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Mighty Luffy

$6.80 ยท 7 Reviews

The refreshing drink is filled with an assortment of tropical fruits such as Watermelon, Lime, Lemon and freshly squeezed Oranges, included with Hawaiian Red Tea. Price is $ 5.8.

refreshing tea + fresh fruits ๐Ÿน


Hawaiian Fruit Tea + Mixed Fruits ใ€‹$6.80

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While the Mighty Luffy came highly recommended by the staff, I actually enjoyed the latter more. Perhaps it's because I'm not that convinced of the idea of fruit teas in general โ€“ forking out >$5 for iced tea with sliced fruits really baffles me (though yes, you get one whole litre of it ๐Ÿ˜…). I've had some fruit teas that barely had any taste, but thankfully, that's not the case for R&B's.

Perhaps I'm biased, but I really enjoyed the combination of the fruity peach tea, freshly squeezed orange, plus lots of pineapple bits in every sip of the Devil's Booster. Tastes like an afternoon by the beach! ๐ŸŒด


Get your tea fix from this Taiwanese beverage joint, which has recently landed on our shores. They're known for their fruit teas, which we think are perfect for the recent spate of scorching afternoons. If it's your first time, get the signature Mighty Luffy ($6.80) to share with a friend, a one-litre cup of fruit-infused tea filled with fresh fruits including watermelon, orange and lemon. Take Burppler Siming T's advice to go for a lower sugar level so as to relish the natural flavours of the fruit. For something more tropical, the peach tea-based Devil's Booster ($4.20), which comes with freshly squeezed orange and plenty of pineapple bits. For milk tea lovers, the full-bodied signature No. 23 Oolong Crystal Milk Tea ($3.80) is a must-try, especially if you love creamy ones with a good tea intensity.
Avg Price: $5 per person
Photo by Burppler Siming T

Taiwanese beverage joint R&B Tea made its way to Singapore and one of their proud signature drink is this Mighty Luffy (S$6.80), a one-litre cup of Hawaiian Fruit Tea with an assortment of fruits such as watermelon, calamansi, orange and lemon. Just another tasty cup of tea that you can get if you are at Marina Square.

That said, to get the most flavour out of this drink, I seriously suggest to choose a sugar level of 30% or none.

And if you want to get some perks from this newly-opened store, head down to R&B Tea and check out their opening promotions.