Frog Porridge

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Frog Porridge ($22)
Been a while since porridge weather came back. My go-to place for frog porridge is always Sinma G-7 frog porridge. We get 5 frogs for $22 and can split the frogs to be cooked in spicy and non-spicy styles. Frog meat is tender and juicy. Especially love mixing the slurpworthy gravy into the porridge.

My fav drink to have with frog porridge to cut through the richness, this has a slight herbal flavour that’s mellowed out with the sweetness of the longan.

I always get two flavours when having frog porridge and this is the milder, non-spicy spring onion sauce. Some might find the gong bao too spicy, so mixing the two sauces let’s you choose how hot you want it.

G7 always satisfies my frog porridge cravings and I just love the savoury, spicy sauce from their gong bao frog! We always get this and the spring onion version so you can adjust the spiciness from the dried chillies.

The frogs are perfectly cooked here; silky smooth and very tender. There’s also a variety of other affordable zi char dishes you can order as well that cements this as my go-to for frog porridge.

We order all gong bao, spicy or nothing... Its not very spicy but the sauce goes very well with the white porridge... Buy 3 free 2 total of 5 for $22... Definitely love it

Ordered 5 since buy 3 get 2 free, only 2 sauce to choose from so we had both 姜葱 & 宫保 and we ate till song song.
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Ordered the following:
▪️3x Bull Frog Free 2x and 1 porridge ($22++)
For the Bull Frog, there's choice of Ginger Spring Onion flavour and Dried Chili flavour. Usually I will order both, to enjoy both the fragrance with spring onion and slightly spicer "kick" dried chili.
For the porridge, it is a plain white porridge that is consistent for every visit so far I've went and it definitely goes well with the savoury ginger spring onion and dried chili sauce.
Craving for frog porridge? Satisfaction can be found here! 😋 Highly recommend 👍🏻
No.5 Cheong Chin Nam Road
Singapore 599730

Opening hours 🕛
Daily 1200 - 0300

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10 little froggies swimming in ginger spring onion (non-spicy) and dry chili (spicy) saucey goodness 🐸🐸 Frog leg executed well in both the spicy and non-spicy versions, and the sauce just goes unbelievably well worth the porridge?? Love that their porridge is on the thicker side, so it’s just the right consistency after drowning it in sauce 🤤🤤 Special mention of their oyster omelette which covers a generous amount of oyster and sambal that truly packs many many punches 💥💥 Definitely a good place to satisfy any frog leg porridge cravings!


[Geylang F7 Frog Leg porridge]
Tasted this bowl of Spring Onion Frog leg Porridge ($22)! Frogs are extremely tender and flavourful upon frying with the spring onion and ginger! Porridge was well cooked with a hint of sweetness and saltyness which are perfect with the gravy provided! .
Located near beauty World Mrt (10 mins walk)! Really a great supper place for a heartwarming meal! Despite the long waiting time, its worth it!
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