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Pasta Picks

Pasta Picks

Creamed, saucy or tangy tomato based. Yours to pick!
Fiona Ting
Fiona Ting

The most impressionable dish here at Bar Cicheti.
Simple yet executed with precision. We chose to have this variation with their handmade pasta; served with a good chewy bite, we loved how well seasoned and coated each piece was, perfumed by the occasional bite into a cracked black pepper.
Also, the only item I’ll reorder if we dined here again.


Housemade pasta with a crisp duck confit, umami-ness of black trumpet mushrooms permeating the viscous sauce, finished with sweet-pickled fennel, aged Comte and shaved black truffles. I'm a legitimate sucker for rich-flavoured pastas done well.
Though tucked in a decidedly hidden spot, @sanbistrosg's fine setting, meticulous wait staff and talented chefs sure made our meal an excellent experience.
Still undecided where to take your partner this Valentines? Here's your answer 🥂 (psst, they've got a fixed dinner menu specially planned for 12&14Feb)



Housemade Rigatoni Pasta with Pancetta slices, local mushrooms, pops of balsamic glaze and some stinky Stilton. Not a hardcore fan of blue cheeses myself, but these nuggets of Stilton gave each mouthful an extra depth. Umami bombs away 💣💣.

28bucks/ Rigatoni


If you have a soft spot for soft oozey yolks, you’ll enjoy this one. Liquid yolk centre embedded within smoked mash before it’s encased in their handmade sheet of pasta. Finished with a drizzle of fragrant brown butter sauce.
Great vegetarian option! @oliverhyde
Smoked Potato Mash | Egg Ravioli | Spinach | Brown Butter | Crushed Hazelnuts

#FTrecommends #maggiejoanssingapore

Pasta 101. Spaghettonies are these real thick strips of pasta, I'd say the size of 5-6 sticks of cooked spaghetti put together, best paired with seafood based sauces. (I'm learning something new everyday!)
These Spaghettonies are coated in boldly spiced Thai curry, fresh fleshy chunks of Mud Crab and yellow squash.
If Thai curries are your kinda thing, this one's definitely up your alley.


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