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Best Supper Places In Singapore

Best Supper Places In Singapore

Looking to fulfill your late night cravings? Here's a list to 20 Best Supper Places in Singapore.
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When talking about porridge in Maxwell Food Centre, Zhen Zhen usually comes to mind. However, when it comes to good Cantonese porridge, Hoe Kee is a strong contender. Their raw sliced fish/ pork & century egg porridges - hot, smooth, and comforting, are huge hits, and with their generous portions and opening hours stretching until 2.30am (4am on Fri-Sun), we can definitely see why!

Business hours stretch till late at the three outlets - 12am (Upper Bukit Timah), 3am (East Coast) and 5am (River Valley) - giving residents in those area access to chicken rice suppers whenever the craving hits. Besides chicken rice, their menu also includes various seafood/ vegetables / noodle & rice dishes. Don't order too much okay!

Hotpots are not typically associated with supper grub. Here's the million dollar question though... why not? Huay Kwang Thai Kitchen opens from 6pm-6am daily at their Townshend Road outlet (Jalan Besar), and from 5pm-2am on Fridays to Saturdays at their other outlet at Upper Thompson Road. The combination of BBQ and steamboat (moo ka ta) makes for a unique and fun supper experience for groups!

Brunch place by day, lounge & bar by night, eM is an all-rounder when it comes to serving food at all times of the day. If you're not there in the morning for some eggs benedict, nor in the late afternoon/evening for some rosti/ pasta, you can still drop by at night for a hearty burger with ice-cold beer. On the weekends, on top of a wide selection of spirits/ beers/ wines and unique concoctions, enjoy chill music selected by their DJs. Open until 2am on Sun-Thu, and 3am on Fri & Sat.

Their branches at Harding Road, Ann Siang Hill Park, and Palais Renaissance only close their doors at 1-2am on Fridays and Saturdays, providing a lovely cafe environment for supper indulgence. Have a couple of drinks enjoyed with their signature tarts, cakes, and puddings. What a way to wind down after a long week!

One of the top go-to places for people in the Bukit Timah area, Al Ameen is the place to satisfy all prata cravings. You can order just about any type of prata you want, awesome maggi goreng, the crowd-pleasing butter chicken, and don't forget the cheese naan (it's insanely good). If prata is all you have space for, order the cheese mushroom - it's a league above the rest with its generous filling and crispy exterior. You can't go wrong with this.

Probably the largest Thai eatery housed in Golden Mile Complex, Diandin Leluk has gained quite a following over the years. Start with the Fried Catfish Salad or maybe the Thai Chicken Feet Salad; both are really good. Get the Hotplate Omelette with Oyster alongside, brimming with umami, juicy and plump oysters, and lots of egg. The Basil Minced Pork here is excellent if you want a simple one dish supper. They also operate a stall opposite the restaurant that sells Thai street snacks, like skewers of grilled meats, and desserts.

Chef Janice Wong pushes the boundaries of conventional desserts by creating tantalising sweets that look like edible works of art. True to its name, 2am dessertbar opens until 2am, seeking to satisfy your late night dessert cravings and desire for sweet, sinful indulgence. Located in the extremely happening Holland Village, this may be the perfect place for those birthday countdown celebrations, no?

At first glance, all you see is a spoonful of chilli sitting on a little mound of pale noodles. Not the best first impression. However, upon mixing, you'll find a treasure cove of wantons, char siew and vegetables hidden beneath, and the chilli-mixed noodles begin to look more appetising than ever. If you love your wanton mee, this 24/7 spot ensures you almost never have an excuse not to visit.

Who DOESN'T need some fried chicken in the wee hours of the morning? Thankfully, there's Kko Kko Na Ra to provide just that. Specialising in what they call 'KFC' (Korean Fried Chicken), their famous wings come in 4 flavours - original, soy garlic sauce, sweet & spicy, and hot & spicy. For a taste of everything, get their chicken combo set, which comes in original/ sweet/ garlic flavours. They only close at 3am - a great place to quell those late-night, post drinking hunger pangs.

If you've skipped dinner (gasp!) during a long workday, come into the loving embrace of Seng Kee. Their awesome Mee Sua, with its soupy herbal infusion, will bring you back to Ah Ma's kitchen. You can choose from several variations- lean pork slices, kidneys, beancurd, and even fried meesua with crab. It's not Ah Ma, but Ah Ma's probably sleeping at 3am (best not to wake her).

Known as one of the best places for Teochew porridge, this popular supper spot is sure to spoil you with their variety of food. Although it's not the cheapest supper place at almost $15-20 a head, it's worth the comfort and satisfaction late at night.

The top picks, popular finds and newly opened places in Singapore and Kuala Lumpur, curated by Burpple editors!

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