Sumo Ramen

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Ramen was great, they handmake the ramen. The broth was really strong tasting, for those who prefer the stronger broth. Meat inside was tender, had beef and pork.

super thick & creamy bowl of tonkotsu broth ramen for the meat lovers! comes with a generous portions of sauteed sliced US beef, nagano pork char siew, 8-hour slow roasted red wine boneless beef short ribs & lava egg, topped with beansprouts, bamboo shoots, black fungus & leeks.

There’s the slow roasted oxtail, braised beef tendon, sautéed sliced US beef, 8 hour slow roasted red wine boneless short-rib and Nagano pork char siew.
The broth is slow-cooked for 48 hours! No wonder the broth is so thick and flavourful! Not to mention the broth is also infused with beef. 🥩

The oxtail is a little hard to break from the bone though. 🤭 In addition to the beef and pork goodness, there’s also free flow eggs for the extra boost of protein!
Gather your beef lovers friends and head down~ 🐮🐷🐮🐷


This promo is applicable 7 days before & after your actual birthday. Our favourite was the #yuzuramen that was refreshing and we paired it with the spicy beef xo-mala that wasn’t as spicy as it’s name makes it to be. The #sumoramen was the only dish of quite a substantial portion, coming with lots of different meats (beef, char siew, short rib), a delicious home-made fishcake and bamboo shoots in a tonkotsu broth that was flavorful but on the lighter side. The only letdown was the #unagi that was really small in size & had a char siew sauce glaze which was a bit odd as it didn’t pair well with the strong unagi flavours. #sumobar also serves free flow hard boiled eggs, an added plus to an already enjoyable dining experience
📍@sumobarhappy, 01-24, Waterloo Centre, 261 Waterloo Street

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Fret not as there's free flow egg 🥚 for you!

We ordered the following:
▪️Sumo Ramen ($23++)
▪️Oxtail Ramen ($21++)
▪️Mini Chirashi ($18++)
▪️Mini Loco Moco ($18++)
*Maximum of 60 slices free.
**Reservation required before 4pm same day.
***Minimum 4 adults ordering ramen or donburi.

Upon entering the shop, it's a cozy space of 25 seater including bar table. I've tried the Oxtail Ramen with Tonkotsu soup base and it came with a signification portion of tender-slow roasted oxtail that's slightly tricky to get the meat out as well as the braised beef tendon that I find quite gelat after awhile. The ramen noodles was tangy and paired with their thick and hearty broth was shiok 😋

Waterloo Centre
261 Waterloo Street
Singapore 180261

Opening hours 🕛
Tues - Fri 1730 - 2200
Thurs - Fri 1200 - 1430
Sat - Sun 1200 - 2200
Closed on Monday

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Sumo's ramen has always been special, and they are offering 4 different soup bases. On top of the original tonkotsu simmered for 48 hours, you can also choose to have black sesame miso, spicy miso or shoyu.
And it's not about adding a splash of sauce over the original broth. Each concoction was recreated meticulously. This black sesame miso uses house miso blended with black sesame and roasted garlic. It's thick, flavourful and distinctively nutty.
You can opt for this Black Sesame (or Chilli Miso, Shoyu, or Tonkotsu) for any of their ramen, but I had it for their Sumo Ramen which contains all their beef toppings in a bowl - slow-roasted oxtail, braised beef tendon, sauteed sliced US beef, 8 hour slow roasted red wine boneless short rib and Nagano pork char siew.


Most orgasmic meal in a while. This beast has roast oxtail, braised tendon, sauteed beef slices and roast short ribs. Don't forget Sumo Bar Happy has free-flow ajitama. I got lost in the bowl.


[Bras Basah] The Sumo Ramen ($23) at @sumobarhappy (by the same guys behind @tanukiraw and @standingsushibar ) is every meat lover's dream bowl, with generous portions of slow-roast oxtail, braised beef tendon, 8-hour slow-roasted red wine boneless short rib, pork charsiew and sautéed sliced US beef. The beef was tender and flavoursome, while the tonkotsu broth was thick and rich in umami (though it wasn't served piping hot and could get abit rich towards the end), and reminds us of really good beef noodles you'd get in Taiwan. #japanesefood #ramen #sgfood #beef #sake #foodporn #vsco #vscocam #ribs #cow #foodsg #vscosg #foodiesg #foodpornsg #instasg #sgfoodporn #eeeeeats #instafood #instadaily #instagood #food #eat #foodinsing #burpple
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This is definitely the most sinful and heavily ramen I ever tasted. The bowl of ramen literally filled with beef meats. So be prepare if you want to try this as you can be very full after the meal. Of course the satisfaction level for this is high for me. $30

Felt that most of their food were either very rich or strong in flavours, which would of cos appeal to the masses.
This Sumo Ramen had many beef toppings stuffed into the bowl, including a huge section of an oxtail. Its Tonkotsu broth was very thick and rich, and inevitably salty. Pleasure from its richness soon drained away as it became too jelak.
We also tried their Lobster Taiyaki sliders which didn’t impress, other than chunks of lobster meat sandwiched in lumpy pancakes.
Comparatively, we were only happy with the yuzu pepper crispy chicken skin and Sake Sour (grapefruit) and Kyoho Sour cocktails. But when the bill came, the short-lived happiness faded again.