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Modern Plates

Modern Plates

Nouvelle cuisine. If it's fresh, seasonal, creative, and innovative, it's here.
Michelle Kayla Tey
Michelle Kayla Tey

Didn't even try to maintain when I was told that pigeon was coming up next. That distinct, intense flavour of this little bird, I never seem to get enough of it. It's gamey, for sure, like beef and lamb, but never foul-smelling.

The lollipop-looking piece would be the drumstick—fried to a golden crisp, giving contrast to its fat-lined tender flesh. What I liked even better was the one that seemed to be done in "au sang" style, judging from its deep red hue. Laying snug in soft crepe with a wobbly cube of foie gras, it was decadence in every mouthful, yet suitably portioned for maximum enjoyment.


Saving the best for the last. These babies are practically brunch & dessert rolled into one. Slathered onto the deliciously tart rhubarb conserve, Lolla's homemade hazelnut butter was a refined and less sweet version of Nutella, yet no less full-flavoured. The slightly tangy ricotta refreshed the combination, and the stellar sourdough deserves yet another mention for its amazing flavour and crustiness; it held up all that goodness without turning soggy. I'm definitely having this again on my next visit.

I didn't snap a photo of it, but the Steamed Dark Chocolate Pudding ($15) is fantabulous—a must-try for chocolate lovers. Imagine the cool vanilla bean ice-cream melting against warm, luscious semi-molten chocolate in your mouth. So good.


Because who says no to bacon STEAK, right? Thickly cut and grilled to melty perfection, this is bacon in its full glory. Not wildly in love with the creamed peas on top, but they did help to ease the saltiness so that you can have MORE 😎


Wish I'd gotten a photo of the intersection to show how the lasagna pocket bulged with luscious crab meat, which kinda tasted like chilli crab sans the chilli. Paired with a delectable bechamel sauce, it is bound to leave you sighing with contentment—rightly indulgent for a Sunday brunch. Although it looks deceivingly small, the portion would be sufficient for 3-4 pax considering the other delicious plates you'd be tempted to order as well.


The thought of blue cheese in your virtuous omelette may raise a few eyebrows and wrinkle some noses, but if you are a lover of stinky cheeses, I urge you not to miss this. It's not so simple as merely mixing in the cheese—no, you don't get chunks of it in the fluffy omelette, but that distinct "aroma" does come through as you dig deeper into its juicy, molten layers. Remarkable dish, but do share as it does get overwhelming after one bite too many.


Lolla's Kombu Butter ($7) is the kind you'll want to slather onto everything, in copious amounts. You can never have too much umami, can you? 'Cos that seems to appear in most dishes here.

I suspect lardo also played a part in imparting that irresistible je ne sais quoi, which makes you want to order more of that crusty, rustic-tasting Chargrilled Sourdough ($4) to polish it off. For more variety, you can also choose from other spreads such as duck rilette and hazelnut butter—mad love for the latter.


Now I get it—the hype that surrounds this bea-uni-tiful creation—it is totally justified. There are no words to describe that savoury sensation when the jet black squid ink pudding dissolves in your mouth. Covered with a blanket of creamy and super fresh uni (sea urchin), it is enough to send any foodie to umami heaven.

At $42 for the full portion ($22 for half), it is worth every dime, even when the full portion barely fills the palm. It's meant to be savoured slowly and is good to be shared among 2-3 pax, if you haven't polished it all up, that is.


Just when I thought I'd made an excellent choice with that Pumpkin Gnocchi...then BAM. My friend's order came and trumped it instantly. Lucky for me, she wasn't hungry so I "helped" to finish half of these ✌️️

The house-smoked mussels, charred scallion yoghurt, and kimchi tomatoes caused such a flavour explosion in the mouth—the alluring convergence of smoky, umami, sweet, and tangy on those fluffy sourdough toasts. You know that feeling where you just wanna keep going at it, rarely pausing to even catch a breather? This was it. So good that I beseech you not to miss this.


Neither dense nor stodgy, but silky like panna cotta, redolent with that familiar buttery savouriness of foie gras. Delicious with the dual-way beetroot – sweet meringue and intensely flavour-packed dehydrated crisps. #chefstablesg #burpple


Felt slightly disappointed that this came as a terrine, which doesn't get as much love from me as the lobe itself – not a fan of the stodgy texture and strong flavour. Paired with Spanish ham, endive, and honey mustard, all of which didn't seem to do much to enhance, except for the citrusy sauce, which helped cut through the richness and made it slightly more palatable.


Dining at Chef's Table is not only a treat for the senses, but an informal session of culinary education as well. You get to understand the ingredients on each plate, creatively and masterfully composed to produce surprising and tasty flavour combinations.

It's always hard to play favourites here, but this time, the standouts for me were the soft, juicy, octopus with egg yolk confit, jamon iberico, and chunky potato & chives mash; and the king crab risotto with parmesan and fresh figs. Chef's Table is definitely one of those places that you can count on for delicious and unpretentious food.

4/6/8 courses priced at $98/128/150 respectively, and only for dinner on Tue-Sun.


This was such a delightful dish. All that roasting rendered the Brussels sprouts crisp and sweet, pairing wonderfully with chunky & smoky mirin-glazed bacon and karashi (mustard-based dip).


He satisfies my mouth with good things ❤️

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