World is Mine!

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It's a really hip and cosy food court with great ambience! I probs do not have FOMO (fear of missing out) but here's why you should check them out! Being an honest bee member also means a 1-for-1 dining deal!! :
1) Cheesy Soft Shell Crab Bowl - an exotic combination of onsen egg, ebbiko, corn, soft cold tofu, mushroom and a cheesy deep-fried soft shell crab atop healthy brown rice! Simply yummy and filling! 😋
2)Aburi Salmon Mentai Soba - Looks fancy with the wonderful deco of the ingredients, however was pretty soupy and the mentaiko flavour was faint. Soba wise was pretty smooth and tasty, matched well with the aburi salmon! 🙌
3)Lastly, we have the Laksa Mentai Soft Shell Crab Taco!! As we're too full till the end of our mains, we managed to gnaw 2 bites and surprisingly it's heavy in laksa taste but compensated with brown rice and deep-fried seaweed, overall recommended!

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(Recommended for 2 pax) 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

Korean Clam
Boston Lobster
Giant Storm Clam
Hokkaido Scallop
Nz Mussels

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Heating up the weekend with @thedonfoods World Is Mine! Pizza ($14.90). A localized Laksa-based pizza topped with white onions, chicken chunks, boiled eggs, coconut milk, tau pok [fried tofu] and heady mix of spices; replicating the aroma as well as kick of a warm and inviting bowl of laksa. But their Tater Tots Guacamole ($7.90) was right up my alley! Take deep-fried golden nuggets of happiness and adding creamy guacamole, and we have ourselves a winner. Guaranteed to be a hit, the Tater Tots was served pipping hot with a nice crunchy outside and fluffy inside to balance the smooth avocado dip. With bits of chopped onions, tomatoes and corn; the side was also surprisingly light with none of the usual oiliness that you get with fried food.


Seafood-in-a-bucket concept - Mr Wholly offers Create Your Own Set Bucket (prices vary) that gives diners control over their choice of seafood. You can pick your preferred sauce, such as Chilli Kicap, Tom Yum Cream, or even local favourites like Laksa, and Curry. We loved our pairing of crab with aromatic sambal sauce, which features a tantalising whole Vietnam crab that is cooked to perfection.

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With their menu filled with fusion flavors of pizza & pastas, one of their standout dishes is this one ingenious combination - Tater Tots & Guacamole ($7.90). Crispy & almost oil-less tater tots are topped with guacamole, salsa & corn, making it a perfect light snack on the side for one to munch on.
Apart from this, please have a go at their World Is Mine! Pizza ($14.90) which is their Laksa-based pizza, or their popular pasta version, Al Capone ($13.90). •

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