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After Work

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Melissa Hong
Melissa Hong

Housemade soft tofu with rich Umami-bomb Foie-Mirin sauce, Shiitake, bonito flakes and crisp ice lettuce.
Sounds relatively mediocre in writing and typically overlooked upon ordering. Yet each component had its distinctive voice and everything came together for a harmoniously finish; confirmed with approving nods all around the table.

Nadai Fujisoba Ni-Hachi imports their buckwheat soba and dry bonito direct from Japan and unsurprisingly the soba was pretty good.

The Hot Mentai Cream soba ($17, additional $2 for extra noodles) came in a massive bowl that was more than enough for two of us with our additional orders of tempura. Made with fresh cream, dashi, with seasoned cod roe, it was comfortingly creamy but light and not at all gelak. Only wished there were more distinct little crunch from the mentaiko, which was present only when we were slurping it by the bowl.

The tempura here deserves a mention, with light crunchy Tempura batter, covering each ingredient perfectly before being fried till golden without greasiness. The juiciness of the chicken (2pcs for $5) was retained, and I particularly liked the sweet crabstick (3pcs for $3). Prawn (2pcs for $6) was not bad, crunchy, but somehow seemed a tad soggy.
Will definitely be back for the mentai cream soba!!

Torched on the spot, the salmon and toro meshi is superb to go with the rice. So good that i gobbled it down in lightning speed (usually im a 🐢). Gonna go back to try their Toro and Wagyu aburi.
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Otoro $70++, Uni $40++, Kanpachi Belly $35++,
It's very fresh and yummy. Worth it! 👍

🍽MBFC, Tower 3 #02-08
12 Marina Boulevard
📞 6443 1187
Mon to Fri
11:30-15:00, 18:00-22:00.
Sat 18:00-22:00
Closed on Sunday

So delicious that I wish I didn't stop at one stick

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Sister outlet to Far East Plaza's Nanbantei, famous for their value-for-money lunch yakitori bento, this izakaya on the first floor of Cuppage Plaza is where you go in the night for the same skewers and more. The grilled skewer selection here is limited but straightforward. Go for the Asparagus Maki ($7.20 for two) — five thin asparagus sticks stacked to a skewer, wrapped with bacon. Unlike the skewers at Nanbantei where the marinade is key, the skewers served at Izakaya Shinjuku are lightly seasoned with salt. Another crowd favourite is the Toriteba ($7.50 for two) — two chicken wings on each skewer, perfectly crisp yet juicy. For something heartier, order their Garlic Fried Rice (from $6.50). It goes well with their Butabara Cabbage Miso Itame ($9.50) — stir-fried sweet cabbage leaves that hint of smokiness. Reservations highly recommended.
Avg price: $40 per person with drinks
Photo by Burppler Hilary See

4 sticks for $6. Incredible value for money. Quality is good but don't expect this to be an eye opener. This is the kinda place you'll come back again with big groups for the quantity and enjoyable food! I can see this becoming a regular port of call for impromptu post-work dinners or casual buddy hangouts. Clientele is a good mix of Japanese and locals. Provides an English friendly menu.

You enter a dimly lit walkway into this back alley bar like area with scribbles on every surface. So much for theatrics.
The beef is flown from the US, the patties, cooked unseasoned. The juices flow freely, as you bite into the medium done patty with all the works.
Bite after bite, ravenously, a hypnotic rhythm progresses, until all that's left is the sticky fingers from left over ketchup and mustard. The passing memory of the burger, unbearable.
Now that's a burger monster could get with.
#hungryhungrymonster #burpple #burgerjoint

But once located, it offers a getaway from the usual streets of SG to relax at. Lepark has wide variety alcoholic and café drinks to chill with their bar snacks. Nachos with salted egg dip, crispy fried prawn paste chicken skins, Spam fries with truffle mayo and fried wings stuffed with otah. Sinful but awesome bites to spend a lazy afternoon with.

New on NUDE Seafood’s menu is this Salmon Belly Somen! Served chilled (especially refreshing on a hot day), the well cooked somen is topped with ikura, ajitsuke egg, pickled leeks and not forgetting the star of all, a slab of aburi salmon belly sashimi. Pour them all over with the cup of refreshing zesty cup of yuzu dashi soup and you're good to go. Loved the thick cut of salmon that was so fresh (no fishiness), tender and most importantly, not overly peppered with seasoning which allows the natural flavours to shine through! Overall might be a touch salty for some but worked well for me and I already can’t wait to go back to try their dinner menu!

For ~$24 after all the extra charge, you get to enjoy a bento + access to a huge salad/fruit range and free flow eggs (scrambled, sunny side up, tamago, omelette, hard boil, soft boil). You're guaranteed to fill your tummy! One thing, we though the beef was over minced and lacked the chunk. That being said, the taste is there;) really loved their cutleries and atmosphere👍🏼

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