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Pizza Risotto Pasta

Pizza Risotto Pasta

All the Italian food happens to be my comfort food.
Siming T
Siming T
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The Long Pasta might be out of stock rather quickly, but that did not stop the kitchen from serving their Supremo Porky Marinara (S$14.00) with Curly Pasta instead. Although the purplish pasta lost its beauty in the red tomato sauce, the general taste of the dish was still acceptable, given that the pasta was close to al dente.

The dish also came with sliced pork (Haus Bacon) and a large beef and pork meatball (Haus Meatball), which was perfect if meat is a staple in your food. However, what I truly enjoyed about the dish was the generous portion of Pork Croutons (also known as fried pork lard) amidst the sauce. Not only it added crunch, but also that fragrance of lard filled my mouth quickly as I minced it with my teeth.

The good news was that with an additional S$2.50 for a free flow drink, one could easily get a friend to enjoy the same, thanks to Burpple Beyond!


Yet another participating restaurant of Burpple Beyond that specialised in pizzas, DePizza was situated just between a burger joint and a boutique gym, so they sort of made sure that you climb a flight of stairs and dine with some background thumping noise during your meal. But it was quite exciting to come in because they had a few special pizzas that were kind of special.

The GLY Pizza (front, S$23.00), was a creation incorporating “Zi Char” favourite Sweet & Sour Pork, so they had a sweet sour sauce base with countable chunks of pork, pineapples, capsicum and onion. Unfortunately, the letdown was actually that the miserably little pieces of meat were also dry and tough, so at some point I did wish the meat were not there at all.

On the other hand, the Sashimi Pizza (S$27.00) was slightly more promising, though there was also a not very friendly smell coming from the salmon, which disappeared quickly after consuming it with their mayonnaise base and seaweed flakes. Plus, the thin crispy crust made it feel like I was eating a gigantic salmon tapas, which made me wonder if decorating the pizza with some Mentaiko sauce could bring out more of the Japanese essence to the Italian fare.

But one note of caution to Burpple Beyond users: the staff still charged me for the service charge for the “lower price” pizza, unlike most of the other restaurants which would waive off the service charge and GST for the second item, just in case if you would be calculative on that.


An Italian restaurant in the heartlands that offered some “more than decent” cuisine, a friend of mine recommended this place and they did serve up some good pastas and gnocchi.

So as the restaurant was filled on a Sunday evening, I decided to order a Burrata (S$16.00) as a starter dish to share. The cheese was served shortly together with some cherry tomatoes, wild rocket and parma ham. I would say that the price point would have suggested that ordering the Burrata would be a little self-indulgent, but I did wish that there was a little more greens to be offered in the appetisers so as to balance off the richness of the cheese and the saltiness of the ham.

Located at one end of the underground mall (closer to Esplanade MRT) was this Yellow Cab Pizza Co. that originated from New York, now franchised to 10 countries. It had been here for a number of years, but not many people might not have noticed its existence until their partnership with Burpple Beyond.

Selected pizzas and pastas were available with one-for-one offers, and so I chose their 10-inch NY Classic Pepperoni (S$16.00) and #4 Cheese (S$15.00), which both were instructed to come in thin crusts. The waiting time was quite short actually, and it was interesting to see a basic rack on the table to prop up the pizzas, which was said to help in maximising table space.

When the pizzas came, the first thing that caught my attention was that the pizzas were oily, judging from the blots on the wax papers. But what I was more concerned about was the richness in salt, which perhaps came from the pepperoni. The good thing was that the bottle of Tabasco sauce helped in reducing the harshness of the salt flavours a little, but I presumed that the best way to tackle the strong flavours was to go for some bottled beer.

One-for-one pizzas? Maybe, but not advisable to take this on by only two persons, especially if you were small eaters who were unwilling to request for takeaway boxes.


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It was quite a memorable experience here for some nice Italian dinner on a weekday, when the restaurant was not so crowded.

Their Conchiglie Bolognese (S$29.00) was just wonderful. Homemade shell pasta came with tender slow-cooked beef and red wine bolognese ragĂą, and the dinner plate was filled with this richness akin to beef stew. The ignorant side of me was still expecting something like a tomato-ish sauce base, which this one was far from. Definitely a few thumbs up for me for this one.

Additional cheese topping could be given upon request.


LINO prided on their freshly-made pasta and pizza dough and the freshness was evident especially in their pizzas. Tried their Mixed Mushroom Pizza (S$26.00) and I was very excited when it gave out that intense fragrance of truffle cream, mushrooms and a combination of cheeses (Fior di Latte, Fontina and Taleggio).

The surprises did not stop there apparently. Other than the tastiness of the ingredients on the pizza, I was most satisfied with the crust of the pizza, which gave that crackling texture as my teeth and cutlery pressed on it. I believed that beyond their 48-hour proofed dough, it took some skilful baking in the pizza oven to achieve such amazing finish.

The pizzas here all come with a choice of Traditional, Whole Wheat or Gluten-free dough, so everyone is free to order from their selection.



LINO parked this Barley Risotto (S$26.00) under the “Something Different” section of the menu. The choice of using barley rice was pretty amazing because it had this slightly more chewy texture as compared to the usual Arborio or Carnaroli. Though it was true that barley rice tasted more bland when cooked, when simmered in the super rich wild mushroom broth the rice was so nicely coated that the flavours became more balanced.

In my opinion, the Barley Risotto definitely had a good place in the menu, and risotto lovers should not give this a miss.



Being one of the two main courses available during the soft launch of Bee Cheng Hiang Grillery, the Cappellini Carbonara (S$12.00) did not seem bad at all for all things Bakkwa. What was more impressionable was the angel hair pasta thickly coated with the cream sauce, and every mouthful of the food was full of their Krispee Frostee. This pork floss had probably stolen the limelight from their Chilli Gourmet that were hidden underneath.

Taste aside, I thought I could have a larger portion, but with Burpple Beyond the one-for-one Tapas that were featured would make up for the difference.


To be honest, I was a bit nervous when I first stepped into Aura at Level 5 of National Gallery, because the ambience did not quite portray a casual dining setting. A place like this that offered Burpple Beyond deals was really a steal for those who wanted to plan a date night or a small-group dinner.

With a main course like this Hokkaido Scallops (S$55.00), I would say that the experience was quite uplifting for me. With five voluptuous seared scallops displayed before me, the fragrance was brought out by the unmistakable shredded truffles and the sweetness of the mollusks complemented with the parsley root puree. And the best way to appreciate this dish was to pair it with a glass of Sauvignon Blanc. That was heaven in my mouth for me.



So far my memory of baked pasta had always been stuck with tomato, cream or pesto bases. However, this NZ King Salmon Baked Pasta (S$18.00) did “redefine my dining experience” with an Aglio Olio style of tossed pasta, lined with strips of tasty salmon, before covered with cheese.

Preparation time would definitely be longer than other dishes for the need to be oven-baked before serving, hence a little more waiting time would be expected especially if there was no starters or soups ordered (I skipped their S$6.90 set promotion which came with a drink and ice cream or soup).

The pasta might have been a little too oily for my liking. At some point I had to wipe my mouth after putting the spaghetti in. No complaints about the dish on the whole given that the salmon strips were really scrumptious, but only that I wondered if the baked rice variant might appeal to me a little more. The answer to that, at my next visit.

Listed as one of their popular choices, the 462 Prawn Laksa Pasta (S$17.00) was by far the most accurate expression of our local favourite reinvented in a plate of pasta. I found myself slurping away at the Laksa sauce because it was rich with that Sambal chilli kick, coupled with fresh prawns to give a sweet crunch. No doubt that the spaghetti would not give that springy texture like our thick Bee Hoon, the overall flavours were almost on point.

I don’t know why, but I was thinking if they could add some small pieces of Tau Pok to complete that Laksa experience. Why not, right?


I was a little thrilled when the Seafood Risotto (S$26.95) was served to me, because it looked quite pretty with those bronze fennel decorating the dish. It was actually fragrant too, with the risotto stock incorporating some saffron and garlic for that bit of spice flavour in every spoon.

But it was that first mouthful that turned out to be different. The risotto rice was just cooked, which made them more chewy rather than soft. And on the whole the dinner required quite some chewing to conquer the crunch and carbs. The risotto could definitely work with additional parmesan cheese, which the waiter would be more than willing to scatter over the dish.

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First world problem: What to eat for the next meal?

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