Frog Porridge

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Had frog leg porridge with dry chilli for dinner, and ordered 3 frogs for $16! I think this serving is just right for 2 pax, although the staff will always encourage you to order 5 frogs for $22 instead. Preferred the spicy over the non-spicy version (spring onions), and the spice level is quite bearable for those who are wondering.

You have to pay an additional $3 for a bowl of claypot porridge, which is much more expensive than a bowl of rice ($1). However, I still went for the porridge as I am used to eating frogs with porridge.

First time trying frog porridge and I must agree that it does taste like chicken, only a lot bonier!!

For 2 people we were recommended 5 frogs split between two flavours - dry chilli & ginger and spring onion. We preferred the dry chilli one but I liked the ginger and spring onion one too because it was sweeter, though it could get a little bit jelat after awhile. The porridge ($3 per pot) here has a really comforting taste, although it was very very thick and filling, we could not finish a pot between two people.

Frog Porridge ($22)
Been a while since porridge weather came back. My go-to place for frog porridge is always Sinma G-7 frog porridge. We get 5 frogs for $22 and can split the frogs to be cooked in spicy and non-spicy styles. Frog meat is tender and juicy. Especially love mixing the slurpworthy gravy into the porridge.

My fav drink to have with frog porridge to cut through the richness, this has a slight herbal flavour that’s mellowed out with the sweetness of the longan.

I always get two flavours when having frog porridge and this is the milder, non-spicy spring onion sauce. Some might find the gong bao too spicy, so mixing the two sauces let’s you choose how hot you want it.

G7 always satisfies my frog porridge cravings and I just love the savoury, spicy sauce from their gong bao frog! We always get this and the spring onion version so you can adjust the spiciness from the dried chillies.

The frogs are perfectly cooked here; silky smooth and very tender. There’s also a variety of other affordable zi char dishes you can order as well that cements this as my go-to for frog porridge.

We order all gong bao, spicy or nothing... Its not very spicy but the sauce goes very well with the white porridge... Buy 3 free 2 total of 5 for $22... Definitely love it

Ordered 5 since buy 3 get 2 free, only 2 sauce to choose from so we had both 姜葱 & 宫保 and we ate till song song.
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