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iryona IL
iryona IL

Bagels accompanied by Meat Platter that comprises of Pastrami, Corned Beef and Roast Beef; and Fish/ Dips Platter of Smoked Trout Dip, Smoked Salmon Dip and Smoked Salmon.

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Recommended this cafe to his friends for the 2D/3D latte art. (Top): Terry's Roasted Pork Roulade & eggs (S$16). Tasted pretty normal, baby gave a 6/10 rating. (Left): Baby had Ultimate Swiss Rosti (S$18). Love the rosti with mushrooms and walnut sauce, but it's kinda small. Chicken cheese sausages was not too bad, but the scrambled eggs' a little over-cooked. (Bottom): I had omelette with cheese, ham and mushrooms (S$12). The omelette is over-cooked, I would have preferred a more runny texture. They could also have been more generous with the ingredients.

My picks are the Trio of Pork Ragout Pasta, Mozzarella-Stuffed Potato Rosti, and Full Melba Breakfast. A tad pity that we were too full to share one of their wood-fired pizzas, though.

What would warrant a second trip back was the restaurant's spacious and relaxed atmosphere with an industrial edge – great for couples and a big group to catch up over brunch, dinner or after-work drinks. The kid-friendly environment also makes it fuss-free for families to dine out together during the weekend.

Quite pleased with what I ordered, although I wish the prices weren't this steep for a casual eatery. I also wish this weren't on the other side of Singapore - but oh well.

Service what mediocre & some might even call it appalling - who serves your dish without even looking at you but in fact, with his back turned to you (ie looking away from you, not even at his own hands)? But I let that slide.

Unfortunately sat at a table where the air-conditioning was blowing fiercely at - so the food became cold quickly. Nonetheless, they were still delicious.

Wagyu Beef & Mushroom Pizza 🍕 ($23++) was decadent with the beef being tender & mushrooms juicy. I especially liked the white sauce on it, as I usually do.

Spicy Tom Yum Spaghetti 🍝 ($25++) was actually not spicy at all. But it did deliver on the creamy promise (in the menu's description). The prawns were fresh but the clams could've been better. I didn't see the point of the arugula.

3 munchies: It was a pity that the beautiful slab of Atlantic salmon was slightly over-torched, resulting in some parts of the fish rubbery and fully-cooked. While the large eggs were nicely poached, the savoury doubanjiang (豆瓣酱; fermented bean paste) hollandaise and ebiko roe on the salmon and croissant were a tad heavy and salty for my liking.

This was a hosted meal by The Tuckshop.

Chargrilled cheeseburger, the first main on the menu which caught our eyes! We love burgers too much!

Determined to bring the joy of bagels to Singaporeans, the two gentlemen behind this establishment at Icon Village pride themselves in hand-rolling each bagel with love. Get initiated with these boiled-then-baked breads with the simple Sea Salt ($2.50, plain). Then, choose a spread, also called a "schmear" in the bagel context, such as the decadent Creamy Peanut Butter and Berries Jelly ($4.50, price inclusive of bagel), or Sun-dried Tomato Cream Cheese ($4.50, price inclusive of bagel) for a comforting breakfast. Experience the vibrant Lox ($11.90) come lunch time, a classic combination of cured salmon, cream cheese, red onions, beets, dill and capers, atop crisp yet chewy bagel halves. Also satisfying is the HogV2 ($13.90) with pulled BBQ short ribs and purple apple slaw. If you've had a bad day and require treat in the form of breakfast-for-dinner, have the Piglet ($8.50), an all-day breakfast bagel served with a crispy bacon strip, sunny side up, fresh lettuce, hash brown and aioli. Pro tip: For breakfast or tea time, grab a friend and share a bag of three bagels + schmears for just $6!

Came here to try their famed Truffle Eggs with Focacia on Toast but alas it was unavailable today. Sigh.

Went with my gut and ordered this. What I got was 3 thin but fluffy pancakes which tastes really great. Maple syrup was infused with orange essence which I felt was the hero of the dish. I do not normally like whipped cream on anything but it worked well here. Peaches were fresh and firm, not soggy.

Well definitely come back next Monday and try my luck with their Truffle Eggs.

If flatbread and burgers are not your kinda thing, you can also get sandwiches such as Croque Madame or even meatballs and eggs with a side of pancakes.

Address: 268, South Bridge Road, Singapore 058817

Before that, a caramelised orange sauce is prepared right before your eyes, which will then be added to the freshly-cooked crêpe, creating a tangy meets alcoholic base.

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