Chocolate Tart with Cream

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Really decadent 99% dark chocolate tart that glued my jaw together. But after a while, it got a bit monotonous.

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ROAST CHICKEN: Well roasted half spring chicken on a bed of mashed potatoes; meat is tender and moist; chicken skin is slightly crisp; gravy at the side is good; with brussel sprouts and almond flakes at the side; good combination; understand why this dish has great review..
PEAR, FETA & ALMOND SALAD: Simple and light appetizer..
CREAM OF PUMPKIN SOUP: Probably the thickest pumpkin soup I've ever tried; flavorful; looks small but just nice for me as a bigger portion will be too overwhelming for me; the croutons taste good on it's own..
LIVE GARLIC MUSSELS & LINGUINE: Generous portion of al-dente pasta with garlic, chilli, lemon and parsley; flavorful; mussels are fresh..
DARK CHOCOLATE TART: Chocolate overloaded; with sea salt; tart is good; not too sweet..
CITRUS, ROSEMARY & OLIVE OIL CAKE: Fluffy and moist; well balanced taste; taste better with the whipped cream at the side..
Overall a satisfactory and filling meal; pretty small café, with more outdoor seats; service is good and food is of quality; lunch set is value for money; choice of 2 or 3 course; worth to make a trip down..
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Tucked away in quiet Sunset Way, this quaint French bistro serves home-style comfort fare. The menu may be small, but the quality of the dishes make up for it. Order the wonderfully moist Roast Chicken ($32, half portion), marinated with a fragrant herb butter and roasted to golden brown perfection, and end your meal with the velvety Dark Chocolate Tart with Cream ($8). Trust us, it's worth saving tummy space for.
Photo by Burppler Muriel AvdH

The star of our meal is this seasalt valrhona chocolate tart. Judging from the thickness, you can tell the generous amount of dark chocolate ganache covering the crust.

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72% couverture w/ fresh cream and a sprinkle of sea salt

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Hard to go wrong with a rich, velvety chocolate ganache with flecks of sea salt, but the crust could definitely be better!

A safe dessert to end the meal on a sweet note, although I was aching for a black coffee after awhile (they are still waiting for their coffee machine to arrive). The filling is decadent and luscious, although we wish the crust was more buttery than crusty. Picky eaters, we are!