496 Jurong West Street 41
Singapore 640496

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This plate of Roasted Duck & Char Siew Noodles 烧鸭烧肉面 ($4.60) from J.W. 496 Roasted Meat & Wanton Noodle 烧腊卤鸭饭 · 云吞面 is something I enjoyed & was glad I ordered. Super bouncy QQ noodles that aren't too oily, with juicy slices of duck. The char siew is flavourful - though it doesn't have much char, it is fairly soft & on the sweet side. Not a mind-blowing kind of amazing that you need to travel halfway around the world to Jurong West to eat it.. But I would order this again.

Next time you plan to make a beeline for the popular ban mian stall here, we implore you to try this stall that specialises in charcoal-roasted meat instead. Tastemaker Xing Wei Chua reveals that while he was attracted to this Jurong West stall for its glistening char siew, it was the Roast Duck (from $3.30) that wowed him. Sliced rather thinly along the grain, the duck ticks all the boxes with its tender, juicy and succulent meat. It's easy to bite through, and the skin offers a nice savoury dimension. The plum sauce that's drizzled over adds a lovely sweetness to the meat, while the accompanying chilli has a potent kick. Yum!
Avg Price: $5 per person
Photo by Tastemaker Xing Wei Chua

From JW 496 Roasted Meat and Wanton Noodle at the same coffeeshop as He Jia Huan Ban Mian Mee Hoon Kueh at Blk 496 Jurong West Street 41. Got attracted to stall for its glistening Char Siew but it's the Roast Duck that was the true stunner. While sliced pretty thinly, the roast duck comes really tender, juicy and succulent — every slice cut along the grain and wasn't stiff; it's pretty easy to chew through and comes with skin on for a bit more savoury flavour. They also drizzled a bit of plum sauce to provide for a sweetness to counter the meatiness too — pretty pleased with this one!

Roasted Pork / Roasted Duck / Egg #burpple #uniquelysingapore

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