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Soft Shell Crab Burger

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I think this is ok. I wouldn't say it's fantastic but it will satisfy you if you are craving junk food. But I prefer the other mains Columbus has to offer.

Overall enjoyable and well-executed for a burger from a non-specialty place - 2 small soft shell crabs, a runny yolk sunny side up, caramelised onions and generous pepperings of furikake, sandwiched between buttered brioche buns. The soft shell crabs were crisp but not over-fried.

It’s pricey for the portion but the quality is good!

KOMBUCHA(Apple Crisp, Lemon & Lime Mint, Ginger Berry) 各$7+
Orange Juice $7+
@atlascoffeehouse と @lunarcoffeebrewers と 最近できたばかりの@apollocoffeebar の系列店のカフェ。(COLUMBUSは3店舗目)




コーヒーは、ここの系列店の他にもPOPULUSなどでも取り扱っているTWO DEGREES NORTH COFFEE CO.の豆を使っていて、美味しいそうなので次回はコーヒーを飲んでみたいと思います。




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While it doesn't look like a Krabby Patty, but it certainly tasted as good as one! The sunny side egg was also a nice touch.
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I’ve got a weakness for many things, one of them being soft shell crabs. Don’t matter what kind of cuisine or if the restaurant’s established or not — if I see anything “Soft Shell Crab XYZ” on the menu, you can be sure it’ll end up in my tummy. More often than not it turns out to be a meh decision; but I’m glad to say it’s an absolute hit this time, with Columbus Coffee Co.’s Soft Shell Crab Burger ticking all the right boxes in my book. Fluffy (and I do mean flu-fucking-ffy as hell) brioche buns, garlic aioli, caramelised onions, sunny side egg, furikake, and 2 cutesy fried soft shell crab. The soft shell crab’s fine no odd taste and all, but what I’m superbly impressed with is how well-thought out this is, all the flavours tying in and balancing off one another. I don’t know if it’s intentional, but the caramelised onions has this slightly burnt and bitter aftertaste that I absolutely adore for how it adds another dimension to an otherwise ordinary condiment.


The first visit wasn’t successful as the queue was way too long during the Labour day long weekend. This, together with the many good reviews, made me looked forward to the coffee and food.

In picture is the soft shell crab burger, beef burger, chicken stew, nitro tea and nitro coffee. We also ordered the salmon and soba, burnt brussel sprouts, latte and a cold brew.

Honestly I am really disappointed with the food and drinks. The only dish that’s good is the burnt brussel sprouts, and the curly fries that came with the burgers (better than Mcd 😛). The beef burger, soft shell crab burger and salmon and soba was okay, nothing too much to rave about. The main lead of the chicken stew - chicken, was bland and felt like it was cooked separately rather than with the sauce. The rosemary in the sauce was also too overpowering.

The nitro tea and cold brew taste ok, with refreshing berries and pleasant chocolatey coffee notes respectively. However both were a tad too sweet. I have expected the latte to be better (from the reviews but those we had opposite the street after the failed first visit was way better). The worst was the nitro brew. It smelled and tasted like water in an ash tray - diluted and slightly burnt (yes I have tasted it before unfortunately), the ones from SB are honestly better.

However the service there is really good. Just wish the food and drinks were better (or I have not ordered the right stuffs)

Deep fried soft shell crab sandwiched in nice soft brioche buns, along with a refreshing mango-pomegranate salsa, arugula & slaw. This dish came w a side of crispy, fluffy curly fries! Who doesn't love curly fries? This is such a great pairing & makes for a very hearty lunch/dinner! Love the sweet-savory flavors & the tropical colors in this plate. 🦀

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The soft shell crab was tasty with a nice pillowy bun and the mango pomegranate salsa added a nice flavourful crunch to the dish. The curly fries were really addictive though! It was reminiscent of a certain fast food chain so you know where to get your fix!

A new addition to the Upper Thomson cafe scene, and taking over the now defunct bar, Wolfpack, is Columbus Coffee Co., the siblings of the popular Atlas Coffeehouse, and Lunar Coffee Brewers.

With an indoor 40 to 50 seater space, it’s a perfect space for events (no doubt), but also a great space for large groups on a cafe hopping adventure in the hood.

Their menu comprises of a mixture of popular choices from Atlas and Lunar, but with new additions such as the Soft Shell Crab Burger!

It comes with a deep fried soft shell crab, mango-pomegranate salsa, arugula, slaw tucked between brioche buns and with a side of curly fries!

The soft shell crab was fried perfectly, allowing for a crunchy texture to the sweet crab meat, while being paired with the mango-pomegranate salsa which adds that extra sour touch to cut through the greasiness of the crab. The curly fries was a good touch since most places offer shoestring or steak fries with burgers instead.

Pair your burger with a variety of drinks ranging from espresso-based coffees, to filter coffee, or have a go at their pre-bottled cold brews (psst, they have a matcha cold brew - Matcha Warrior) or beer!