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Jesuis Enamourez
Jesuis Enamourez

Housemade Tagliolini tossed with truffle butter and shaved black truffle. RM49 per serving.

Just like your Spaghetti alle Vongole, Linguine alle Cozze uses mussels instead of clams. It is sautéed in a light sauce made of garlic, chilli, cherry tomatoes, freshly shucked mussels, finished with Colatura, a South Italian anchovy oil which makes the whole plate so flavoursome. I wished there was more wine in it. RM67 per serving.

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I’m not a big fan of Orecchiette as most of the time I had was made from dry pasta. The freshly made ones here in Nero-Nero totally made me fall for it! Homemade Bari style pasta cooked with minced beef Bolognese sauce topped with grated Parmesan. Simple yet tasty! RM65 per serving.

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Oven baked Zucchini layered with with mozzarella, tomato sauce, smoked cheese and Parmesan. This dish is executed perfectly and the cheese is not overwhelming. RM33 per serving.

Creamy risotto cooked with truffle paste topped with 5 kinds of sautéed mushrooms (Swiss brown, Portobello, Shimeji, King oysters & Shiitake). The risotto was quite bland and the truffle taste wasn’t prominent. RM52 per serving.

Honey Truffle Bella is the perfect pizza for both the vegetarian or merely truffle lover. Thick crust pizza based topped with chunks of Portobello mushrooms, truffle paste, cheese and honey. It is a good combination and so addictive for those who love truffles. The crust is surprisingly good and chewy with a hint of herbs that tasted like focaccia. RM35 per serving.

This is probably the most sinful pasta dish in the menu. Homemade gnocchi baked in rich béchamel sauce along with three variety of cheeses(Gouda, Emmental & Mozzarella) and crispy duck bacon bits. The texture is just right and so creamy. I recommend to pair with a glass of white wine. RM24.90 per serving.

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Oven baked homemade beef lasagna served with classic rich hearty tomato sauce and a vinaigrette salad. The serving size was a bit small and wish there were more layers. Nevertheless a good lasagna. RM35 per serving.

With more than 15 kinds of pizza to choose from, we are totally ecstatic about this Super Mario pizza. Thin crusted base with good amount of truffle Béchamel, five kinds of mushrooms (Shimeiji, Portobello, Chanterelle, King oysters & Button Mushroom), dollop of Mascarpone, Mozzarella and drizzles of Truffle oil. This pizza will definitely get you mushroom overloaded in a happy way. RM52 per serving.

At Nero Nero, they emphasised in using fresh, wholesome ingredients with contemporary techniques in their dishes. The Tortellacci all’ Anatra is basically fresh stuffed pasta pockets with mince duck and ricotta cooked in sage butter sauce and served with some jus. Simple, nothing fancy on the plate but taste so good. RM68 per serving.


This starter is what an Italian would love to have! Delicate, soft, creamy interior wrapped in an elastic mozzarella came from the Italy region of Puglio served on a bed of basils marinated roasted cherry tomatoes, crumbles of Sardinia bread, rocket salad leaves and extra virgin olive oil from Liguria. I just couldn’t help to savour more especially that oozing Burrata because it’s simply so good and pair so well with the luscious tomatoes. RM39 per serving.


The extended part of Atlas Gourmet Market lays an all-day dining bistro that welcomes you with warm lights dangling above earthy tones furnitures and freshly made comfort food ranging from shucked oysters, seafood, salad, pasta to rotisserie and steak. You may pick any type of white or red meat from their gourmet market and the chef would prep it base on your likings.

Personal preference, comfort food to me would be a plate of warm pasta. I opted for their Wagyu Ragu Rigatoni. Large tubes of Italian pasta seasoned with black pepper, garlic and salt topped with Wagyu beef cooked in red wine sauce, carrots and finished with dark chocolate. Though I find the meat slightly rough but overall it was enjoyable. RM49 per serving.

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