Beef Platter

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They ran out of the Hanger steak. So, we had another Ribeye instead. So it was perfect for 2 pax, each of us had a Ribeye steak and shared the Wagyu between us.

We requested not to have any sauce or dressing to the medium-rare steak, as it’s best to taste the beef with the generous amounts of sea salt sprinkled all over the plate.


Have been wanting to come for the beef platter! So glad for this impromptu lunch today since it’s a PH (SG’s 53rd National Day!) Plus the fact that we got such a good deal - it was only $53 for today!

Very value-for-money! Love how the beef is done according to our preference, in this case it was medium. 👍🏼👍🏼

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Beef Platter - $70
Dinner Menu
On the plate contains 150g of Hanger Steak, 150g of Ribeye, 150g of Wagyu. Plated with salad, truffles mustard and maldon seasalt. This batch of meat all comes from Australia, despite ordering medium raw, there wasn’t any slight stench at all, freshness at its finest. Australia batch of beef steaks are rather lean. But that would also mean the Wagyu Steak was sacrificed, offered on plate a A7 grade only. The boss was sharing that the sourcing of beef will swapped from period to period, giving diners chances to try beef steak from different counties. The next batch of meat would be sourced from USA


150gms Hanger Steak, 150gms Ribeye, 150gms Wagyu, House Leaf Salad, Truffle Mustard, Maldon Seasalt

Located at Sunshine Plaza, @steakvillesg is a small humble steakhouse that newly opened just about a month ago. Always aiming to bring a “farm to table” dining experience to their customers, you can be assured about the quality of steak being served on the table. Their collaborative partner, @candourcoffee, provides a wide selection of beverages, ranging from artisan coffee to signature coffee mocktails.

The steaks were perfectly medium-rare, with a glistening shade of pink at the centre. As to which cut of beef I enjoyed most, it got to be the Chef’s Selected Wagyu. Each slice of it was fatty and juicy, with a great char on the exterior.

P.S. That must be beetroot purée...
Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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Still at the soft launch stage, I tried the Beef Platter ($70, good for 2-3 pax) with Hangers Steak, Ribeye and Wagyu (150g each) lying on a bed of secret recipe puree (try guessing what is it!) served with salad, truffle mustard and maldon seasalt. This is the best choice if you want to try a bit of everything, or you can choose individual type of steak ($15 to $38) at affordable prices yet at a cozy setting. 💁‍♀️
Apart from the menu, there is also short description on the individual steak so that you are aware of the origin, the parts and the grades 😱

A new venture by the same folks behind The Betterfield, Steakville is a cozy bistro with a different, more beef-centric concept. While the menu is small, think quality and a no-frill steak experience that makes for a good casual dinner date.

For variety, go for the Beef Platter ($70, recommended for 2-3pax) which consists all three types of beef on the menu at 150g each - Signature Hanger Steak from Riverine Farm (Aus), A5 Joshu Gyu Wagyu from Gunma Prefecture and my personal favourite of Hunter’s Ribeye Steak from Riverland Farm (NZ). Each platter is served with house salad, truffle mustard and maldon seasalt. Always go for the seasalt, simple as it is, works wonders in bringing out the flavours.

The hanger steak which is usually a tad more gamey in general, was quite flavorful with barely any hint of gaminess; the wagyu, with its beautiful marbling was (expectedly) melt-in-the-mouth tender but if you prefer a slightly leaner cut, go for the ribeye!

Do note that the specially selected steaks offered on the menu are sourced from various countries and may change depending on the seasons - I love the idea of getting to try something different every once in awhile!

Thank you #burpple for the kind invite and @steakvillesg for having us🤗

I had the beef platter (consisting of wagyu, hanger and ribeye, $70) and brown buttered chicken that is seared with garlic, butter and herbs ($15). Really yummliciousjuicy meat that has been airflown in. I love the hanger meat since it is my first try - very succulent!.
💝Thank you @steakvillesg for the hosting and @burpple and @that_dex for the invitation!. Thanks to host Shaun and my new friends too for making the evening so enjoyable @siming @tammywee @jonnyboyeats @__zhihui.lim @that_dex .. .
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Not a beef connoisseur but always a fan of variety; as such I was a happy girl sampling the 3 different variant of steaks here. Personally liked the Ribeye most in terms of texture 🙃

Thank you Burpple, Shaun and Steakville for the invite; also a mini educational session on beef and it’s variants 🙊😛