392 Havelock Road
GF Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel
Singapore 169663

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Reviews at Grissini (Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel)

Reviews of good food at Grissini (Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel)

Yummy! Best linguine I’ve had. Fresh tasty Boston lobster meat in yummy tomato sauce is really great with the linguine.

Look is deceiving. Looks charred but really tender and moist inside. The crispy outside is really a good complement to the tender meat inside. Enough for 4/6 people. Worth the money. Yummy yum yum yum!

This is another new dish by chef Antonio. Freshly made capellini with equally fresh lobster. The plus point is of course the shell-less lobster! Really yummy yummy yum yum yum! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

Chef Antonio's new menu dishes are great! This green pea soup is not only full of flavor and tasty it's also a feast for the eyes. The soup was poured slowly onto the dish with the biscuit seemingly floating. It's actually supported by three slices of tasty pork sausages. Belly yummy and a real sight to behold.

This starter not only looks good it tastes yummy great! Tender to the bite and the crispness outside is almost like the pork cracklings. Super duper yummy!

ITALIAN!! My fav cuisine 😊 Grissini is a restaurant within "Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel" serving Southern Italian cuisine & unique for its use of the Josper grill. Overall food is good quality for sure, but didn't set out to impress.

Rating: 6.9/10

Will i return/recommend: No/No

Pros: Superb service. Cosy relaxing ambience. High quality. Very good texture for both veal cheek & octopus (both were Josper grilled). Large lobster chunks in pasta. Potatoes were the best things, smokey apple flavour. Complimentary bread sticks were awesome. Yummy desserts.

Cons: Not authentic, no complexity in flavours. Overall mains pleasant at best - quite bland & "flat" tasting. Pasta noodles not fresh kinds. Lobster obvious thawed texture. Both Josper dishes not charred & hot enough. They did not absorb much flavours.

Price: S$158.85 - 2pax, could not finish veal & dessert, left with 2 bites each

Great lamb rack. Soft and tender inside and slightly burnt yet tasty outside. My best lamb rack for the time being. Enough to feed two as recommended by the waiter. Glad that this restaurant actually recommends sharing as the portions are quite big. Yummy πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

Boston lobster with datterini tomatoes with Sicilian extra virgin oil really packs in the punch to the flavor. Love this with a pinch of pepper and it's great. Two thumbs up.

This is a 2 kg Australian sea bass baked in sea salt done by an Italian chef which to me is fantastic! The fish is very moist and tasty. Cooked in its own fat there's really no need for use of oil. Even the skin though it's a bit salted is great. The fish is served with wild rocket which complimented it very well. Squeeze a bit of lemon juice and the taste is further enhanced. Yummy yummy yum yum yum!

I found this incredibly tasty, loved the texture of crispy-edged fried ham against the saltish, creamy mound of cheese.

Review on Grissini Italian Restaurant is out on blogsite πŸ‘‰ click active link in bio. Have a fabulous Friday ahead my dears πŸ’‹

White Pizza - S$20 (Small), S$24 (Medium)Β 
Black Truffle Paste, Mozzarella, Aged Bacon, Cream and Fresh Basil. My first time trying a white pizza. Interesting. When they presented the pizza, the room is already filled with the Truffle fragrance. I find the white pizza is a bit too salty for me.Β 

My tiramisu came with vanilla ice cream which could be a special add on. What I did was I told our server Hyruddi that I needed ice cream, and he said he'll check if my Tiramisu came with one, if not he'll add a scoop [usual price $8++]. He came back with a little treat too, another scoop of parmesan cheese gelato for us to sample. It was interesting - really cold, sweet, parmesan cheese rolled into one ice cream ball.
It was such an enjoyable evening. Service was professional but personable. Server Hyruddi and Manager Subra could hold a conversation about food and other good restaurants in Singapore. The restaurant wasn't crowded so they actually showed me around the restaurant and some of their kitchen equipment.

Spaghetti alle Vongole with veraci clams, frascati white wine and sicilian extra virgin olive oil Primo DOP.
The chef probably wanted to keep this as close to the vongole in Rome as possible by using frascati white wine. It is delicately sweet, but the sweetness of the sauce also came from the juices that was from the clams. Those clams are small but plump and very fresh. Texture of the spaghetti is al dente, springy, and actually absorbs the sauces that it came with. It's one where I thought the wine actually integrates very well with the sauces without being overly alcoholic.
Service was also professional but personable. Server Hyruddi and Manager Subra could hold a conversation about food and other good restaurants in Singapore. The restaurant wasn't crowded so they actually showed me around the restaurant and some of their kitchen equipment.

Out of this world smokiness, with all flavours and moisture still locked within this huge octopus tentacle.
How is this achieved? They use Josper Grill, an expensive machine which is both a grill and an oven. Anything put into the Josper is grilled using charcoal at high temperature. Since it's fully enclosed in an oven, no moisture or flavours escapes. I had my first Josper grilled meat at Izy, and I'm happy that Grissini does it better.
The octopus has an otherworldly smokiness with a thin layer of crisp, and beneath that is juicy and flavourful octopus flesh. The thinner part of the leg is smooth and tender, while the thicker part has a fibrous internal texture. There's also a 'collageny' gelatin which adds to the play in texture. What I did - closed my eyes, hold the octopus close to my nose, smell the smokiness of it, then still with eyes closed, chew on them and experience the flavours and texture. When I opened my eyes again, I realise I'm still on Earth.
Impressed by the flavours, I asked a question - what's the seasoning on the octopus? Hyruddi our friendly server asked the chefs and came back with the answer - only salt, pepper and olive oil. Unbelievable.. But true.
Bonus: the Taggiasca olives that came with it.

Even the geotag for this location is not up yet, so I've the honoured to add it's location :)
These breadsticks came with basil mascarpone cheese. A preview of my meal at this Italian restaurant at Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel replaced Pontini, with new chefs and new menu..

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