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Western Lunch And Dinner Ideas

Western Lunch And Dinner Ideas

Featuring Montana Singapore, Fuel Plus+, Ah Bong's Italian (Tan Quee Lan), Dazzling Cafe Mint (Capitol Piazza), redpan, Epiphyte, The Pasta Boutique, Dallas Restaurant & Bar (Suntec City), Ice Cream Skool, Gills N Shells
Janice Yip
Janice Yip
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Tried this fish and chips at Bistro136. They took over Oh My Tian at Boon Keng. I found the food to be decently competent for a neighbourhood cafe. In fact, it's quite an enjoyable plate of fish and chips! Prices are typical cafe prices which I felt were fair considering the food tasted acceptable. I felt they are worth a try if you are in Boon Keng.

I'm personally not much of a fan of pizzas but this one managed to get my stamp of approval. It's made of cheddar, mozzarella and parmesan, lychee and smoked duck. The 3 cheese really stood out in this pizza and the cheesy taste kept pulling me back for another slice. I liked it that they paired the smoked duck with lychee. It added balance and sweetness to this strongly flavoured dish. Eating this pizza surprised me in so many ways.. from the onset of even enjoying the pizza to the end where I praised a dish with fruits in it (I don't like fruits in my food).

For a complete review of my dining experience at this cafe visit http://bluntandfussyeater.blogspot.sg/2018/04/7th-heaven-ktv-and-cafe-cafehopping.html?m=1

This Laksa Pasta totally caught me off-guard. I can't believe a KTV cafe can produce pasta one can crave for. The tangy homemade laksa sauce leaves a lingering aftertaste that makes you keep thinking of the dish. The Pasta uses linguine one of my favourite choice for this dish and it really beats a lot of cafe establishments hands down.

To read the complete review of my dining experience at 7th Heaven KTV & Cafe visit http://bluntandfussyeater.blogspot.sg/2018/04/7th-heaven-ktv-and-cafe-cafehopping.html?m=1

This Tom Yum Pasta at Ice Cream Skool is a clear winner. I totally enjoyed the tangy spiciness that comes with every bite of the linguine. The portion is decent and the ingredients were fair for a $10 pasta. In fact, I find it a steal. I love every bit of it and would love to have it again!

For a full review of Ice Cream Skool, visit http://bluntandfussyeater.blogspot.sg/2018/02/ice-cream-skool-affordable.html?m=1


Tried the fusion cuisines at marina square. The dishes at redpan are really interesting. Choices like charsiew chilli fries, hae bi hiam pasta and Bak chor foie gras pasta really tests the creativity of the chef. I was impressed because the flavours were incorporated well unlike other types of fusion food I wasn't too impress with. Definitely worth a try when you are bored of ordinary food! For more info on pricing and my overall experience visit http://bluntandfussyeater.blogspot.sg/2017/08/redpan.html?m=1

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I got a soft spot for baby back ribs and this one is pretty good! The meat falls off the bones easily and I liked it that the ribs are seasoned with a tangy BBQ sauce that makes the entire meal easy to finish without feeling 'jelat'. Worth a try if you love ribs like me!


I took the opportunity to try the much raved about Pasta Boutique when I was in Bedok. It's located at a coffeeshop. The pasta is really above average compared to many other coffee shop pastas but it's still not my preferred choice because I've still tasted better ones out there. I'll rate them as the king of coffee shop pastas among the pastas I've tried at coffee shops (not many lol). But be prepared to pay close to $10 for it. So well you pay for what you get...


I am a big fan of gills and shells. They offer really really good food and I enjoyed the salted egg pasta with tiger prawns. It's heavenly. The taste is flavourful, the salted egg well mixed into the pasta. The portion is just right and the flavours are so aromatic, you get satisfaction once the food reaches your stomach. Awesome stuff!

Tried this aglio olio with crab meat and I'm filled with approval over their generous chunky crab meat. I also liked it that the pasta was al dente and filled with garlic flavour. Pretty value for money in my opinion given that the ingredients isn't stingy at all.

For a full review on all the stuff I ate at Montana visit http://bluntandfussyeater.blogspot.sg/2017/04/montana-singapore.html?m=1


Had the Pink Risotto at Epiphyte and found it to be a pleasurable experience. It's one of the better risottos I've eaten. The creaminess was just right, nothing too heavy and I liked it that the beetroot taste wasn't overpowering. The pan-seared scallops had some saltiness to balance out the creaminess of the risotto which I appreciated. Kudos to the chef for coming up with a dish that attracts the eye and is pleasing to the palettes!

For full review visit http://bluntandfussyeater.blogspot.sg/2017/04/epiphyte.html?m=1

This Croque Madame at Westgate surprised me with its richness. The ham, toast and melt cheese fuses together very well bringing out its flavours. Honestly I didn't expect so much from an establishment that has multiple outlets because my experience is that the quality often gets diluted. I'll be back again to try their mains and other brunch food :)

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This spaghetti prawn pasta aglio olio is really worth having. $19 with chunks of dory fish slices along with prawns? Wow it's a steal. On top of that the dried prawn paste is makes the dish really flavourful with the right balance of spiciness and a distinct prawn taste.

I live for the best experiences. Pursuing the most enjoyable food and sharing with everyone.

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