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Eggplant with TSB Signature Chilli

$5.00 · 106 Reviews

Run by a group of friends, this fun-loving bar has perfected the formula for a good night out. Skewers and beers in an intimate space that's still roomy enough to fit groups. Star dishes include the spicy Eggplant with TSB Signature Chilli ($5) and the protein-loaded Four Ton Chawanmushi ($4.50), which is a delectable triple eggs combo — century, salted and quail. Also worth ordering is their Whole Seabass ($22), fresh catch grilled then slathered in chilli paste & lemongrass for a zesty finish!
Photo by Burppler Cindy Chuah

Use my 1:1 at Vatos Urban Tacos. Super worth it. Love the fish tacos, had the spicy chicken burritos. They gave complimentary nachos and their margarita is so good! Love the peach margarita!


Wife and I used beyond for these tacos and beer. Beyond is valid for tacos or burritos. 2 Tacos $12 and beer is $14, it also came with complimentary chips and salsa. Each taco comes with one thin layer tortilla, very chewy and mochi like texture. The pork belly is very soft and sinks into your teeth easily. The meat itself dosen’t have flavour and lightly salted, which is good because it compliments the pickled onions. Washing it down with beer completes the meal for sure. I would like to eat a big burrito version of this.

I have no idea what chimichurri is, but damn was it spicy!!! This taco certainly had a huge kick to it, luckily I had a whole huge glass of margarita to quell the spice.
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Super worthy deal and love the food and drinks. Will be back again! Love the fish tacos and spicy chicken burrito!

The fish tacos are my favourite tacos here; the rest are really good too but this is consistently my go-to; just look at that huge crispy juicy fish. 🐟

$14 for 3 tacos was pretty worth as the came piled with generous chunks and slices of pork belly. The gochujang marinade gave it a familiar korean bbq taste and the meat was smoky but still tender. The pickled onions garnish helped to cut through the richness of the meat and gave it a slight acidic punch.

$28 but once again CAME IN A HUGE GLASS. The tequila doesn’t come across a lot when mixed with the Korean alcohol but overall it just tasted like a lemony margarita.

Because margaritas usually have a salt rim so we asked for some salt to lick off our hands before taking a quick chug of the drink and basically turned it into korean-inspired tequila shot.

The drink wasn’t great but there’s nothing to hate about it.

The drinks at this place are really expensive ($30) but it was worth the price when you see the portion the thing is HUGE!!

Really really liked this drink as the mango slushie is sweet and fruity and the beer was quite bitter but when mixed together actually balanced out real nice. Definitely a sharing drink