Laksa Souffle

$23.00 · 5 Reviews

Locally inspired flavours in french baked eggs are not a dream anymore.The Laksa souffle was a charm: piping hot curry gravy was served with the baked eggs and fresh shrimps in a buttered parmesan ramekin. The laksa goes really well with the airy and moist souffle: I suspect curry spice was enhanced together with the beaten and whisked eggs prior to baking. The whole dining experience was interesting: they will serve you a glass of wine to sip on as you wait to dine. Coupled with the gorgeous white and blue interior, it was quite a luxurious dining experience.


This is apparently the first specialty souffle theme restaurant in Singapore at Duxton Hill. The laksa taste is reminiscent of our local flavour, though for the price we feel that the souffle itself could be more substantial.

Take a souffle-loving date to this Duxton Hill spot, complete with casual chic decor that's bound to impress. Helmed by the brains behind L'Entrecote and Glasshouse by DHM, the menu features both savoury and sweet options – from a thick and flavourful Laksa Souffle ($26), to a citrusy Grand Marnier et Oranges Confites ($20), featuring a reliably airy and comfortingly soft souffle doused in orange liqueur and topped with candied orange.
Photo by Burppler Jandy Jean

Freshly baked souffle with prawns and laksa sauce.

Taking over the former grounds of Sabio Tapas Bar at Duxton Hill is Soufflé; a new concept by the same folks (Delicae Hospitality Management Group) behind Sabio by The Sea, L'Entrecote, Glasshouse by DHM, Ange Cafe and & Made Burger Bar that focuses on savoury and sweet soufflés, as well as casseroles. An item that comes with a local twist, the Laksa Souffle is something that is pretty unique and creative, fusing a local element with the soufflé. The savoury soufflé here comes with a slightly different flavour profile as compared to the sweet ones; noticeably saltfish, but still pretty neutral in flavour, the soufflé was light and airy whilst being consistently so within — fluffy and cloud-like. Within the soufflé are bits of prawn for a bit of bite; the prawns coming with its natural sweetness — pretty fresh. It comes with a Laksa sauce on the side; strong, punchy notes of rempah spices that is all familiar, also coming with bits of prawn to evoke that local feel into the western classic. A dish worth trying at least once.