Festive Specials

Festive Specials

A collection of festive goodies to celebrate our diversity as a country.
Siming T
Siming T

Most people would love a sumptuous meal at a hotel buffet during the festive season, for the spread would include things like roast turkey, roasted beef and other festive delicacies like fruit cake and stuff.

But these were just one part of what M Hotel’s Café 2000 had to offer in their Festive Seafood Extravaganza Buffet, available from 24 November to 30 December 2019. Having the table reservation through Eatigo, two persons could get up to 50% discount to the usual price of S$78.00 per pax. Much of the items there would include seafood, but I also saw many people swarming the buffet line for satays and other meat items. And then, I realised that it was actually very gratifying to scoop lots of Durian Pengat into a coffee mug, and eat it like a boss.

While it might be quite a value-for-money thing to book a table via Eatigo, I was a bit turned off by the way the diners wiped out the more popular items by forming mountains of food on their own plate. As much as food was replenished quite promptly, it could only mean that one would either need to stay vigilant to watch what was being topped up from afar, or that he would just have to approach the buffet line like a typical “kiasu” Singaporean. And because the restaurant appeared to be fully booked, the crowd could have taken away any peace and quiet ambience if that was to be expected.

Mid-autumn Festival is round the corner, and having some mooncakes is part of the festive custom for this special occasion.

This year, my money goes to Crowne Plaza Hotel’s snowskin mooncakes (S$59.50). Personally, I think that snowskin mooncakes have more room for creativity than the traditional baked mooncakes, and Crowne Plaza Hotel has actually managed to incorporate tea recipes into them.

Among the four flavours in the assortment, the Matcha Adzuki is perhaps the most common around, with the perfect Matcha and red bean duo in action. The Chrysanthemum Wintermelon flavour is a little too heavy on the wintermelon candy taste. Their Red Date Wolfberry mooncake is my favourite in this box, with distinct notes of red date tea and a touch of wolfberries. Last but not the least, the Earl Grey with Pearl flavour is like a tribute to bubble tea lovers, but it is somehow too off to be considered as an authentic flavour.

Each purchase also comes along with a S$20.00 voucher, redeemable at Lobby Lounge or Bar ‘75. It just added more happiness to make this box of mooncakes worth having.

The small version of the Prosperity Smoked Salmon Yu Sheng (S$32.80) might have lost its appeal because of the price tag, but I really liked having this one every year because of the super-finely shredded vegetables and the crunchy yam strips. The latter added a nice fragrance touch to the festive treat, nice enough for me to willingly ditch the golden crackers for this.

The small plate could serve 2 to 3 persons.

Yusheng or “Lo Hei” is a big affair for Singaporeans and Malaysians alike during Lunar New Year periods, and Ichiban Boshi (and Ichiban Sushi) will throw into the celebration mood their Yusheng series.

“Celebration” (S$33.80) was just good enough for 2 to 3 persons, and I liked their Yuzu sauce, which substitutes the conventional sour plum sauce, because it tasted lighter with a bit of a Japanese influence to the local dish. What more could you ask for when thick slices of Norwegian Salmon Sashimi tops the box as though it was the star on top of a Christmas tree?

For those who love freebies, a set of red packets would await you with every order of their prosperity Yusheng.

Yolkalicious is a home business that specialises in small-quantity made-to-order salted egg yolk potato chips. Owned by a Muslim, the chips and ingredients are Halal-certified and availability is advised on their website and social media platforms.

I liked the chips for they did not taste salty, and there was a good balance of salted yolk, butter, milk, curry leaves and sugar. A special mention towards their use of chilli padi, because the chips carried a mild lingering spiciness, but it turned out to be a little addictive for me. Anyway, since they do not use preservatives to prolong the shelf life, I think that is a pretty good excuse to finish the bag of chips at one go.

A bag of 180g chips costs S$13.00.


I know I had already written a review last year on Fa Cai Yu Sheng sold by Chuen Chuen at Balestier Market, but this is one of the rare occasions that I actually dined in at Balestier Market and had this as well.

So for S$18.00 (small portion), they had given a pretty generous amount of food. The carrot strings are short which is actually good for tossing and serving. Once again, it is their plum sauce that made the taste of the Fa Cai Yu Sheng so on point.

This time round, they also replaced the baby abalones with sliced abalones. I guess I will still come back for more, if not I will have to wait for another year before I can eat this again.


During the festive season, Edge came up with the Chinese New Year Lunch and Dinner buffets, which serves a variety of festive specials.

Say for example, they replaced their Rojak counter for diners to make their own Yu Sheng (just remember to get your fresh seafood from the seafood or Japanese food counters). There was even a pizza with Chinese sausage and Bak Kwa, roast suckling pig and Nian Gao (rice cake) dessert available at the buffet. At the same time, the favourites of the restaurant, such as Laksa, Chilli Crab, grill bar, Satay and Durian Pengat are still served.

My buffet dinner on a Monday night is priced at S$92.00 per pax, but honestly given the quality and variety of the buffet line-up, I strongly feel that the dinner was worth the splurge.

Lunar New Year has always been an important festival for many Singaporeans, and in the recent years, Lunar New Year celebrations will not be complete without a feast at McDonald’s.

Just launched on 25 January, the Double Prosperity Beef Burger is always something I will go for. Just the succulent beef patties coated with black pepper sauce and topped with chopped onions already make me believe that I will get some good luck coming. And it also calls for the all-time favourite Prosperity Twister Fries.

As for the Red Bean Pie, that is something that I will always go for because I like red beans. However I felt that the filling can be a bit sweeter, even though the sweetness (or lack of it) can be compensated with the Lychee McFizz.


This is an interesting creation by Wildseed at the Summerhouse, sold at Savour in the Christmas Wonderland event at Gardens by the Bay.

Everything that forms the burger comes in Christmas colours: green buns with chicken and turkey patty, cranberry jam, caramelised onions, lettuce, tomato and bacon. An interesting mix of sweet and savoury flavours in one burger. Sold at S$18.00 ala carte, it is generally what I would expect from an outdoor fair.

On the other hand, I could really do with another patty, because the meat is half the size of the bun, making every bite challenging for the burger to stay in shape thereafter.

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Christmas is coming once again! And along the range of Christmas goodies that Starbucks have rolled out this season comes this Milk Pudding (S$3.90). Though the pricing is pitched on the higher side given that it is only 100g of pudding in one mini cup, the sweetness of this dessert qualifies it as a Christmas dessert (well, Christmas goodies do tend to be on the sweeter note, right?). A delicate dessert that dissolves in your mouth instantly, that’s how soft it is.

It appears that there are two designs for each flavour (there’s also a Chocolate pudding in a black cup), and because the plastic cup is of a decent quality, I will most likely recycle it as a container for small items or as a mini pot for growing of plants.

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For those who were not inducted, Ramly Burger is a burger franchise often found in bazaars (also known as "pasar malam" in some instances). It's basically a burger with its patty wrapped in egg, then added different sauces. They mainly come in beef or chicken patty.

I have to admit that this is the least representative food in a festive market during Hari Raya, but usually there will be more than one stall selling Ramly Burger. Taste-wise, most of them are about the same, just that if you are lucky, some Ramly Burger will taste surprisingly better than the others.

And it's really thanks to our Muslim community that we will get to enjoy good food during their bazaars. Wishing one and all a smooth and achieving fasting month.


Despite the fact that they have moved from Longhouse to Balestier Market, this Yu Sheng by Chuen Chuen has a special place in my heart. In fact, each year I will have to buy Yu Sheng from them at least 3 times during the Lunar New Year Period.

What's so special? Well I believe it has got to do with the combination of their plum sauce in relation with the generous portion of vegetables.

In view that the Wolf Herring can no longer be used for Yusheng, Chuen Chuen replaced it with baby abalones. If you don't like it, you can always ask to replace them with more jellyfish. Yippee!

Available in different portions priced at S$28.00, S$38.00 and S$48.00 respectively.


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