Pasta Sotong Hitam

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💵: $17.90++

📈: 5/10

🤔: Pasta was cooked al dente, sauce itself was not bad, but becomes a bit too much after awhile. Was a pretty oily dish, and 1/4 of my pasta was submerged in oil after about 15 minutes into the meal. Squid also had a fishiness to it and although I like squid, I couldn’t get myself to finish it.

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Been wanting to try this café before it renovate and relocate to sultan mosque area which is my favorite café-hopping spot.. MUSHROOM SOUP: thick and creamy with generous portion of mushroom; very flavorful..
GARLIC BREAD: Recommended by the staff; generous portion of garlic; bread is crispy outside and soft inside; goes well with the soup and the sauce of other dishes; a MUST-try..
PASTA SOTONG HITAM: Squid ink pasta; not the best I've eaten but worth to try; squid ink gravy quite thick and texture is a bit rough like 'ayam buah keluak'; the green lemon at the side is a plus point to the dish; a little oily but worth the calories..
OPEH SPECIAL: Recommended by the staff; crayfish and noodle in prawn stock gravy; few selection for the noodle and I feel that kway teow is the more suitable type for the gravy; similar to the 'hor fun' in 'zi-char' store but it's served in opeh leaves and the gravy cannot be found there; love the sweetness and flavorful prawn gravy; crayfish not very fresh but edible; another dish that is worth to try..
Overall a seemingly small but filling meal; so happy to have a nice meal after a short nap; quite affordable though; service is good too..
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I'm usually skeptical of fusion dishes but I'm glad this proved me wrong. I really enjoyed the addition of aromatics and slight heat from the rempah that took things up a few notches in this squid ink pasta. 😋

Black squid ink gravy, squid rings, spaghetti, chopped chives, cherry tomatoes


Got to try the food at Rayz Bistro when I had iftar with girlfriends this past month. I'm not really a fan of squid ink anything, but this pasta dish was really delicious. Spicy and super garlicky. Mmmm garlic...

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