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Going International

Going International

Other than the generic Cuisines that we are accustom to, let's try something else! Open those taste buds and EXPLORE.
Denise Ong
Denise Ong

Having a bloody good hummus kawerma ($9.90), smooth hummus topped with roasted pine nuts and minced beef. Paired with toasty pita bread, making it a bloody good appetiser. While the hummus, is light, the beef add depth into the flavour, savoury and earthy. Well-balanced and definitely addictive to have before the start of the course.


The shinning star of the night. Amazing smooth, and ridiculously creamy. The Unami flavour is strong, deep and impactful. Looked very heavy, when in fact it is very light. The chef's off-the-menu item, that should not remain off-menu! It is just to gorgeous, is sight, smell and taste.


Sorry, but I am seriously sitting on the fence on this one.
Sanyoret Paella ($28), a simple plating of crayfish and squid. Wah it looked and smell amazing, the taste left me hanging otherwise. A little too fishy for my taste, I felt that it's a little lacking. The rice, is done right though, nice and chewy, but somehow overall, it seemed to lack that savoury kick.
But some some brownie points on the ambience and setting in PIM PAM.


So if you think the meatballs are the bomb, then you have to try the fish meat dish.
Pastel de bacalhau (cod fish meat), is so dense and definitely heavily flavoured that it taste like the sea. Fret not, there is nothing flour-like in the mix, making this jammed pack with goodness, which is what it should be. Deep-fried but not oily at all, it is definitely a great start to a good heavily salt-laden meal. But all is good, when you order their house wine (personally chosen by the owner and air-flown from Portugal).


Bolinho de carne (meat croquettes); the huge deep fried meatballs are so dense, compact and intense that it's almost like having something "bread" like, and doughy. Heavy on spices and salt, this savoury starter is well-like by many Brazilians and Portugueses.
Please note, that if you don't ask for the proper way of preparing and making the food, the restaurant usually prepare the food for suited for the "Singaporean" tastebuds, lighter and less in flavour.


Hu Tieu Nam Vang ($9.90). Looked clear and unassuming, but yet such strong intense pork flavour broth. Tossed with tons of cilantro, making the soup light, and easy to drink. It's definitely very clean tasting, and well-balanced. Filled with pork slices (thick and huge), minced pork, quail eggs, and prawns, this bowl is definitely very filling. I couldn't possibly finish everything. Such hearty bowl for $9.90, is definitely a steal.


Gloomy Friday calls for a piping hot bowl of Fisherman Pork Noodles ($12). It's essentially a bowl of Super Gao or rich prawn Mee Soup, that is so aromatic and very hearty. The suspicious looking brown blob of concentrated prawn paste, just give the bowl that added kick in the stomach (I am big of heavy Flavours) Generous seafood portion, slice pork and loaded with the usual greens, on any given day, it would be my favourite order when I am at the Vietnamese eatery.


Bábh Xèo ($12.90), is simply delightful to have and to share. Pork and prawns pieces wrapped in thin, crisp pancake, is like playing peekaboo before a start of a good meal. A tad oily, but I am not complaining. Savoury fish sauce concoction is a classic and must have to dip in. If you need some good crunch of fresh herbs and greens, wrap the pancake and dip right into the sauce, to give it a more balanced taste. Be generous and keep your mouth watering for more.


Honestly, very delicious spices that is really rub in well, before sending the chicken in the oven to bake. And the end result would be this very tender, moist, juicy chicken, that have a good side of mango sauce or a tad spicy salsa. Served on top of a bed of couscous and green, this is good for one, better when you share cause you get to order other sides.


Halibut and chips. Thick cut fries, that is hand sliced rather than from the bag, is certainly homely. It's only the softer side, so some may not like and probably compare them to McDonald's. The beer batter, is absolutely lovely, light, thin and crisp. I was expecting to be very doughy, thick and too much for my liking, thus I was musky surprised. The meal would be great, if the halibut wasn't that "wet". It's flaky, but the wet inside makes the crisp batter soggy. Maybe I should return to try their cod!


Brought my family to finally try the Betterfield. In true honesty, if it's ain't for the awfully yummy, value-for-money Angus beef, I don't think I will ever bring them over for a meal.

Take this mentaiko scallop spaghetti. Looked great on the menu, but presentation could use a little more work. While the taste is present, solid Unami taste, the rest of the plate lacks everything. Overcooked spaghetti, and limp scallops, hardly what I had in mind when I took a bite. Unless of course, you are sick, and in need of a spaghetti-porridge. This may be the dish to go for.


Prawn risotto that is absolutely tasty. The broth stock used (probably chicken), is ever present in the risotto, helps to gel everything together. Risotto is cooked right on that day, unlike some of the reviews I have read previously. And the taste of the tiger prawns is so distinct in the risotto, that it's almost like having "Hei Mee". Love the consistency of the risotto, clearly sucking on that prawn head, is a must!


Dancer eats, Dancer dance.

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