Grilled Cheese Toast with Tomato Soup

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This also saw a price increase from $11, but was satisfying as it was crisp outside, with a cheesy blend of emmental, parmesan and brie that was not too sharp or salty. The hot tomato soup was pulpy and was great for both dipping and drinking. The bread used was of decent quality but it could be elevated I guess. I don’t know if it’s just cheap plain white bread but they toasted it well enough!

PUNCH is changing the brunch game with their unconventional brunch items. A Grilled Cheese Sandwich ($11) might sound simple but the folks at PUNCH have perfected it! Theirs is a decadent version featuring emmental, paramesan and brie cheese with a side of tangy tomato soup. It had Burppler Vanessa Kou singing praises, "The ratio of cheese to bread was simply lip-smacking, add a warm tangy dip into the mix and you got yourself a winner. "Another item not to miss is their Earl Grey Pancakes ($16), which sees soft pillowy earl grey pancakes with a poached pear atop.
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Ordered the grilled cheese sandwich (added scrambled eggs & portobello mushrooms) scrambled eggs were rather creamy but unfortunately, not much taste. The mushroom on the other hand was flavorful though!

& earl grey pancakes. Both dishes were really good! Haven’t had such a good brunch in awhile! Highly recommend 👍🏻


even the weekenders eggs are soooooo good! bring more friends to try everything! favourite brunch place at the moment x

Grilled Cheese Sandwich with Tomato Soup $12
Poached egg (add on) $3

You can choose other add on as well, such as sausage, salad and so on.

Fairly delicious. The food is cooked nicely, 100% in terms of taste, temperature and plating.

Don’t underestimate the small portion, it’s quite filling when paired with a cup of cool Iced Latte $6.

Would recommend that you come early, or simply make reservation, cause it’s bound to be crowded!

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Lunch was sold out by 2:30pm! I picked the Famed grilled cheese sandwich, half worried that it may not be enough to tide until dinner. My friend chosed the tiramisu.

Biases towards fancy baguettes and cheeses aside. This was a satisfying grilled cheese sandwich for days! Its a simple classic combination of ingredients that is easy on the senses.

I didn’t have room for tiramisu but my girlfriend swore by it. She loved the good dose of alcohol.

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Love this cafe a lot and definitely worth visiting.

Their grilled cheese toast was nicely grilled with great amount of cheese. It comes with a bowl of tomato soup and it was tangy and great with my toast.

We also bought scrambled egg with toast with an additional side of portobello mushroom. Love how "milky" their eggs were and the mushroom was juicy.

Admittedly, I do love me a good grilled cheese and tomato soup combo. Punch’s 𝙂𝙧𝙞𝙡𝙡𝙚𝙙 𝘾𝙝𝙚𝙚𝙨𝙚 (~$11) was good, but it just didn’t hit the spot.
The tomato soup had a thick consistency, yet lacked that tangy tomato kick I was searching for, tasting more of a ‘pasta sauce’ than a tomato soup. 🍅
The grilled cheese could do with being more grilled and toasted, since this had loads of potential to be comparable to the grilled cheese I had from ps cafe.

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Here for the hyped iced mint mocha (!!!) and grilled cheese sandwich 😛😛 slightly on the pricey side but worth a visit. Mint mocha $8 was very refreshing, and I sought comfort in the simple grilled cheese sandwich $13 that was stuffed with molten cheese and came with a hearty thick tomato soup. Wished they used sourdough instead of plain white bread tho

Okay, I did feel a little self-conscious seated next to a group of ladies with their workout gear and post-gym glow as I stuffed my face but all was good as I got to comfort myself with PUNCH’s Grilled Cheese Sandwich ($11)! Served with Tomato Soup for dipping, the sweet-savoury combination was foolproof. Think soft-gooey center of melted emmentaler, grated parmesan and brie smacked between beautifully toasted white bread. The ratio of cheese to bread was simply lip-smacking, add a warm tangy dip into the mix and you got yourself a winner. Mopped up with the crispy yet absorbent sandwich, the texture of the soup could pass off as pasta sauce which was strangely a good call as the thick consistency made the meal more hearty and satisfying in my opinion. The slight sharpness from the tomatoes also cutting through some of the richness.