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My mouth is watering right now. $15 dish. So delicious and savoury. Eating it with rice is a must

Sinigang is a sour soup cooked with tamarind (Assam) and the soup at Don Lechon is really sour. While it can be a little overbearing on its own, it does help to cut through the grease and strong flavours of the other dishes and it quite appetising. The milkfish is fresh, soft and not fishy at all.

Sisig is a dish that I will always order at a Filipino restaurant and this version consists of chopped lechon and onions on a sizzling hot plate. The runny egg ties all the chopped ingredients together and the acidity from the lime brings balance to the dish.

Each piece of roast pork is thick, tender, juicy and surprisingly not too oily. The skin is super crispy and the pork is full of flavour. It comes with a sweet and savoury dipping sauce and this combination goes so well with rice. Hands down my favourite dish of the night, and possibly my favourite version of roast pork in recent times🤤

The commonly found ones in Singapore are the roasted pork and roasted suckling pig where you can get them in hawker centres and restaurants while the Philippine’s version of roasted pork, also known as lechon, is relatively unheard of outside the Philippines community here. Fortunately, there’s Don Lechón in the East, selling a variety of lechon rice meals and traditional Philippines cuisine.

The Chopped Lechon rice meal ($10) comes with a sizeable portion of roasted pig with the crispiest of skin, a scoop of white rice and a dipping sauce that has soy sauce and vinegar in it. I have had this dish from Don Lechón before and the standard is still kept that level, thick juicy cuts that is well marinated in the inside with a crispy skin on the outside. Another dish that is new to me this time round is the Lechon Sinigang ($12) which is a tangy and savoury thick broth that contained chopped lechon, white radish, long beans, kangkong and eggplant in it.
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No number of adjectives could do justice to these crackin' crackling beauties. The fatty, tender hunks of tasty pork are good enough on their own, but more importantly are capped with an incredibly crunchy layer of shatteringly crisp skin. What's even more surprising was the pig liver sauce, with a flavour that reminded me immediately of pork floss. Genius.

Taste: 4.5/5


Not going to hype about this dish like some foodie blog/vlog mention. We find that its just normal lor.
Typical thick cut succulent & chewy meat with a load of fats & crispy crackling skin.
Dip to the lechon sauce to get the full exposure on whats it's like.
To be honest, I really not sure what I eating after dipping. Can feel the sweetness from the sauce but pair it with lechon, no idea.😅 So I have it without the sauce.
First few pieces were sinfully pleasant, but as when you had your subsequent piece, it gets more and more jelak.🤢(Maybe is the fats)
Haha... But I don't mind just eating the skin.🤣
Fun fact: Lechon Sauce are made from Pig Liver Paste
🚩Don Lechon, Paya Lebar, 511 Guillemard Rd, Singapore 399849
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A filipino friend recommended this place to me, and it did not disappoint! The pork is tender and most importantly, the skin is roasted to a perfect crispiness. Reminds me of Bali’s famous Babi Guling but with more meat. The dipping sauce is tasty and pairs well with the meat. For $9.50 I personally find it a little pricey, but would probably just order the Lechon without the rice next time!

Hearty chopped lechon that makes me reminisce the days in Cebu! This place is packed with locals and the crrrisp skin simply crackles as you bite into it. While the meat may be on the tougher side, must say it's definitely flavourful. Pair it either with their soy sauce or the peppery liver sauce (perched on top)


Here’s a throwback to my first lechon (roasted suckling pig) experience at Don Lechon Singapore before the circuit breaker. The crackling skin was so damn bloody crispy while the meat was tender and flavourful with all the fats melting in my mouth. It came served with rice and vinegar dip as well, which helped to cut out some richness from the meats.

That said, they are currently doing islandwide delivery via @lalamovesg, do check out their Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/DonLechonSingapore/ or WhatsApp +65 9778 9737 for more info!