Rib Eye Steak With “Vigneron” Butter

$39.80 · 12 Reviews

Ordered Rib Eye Steak with Vigneron butter $43, extra $6 for blue cheese sauce. Visited this place after seeing good reviews. But it came under expectation.

First, the steak was medium rare but I could see there is raw meat layer in the middle. Seems the grill timing is not precise. The steak also overtenderised, it has lost its firm texture. The staff told me I can expect a blend of fat in the meat, but turned out didn’t. The taste of the steak is quite bland and their complimentary 4 side sauces didn’t compliment the steak well.

Secondly, the free flow fries wasn’t a good quality. I specially ordered blue cheese sauce for fries dipping, but it also didn’t match well. I would expect the fries is hot, crispy and flavourful but it’s not. Seems they fried in bulk way before the order came, it was a bit soggy when served to my table. I even not finished their first serving, because it was not worth the calories.

Thirdly, the bread served is cold & hard to chew. Since it has been adapted to room temperature. Some places they make efforts to toast the bread so it served warm on the customer table.

Least to say it’s a good place for a date night out and service is quite attentive and pleasant. I personally hope they can relook to their food quality, to justify their price.

Total bill for 2 persons without fancy drink $100+

Good ambience and place for date night. The steak wasn’t as flavourful as i expected it to be but definitely good value for its price ($39.8) with free flow fries

This is approx 300g of Ribeye steak, done according to requested - Rare. It was juicy and tender. My lunch companion had hers done to Medium-rare and enjoyed it very much too!

I don’t fancy fries and so asked for no fries, which is actually their regular side with the steak.


Tenderly juicy & each bites was a total enjoyment 😋
The free flow home made fries were absolutely amazingly & dangerously addictive! Skinny, super crispy & slightly salted exactly how we love our fries to be 😱
Definitely a great dining experience coupled with a glass of red wine - Cote Du Rhone ($14)


This Club Street institution is perfect for an intimate date night, more so if you fancy bar-hopping after in the area for a nightcap or two. Peek at the tables around you; chances are they would be having the Rib-Eye Steak Frites ($39.80). Served medium-rare, the steak sports a crusty char and tender, juicy meat, and is incredible value for money. It's good enough on its own, but the cap of vigneron (flavoured) butter adds a sheen of lusciousness and depth of flavour. It comes with free flow duck fat fries, prepared using French-imported potatoes, and a small green salad on the side. Pro tip: This cosy space has limited seats, so make reservations ahead. Alternatively, visit their other outlet Les Bouchons Rive Gauche, set along the Singapore River.
Avg Price: $40 per person
Photo by Burppler Bibi W

Took a break from the plant diet to indulge in steak 🙃 Served medium-rare, this steak had a crust, whilst still being incredibly juicy on the inside. The free flow of duck-fat fried fries didn't hurt one bit!!

Presumably the most value for money Steak Frites in Singapore!! Almost every table had their Steak Fries ($38.90 with free flow fries and mixed salad) and you could see patrons leaving with satisfied bellies. A small place it is, so a reservation is highly recommended. I did see patrons trying to walk in but they had to wait quite a bit for their seats. The Steak was juicy and a perfect medium rare. Between the Sirloin (bottom) and rib eye (top), I preferred the rib eye for the more tender texture. Would I come here again? Yes, if I had a craving for beef.


Extremely tender and juicy grilled ribeye tasted so good it could do without the vigneron butter. The fat cap was the best part; charred, beefy, melt in mouth goodness. Affordably priced ($39.80) tho free-flow fries didn't add much appeal. Still, 10/10 would be back for the steak!