡的kaya toast如此让人着迷可能也是这个原因。