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09:00am - 06:00pm

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From the Burpple community

🍰 Charlotte Cake
📍Dolç Patisserie (@dolcpatisserie)
📌 Outram Park
💰 $9.50

This cake is filled with mascarpone mousse, basil sponge and strawberry compote. I was the most surprised at the addition of basil, but surprisingly, it works insanely well together with the strawberry elements.

The mascarpone is light and creamy while the strawberry is sweet and tangy. The herbiness of the basil balances out everything nicely, and generally, this is a really impressive cake!

⭐ Rating: 9/10
🤑 worth the price: a lil pricey but v nice
🦖 would I buy again: maybe
💍 would I marry: yesssss


Pesto sauce was super flavourful! Chicken breast was not too dry either. This dish usually comes with chips as a side but I opted for their salad cos I love the sauce it comes with.


So pretty looking that you can't bear to bite it. Nice place to chill

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While we understand fully there is a limited range of pastry we can select while using the 1 for 1 voucher, we were informed we can only choose chocolate and ham & cheese crossiant as the rest are unavailable. The time is 3pm on a Saturday afternoon. Disappointed we have no choice but to order the above fore mentioned. The drinks we ordered is also diluted too. Overall it is a very disappointing trip :(

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Smoked salmon and cream cheese spread in a bagel. Unfortunately, the bagel was a bit too tough and it felt it was put together a bit hastily. We preferred the Bikini Sandwich ($13).

There’s 1 for 1 here with Burpple Beyond for a couple of different deals like mains, pastry + coffee, etc.


This was a delightful piece. It tasted much lighter than it looks, with a very thin chocolate shell on the outside, holding creamy mascarpone, basil and a slightly tangy-sweet strawberry compote on the inside. Enjoyed that it wasn’t too sweet and was pretty nicely balanced in all the flavours.

There’s 1 for 1 here with Burpple Beyond for a couple of different deals like mains, pastry + coffee, etc.

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