Blue Label Chicken Wings

$14.00 · 12 Reviews

Available in 6 ($14) or 12 pieces ($28)
Served w blue cheese ranch

When you bring these Buffalo wings close to take a sniff, it actually has the same effect as if you are eating wasabi! One of the better Buffalo wings I have tasted.

The Blue Label Wings were crispy and we got to choose from Buffalo or Honey Garlic Sriracha. We got buffalo because it’s milder and we had friends who don’t eat spicy food. It was pretty good, the sauce had a strong cheese flavour so while some of us liked it, some of us didn’t.

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This unassuming joint tucked along an alley near Ann Siang dishes up some of Singapore's best pies — think golden brown dough and excellent toppings! Get the Dr. Pepperoni ($31), the crunchy kale-loaded Green Machine ($25), the lip-smacking Chicken Wings ($14), plus a bottle of wine to split between your pizza-loving buds.
Photo by Burppler Cassie Ong

Blue Label prides itself as serving the best pizza in Singapore, and indeed it does. It’s not easy to get a table here, as the restaurant’s often fully booked in advance.

With its casual but sophisticated charm, it’s hard not to love this place. An upscale pizzeria, the restaurants keeps things grounded with the 80s rock music playing in the background that is very much reminiscent of your typical American diners. Its intimate size also makes the experience more personal - and I have only the highest compliments for the service we were dished. They were extremely accommodating with our requests as a large group celebrating a birthday!

Now, on to the dishes proper… There’s something inventive in the way Blue Label gives its own twist on each pizza dish - blending what I would consider atypical flavours and textures for pizzas together. Case in point: the Umami Bomb ($29) is assembled with shiitakes, spinach, lemon, anchovy, goat’s cheese, and a cornmeal crust. It was really an explosion of umami-ness, and probably my favourite just because of its uniqueness.

The other popular pizzas in the house that came recommended are the J-Dog ($32) and Black Magic ($38). The pork sausage on the J-Dog was one of the tastier ones I’ve had on pizzas, and the jalapeño red sauce was just fantastic. The Black Magic did feel like it has some secret magic in the black truffle cream sauce which was pretty heavenly. What makes this place the best pizza place for me is their amazing pizza dough, superb ingredients, and standout base sauces.

When you’re there, don’t miss out on the starters either. The honey-garlic-sriracha chicken wings ($14 for 3 drumsticks & wings) were well-glazed with a kick of spiciness and sweetness at the same time. Their State Fair Fries ($25) would satisfy both lovers of fries and wedges, as they are something of an in-between. Having the fried egg and shaved truffle to top the dish was something pretty unique as well.

It won’t be long til I return here again - hopefully, if I can get seats ;)

These honey garlic sriracha chicken wings are coated with a finger-licking good (literally) sweet and spicy sauce. And it gets better with the blue cheese dip. Yum.

For me, what impressed me tonight is actually this dish - garlic and honey chicken wings, dipped in that blue cheese sauce. 🤤 It was just sensational!

And one more thing I wanna say is, the service is fantastic here! Superb👍🏻

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This time, I also ordered their blue label chicken wings. Really enjoyed them and devoured every morsel off the bones. This time, a healthier pizza. The Umami bomb! Topped with mushrooms, lemon, spinach, goats cheese and anchovies, this was utterly delicious

carolina mop sauce, blue cheese ranch


If you're looking for some solid wings, these are definitely the right call. Prepared 4 ways; brined, sous vide, fried and baked, they are sticky, slightly spicy and all sorts of delicious, perfect with too much beer. The East-coast inspired wings also come with a blue cheese dip thats not too pungent making it good for everyone.

$14 gets you 6 pieces while the larger portion at $28 gets you 12.

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This latest concept by the Travis Masiero Restaurant Group is a lovely spot to enjoy some seriously tasty pizza — certainly good enough to justify the higher prices. The playlist is funky but it can get noisy in here, so file this away for a night out with friends instead of a romantic date. Settle into one of the booth seats and order a platter of the Blue Label Chicken Wings ($14 for a small portion, $28 for large) to share. According to Burppler Veronica Phua, the fresh wings are prepared in a four-step process — brine, sous vide, fry and glaze. This means very juicy meat, slicked in a gorgeously sticky, golden brown sauce, that doesn't require much more oomph from the blue cheese ranch dip served on the side. As for pizzas, theirs are made using a long ferment dough (takes two days just to be ready), which results in a crust that's not at all floury, and with a slightly oily (but yummy) distinctly crisp bite. Veronica liked the Dr. Pepperoni ($31), which combines red sauce, mozzarella, capers, chilli oil, pepperoni and lots of sesame seeds. Consider the Housemade Soft Serve ($8, additional $2 per topping) for dessert; it's smooth, thick and creamy, and a lovely way to end the meal.
Avg price: $35
Photo by Burppler Shawn Loh