Fried Mozzarella

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I love the fried mozzarella hoho it’s fun to eat n yummy too but eat it quick before it gets cold n becomes less stretchy. The pasta here is also rly affordable, n is hand-made as well so it’s quite a steal bc it’s not easy to find handmade pasta in Singapore at such an affordable price (No GST or abc charge either)

Served with strawberry sauce, the crumbed mozzarella are deep fried to an ideal crisp, panko-crusted golden brown exterior. Best to consume it while hot (and for the instagrammable cheese pull) as well! ✨I was really amazed at the elasticity and flexibility of the mozzarella cheese which pulled off well 😌. Though I would prefer consuming these fried mozzarella in silo, the combination with the strawberry sauce was not bad as well, with the latter providing a tinge of tangy, fruity sweetness to the characteristic savoury, salty notes of the mozzarella. Great as an appetizer ; or perhaps dessert as well! .
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Pastaria Abate had all the makings of a value for money pasta joint. .
However it stopped short on service and delivery. Dont get me wrong, I think cashiers and servers were great. Orders made at 1940, wine came out immed after ordering but first appetizer came at 2017. Fried Mozzarella. Odd that it was the last dish we ordered but 37 mins after we placed our order, who’s going to complain when we finally have food? Portobello fries 2018. Fried calamari 2020. Parmesan rosemary fries 2028. Mains came at 2041. 1 hour after we ordered. However, not all came out at the same time. The pastas more or less made it out at the same time. Steak came 10 minutes later, but at 2100, I still have 2 friends left hungry (they both ordered burnt butter porcini stuffed ravioli). .
After asking about it for 3 times, around 2105, one plate of ravioli came out. ONE. Got to commend them for serving it to our table since it was a self service place. But yup the other plate of ravioli got forgotten. So apparently when we checked, excuse was they had to make ravioli from scratch. But hello, if you had no ravioli, why not just tell us. Isn’t it normal knowledge in F&B, prep enough for what you want to serve and when you run out, just say out of stock? Or at least pre warn, it’s more than an hour wait. No information was passed down to us. So at that point of time, we already requested to cancel and get a refund. Because ain’t nobody gonna wait another hour for a plate of ravioli. 🙄🙄
Next where the last straw got broken. That plate of served ravioli was uncooked. I sent it back to the kitchen and requested for a refund. At this point of time the head chef/ owner/ manager should have came out to apologize. 🤷🏻‍♀️ Well someone must have overheard but the owner/ owner’s wife (I think) came by and said “why I heard there’s a bit of unhappiness here and we have already refunded you” oh really you are bringing up the refund? Sorry for making you return us $30 for food we didn’t consume. Next line was “do you want me to bring the chef out to apologize?” I calmly said “yes I would appreciate that. Thank you” She brought a clueless guy out that really looked like a kitchen helper. And said “it was him, that forgot your order” 😨 Really? As a boss, you put all the blame on your man. What was more infuriating is that she continued by saying “I tasted the ravioli, it’s not uncooked. We do it al dente here” At that point of time I already knew that it was hopeless to continue my conversation. If you are going to bring up al dente, then why was my tagliatelle not al dente (didn’t say that) But seriously, there is only one point of al dente when the core of the pasta turns from uncooked to cooked. 0.5 seconds too early is still uncooked. 🙄 #pasta101 Besides this, not to mention the eggplant lasagne was salty beyond palatable and the steak was over cooked. 🤷🏻‍♀️
Be proud of the items you serve but when the consumer is already having a bad experience, there is no point being defensive. Pastaria Abate is only 8 months into the food scene, let’s see where time will bring them.



I always approach fried mozarella with trepidation as they often tend to be bland and tepid affairs. Not so with Pastaria Abate’s crisp crumbed morsels filled with stretchy cheese and a well-balanced strawberry sauce that complemented the mozarella quite well. Tip: eat it fresh before the cheese hardens.

The long and narrow restaurant gets especially packed during dinner time, so make sure to book a table first on @chopesg.

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Taste: 3.5/5


The Fried Mozzarella - a hot favourite at the cafe, was extremely stretchy. It’s perfect for cheese lovers who love pulling hot cheese apart. I’ve to say that Pastaria Abate is extremely generous with their mozzarella filling.

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i don’t know if the noodles were already precooked because they were all over cooked. the linguine and tagliatelle that we ordered were all clumped up together, there weren’t enough sauce to to separate them. it was too dry. everything is self service. there was only 1 cashier and 1 staff clearing the place so everything was a little bit slow.despite being understaffed i can see that 2 of them were doing their best.

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Ooey gooey mozzarella under a blanket of crunchy breading. Eat this quick and try it with the berry sauce for an interesting contrast.


This was a nice starter! Simple and satisfying, served with a strawberry dip.

Pro tip: order a bottle of their Chianti for just $38, or a bucket of 5 Italian beers for just $30!!!! Great for groups.


It comes with marinara sauce instead of strawberry sauce due to them running out of the latter, with its tanginess working well with the cheese!