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Flavors In The East

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Dixon Chan
Dixon Chan

Located at the intersection of Figaro street and Jalan Tua Kong, Tasty Court serves refined modern Chinese Zhi Char of real quality. My picks are the fried rice with roe, braised charcoal tofu and jackfruit chili crab. Will be back again!


If you're in the mood for pasta, this is definitely one of the dishes to order here!


The salmon was delightfully done and I enjoyed how well it went with the leek purée. The roasted cauliflower gave another dimension of texture to this easy going dish. Well done!


I had no idea South Union Park makes every part of their burger in-house, yes, even the buns! This was something I learned over a conversation I had with Chef Terence after the dinner crowd had cleared last Sunday. He shared with us the great lengths he and his team had gone through to in order to create their ideal cheeseburger. There were even photos on his phone showing how they did side-by-side comparisons of different formulations for their beef patty.
Well, I really appreciated all the effort they put in because their cheeseburger was one of the more memorable ones I've eaten.
As big as the Whopper from Burger King, there is nothing superfluous about it, just basics done very well.
So there I was, sinking my teeth into light, pillowy buns that'd been toasted and buttered, and a really juicy, thick beef patty. To be honest, I've always been quite picky about the texture of patties but theirs suited me well - the ground meat wasn't bound too tightly or loose. The only other additions in the burger were melted aged cheddar and raspberry vinegar-cooked onions. Loved how the latter brought a subtle acidity that helped to cut the richness. Ditto the lightly-dressed lettuce served on the side.


Do yourself a favor and get this when you're here! Jowl is the part where the double chin is. Crispy on the outside and so tender on the inside. The whole family enjoyed it!


That's a lot of meat for only $6! A queue is always seen here, with people ordering half/whole chicken for takeaway.
This is my ranking of the three meat I ordered:
1 - Roast pork for its crispy skin
2 - Roast chicken with tender juicy flesh and thin chewy skin
3 - Char siew which weren't as charred as I hoped. Can skip this.
I'll choose this stall for my roasts whenever I'm in this area. It felt like an old school and honest stall, at a very affordable price. Missing the roast chicken thigh already..


This might not be the most flavorful one but definitely this was my juiciest one. Every bite was burst of juice. You could choose to dip it with more sauce or gravy but I liked it just the way it was. Worth a revisiting!


If you're looking for a dish that's spicy, peppery and fills you up, this is it! Comes with large portions of lala coupled with the peppery wetness. I would have preferred larger portions of bee hoon. Enjoyed it!


Classic Trio Set D - Served on a big platter, the dish is completed with up to ten side dishes in portion for three (actually I think four pax also can). Dishes include ayam kalio, beef rendang, sambal sotong, ikan sambal bali, urap kencur, terung garem asam, sambal goreng, sambal kachang ikan bilis, begedel, telur belado, paru, ikan kering, serunding & sambal belachan.

Read more: http://www.misstamchiak.com/ambeng-cafe-by-ummi-abdullah/


Enjoyed the combo, together with the hanger steak. The scotch eggs are incredibly popular and runs out fast. Enjoyed how the pasta is done, generous portions of olive oil, garlic & Sakura ebi. Will come back again!


Essentially economic rice (菜饭) okra as interpreted by bomohs trained in the darkest of arts. This was the most unassuming item from my meal at Quentin’s, yet the one I will most definitely be returning for. The soft and slightly mushy okra was coated with this salty yellow substance that is so show-stoppingly addictive and delicious, you are physically unable to resist its demand that you go for another spoonful of ladies finger even whilst you’re still chewing your current mouthful. Serious sorcery here. 4.4/5



Beginning to like the Bedok market place quite abit. Restaurant quality (at least better than what you find in chains) food at half the price. Meatballs was stuffed with beef and cheese, and served with 5 of these boys. Overall a satisfying and rather filling meal!


Brews coffee at Burpple. Secret ambition: to sell Burpple coffee for £1 in a neon pink paper cup.

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