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Smoke & Pepper Ramen ($13.90) is unique dish that specially created for singapore outlet shop. Smoke & Pepper consisted of wood chip smoked minced meat and 1 piece of cha shu. I felt that it was quite intense spice inside for broth and shiok experience without adding chili inside the broth but not too salty.

Fried Tofu with Bonito Flakes (2 pieces - $4.90 / 3 pieces - $6.90) is soft tofu coated with potato starch being deep fried, garnished with with bonito flakes and soya sauce poured and soaked over the deep-fried tofu and bonito flakes.I felt its was quite crispy on outside and also soft on inside for tofu when cutting into pieces and tofu dipped into soya sauce before eating. I do recommend to order fried tofu as side dish with the ramen when I go to any japan ramen shop or restaurant.

Shoyu Hamaguri Ramen ($14.90) is one of signature ramen at chjimes (flagship shop). Shoyu (Japanese Soya Sauce-Based) Hamaguri (Clam) Ramen have special ingredients such as Porcini Oil, Porcini Duxelles, Tartufata and White Truffle Oil for first tries of eating and got clam feel aftertaste after eating. They use clam / pork broth based and without putting msg inside the soup. I didn't eat so my mum & sister feedback that they feel that the soup was refreshing and not so thirsty after eating ramen anymore.

Low Temperature (Sou Vide) Cha Shu Set (x4) & Soft Boiled Egg (x2) @ Konjiki Hototogisu (Chijmes)
Low Temperature (Sou Vide) Cha Shu Set (regular serving - $6.90) was marinated in housemade seasoning and slow-cooked in its sauce at low temperature. I felt that Cha Shu (Sou Vide) was quite soft to chew and smoked taste afterwards for pork belly.

Mixed Cha Shu Set & Soft Boiled Egg (x2) @ Konjiki Hototogisu (Chijmes)
Mixed Cha Shu Set include Low Temperature (Sou Vide) Cha Shu Set (x2) and Thick Belly Cha Shu (x2) (regular sizing - $6.90). I felt that Thick Belly Cha Shu was quite hard to chew and braised taste afterwards for pork belly. Highly Recommendation for people who want to try the variety of Cha Shu @ Konjiki Hototogisu (Chijmes)

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Clam Rice comes as free appetizer dish with every ramen ordered. The rice with clam taste quite sweet and intense. I felt that the rice was not warm when serving, some of rice stuck inside and hard to scoop on the small bowl.

The Smoke and Pepper Ramen fared better than their Shoyu Ramen in my opinion. Albeit salty, you could actually taste the richness of the broth. That said, I really think there is nothing much to shout about for the ramen here.⁣