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From the Burpple community

When craving warm comfort on rainy days, consider Goon Wah's famed fish noodles. The Claypot Fish Meat-on-Bone Noodles (RM18.90) sees tender fried fish and thick, bouncy noodles soaked in tangy, milky soup. A single portion is good enough to feed two, especially if you're saving tummy space to share the savoury, wok hei-laden Treasure Box Claypot Loh See Fun (RM12.90). Make sure to add an Egg (RM1) for the extra creamy mouthfeel.
Photo by Burppler Rueann Dass

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Goon Wah’s claypot fish head noodles rival some of the best out there and for the price, those fleshy fish pieces really give you bang for your buck. Didn’t particularly enjoy the thick mixian cos I prefer my fish head noodles with beehoon (to soak up all that soupy goodness) but on the bright side, that left me more of that delicious soup to slurp up.

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Have heard a lot about Goon Wah since they first rose to fame back in Kuchai. This visit has proven all those great reviews to be true! The claypot lou shu fun is my pick; wok hei-laden, slippery rat tail noodles that get melded with a creamy raw egg yolk and minced meat sauce. Bonus: loads of crispy pork lard for extra flavour bombz.

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Choose between fish meat, fried fish fillet or fish paste to go with the noodles – we had the fried version and was given generous amount of tender fish fillets that just fall off the bone. The star is the broth – it’s creamy, milky and a little tangy. I wonder if they allow refills.

Such a savoury dish that’ll leave you scooping up every last morsel! It’s meant for one but I think it’s good to share for two, especially if you’re also getting an order of the fish noodles. Definitely go with the waiter’s recommendation of adding an extra egg on top – adds much more body to the dish.