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Featuring Strangers' Reunion, Creamier (Toa Payoh), Tolido's Espresso Nook, The Coffee Academics (Raffles City), 13 Stages (Kallang Wave Mall), Simply Bread (Cluny Court), The Coffee Shot, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Beanstro (Marina Bay Sands), Yishun Park Hawker Centre, Fish & Co. (Bugis+)
Lutfi Dali
Lutfi Dali
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Crisp, flaky exterior typical of a croissant with a buttery, chew-worthy interior. Their croissant dough are mixed with mochi (rice cakes) laboriously for hours to produce these large sized treats 😋. The Matcha was a match-ah for me. Rather decent matcha flavour glazed atop the croissant, hid away layers of rich, dark chocolate within.

It proved to be a hit in my buds in comparison to the Lemon Curd, which I found to be too 'curd-y' sour.

They even have Bubble Tea flavours for those adventurous enough or have a fondness for all things bubble tea to try. Outlets are limited and baked sold out early so be sure to get your hands one 1! Or 2... or in this case, a box! They're 👍👍. #Burpple #BurppleSG #brotherbirdbakehouse #mochicroissants

The Sashimi grade salmon had a crisp layer of skin, tender fish meat that was not too under or over cooked and best of all, no fish smell or taste! 😋 The accompanying Crispy Salmon skin was a welcome addition 😍 but it was not as crispy as I expected.

The bed of mashed potato provided a good base as it balanced out the meat with some comforting carbs + charred broccoli was 👍. It was good! #Burpple #BurppleSG #foodie #foodexploration #yishunparkhawkercentre #yishunparkhawkercentre

Sceptical at first, but YOLO - The marination of the chicken thigh in Kopi Gao paid off.
The robust aroma of the kopi whiffed in the air as I took it out from the microwave. Earthy aroma with a full, thick body.

The chicken itself was tender and seemed to melt away in the mouth. The smooth texture of the juicy chicken thigh provided for less chew and complimented the overall flavour of the kopi marinade.

Reminiscent of the Peranakan style of cooking, this Yummy Kopi Chicken would be 1 ☕ in terms of strength, and 2 👍👍 in terms of satisfaction!

#Burpple #BurppleSG #cleaneats #healthymealprep #YUMMYBROS

I'm a big fan of sandwiches and Roast Beef just echoes out to me. Most roast beef sandwiches however fail to impress with skinny steaks of beef and having a bread > meat ratio. . @thecoffeeshot does really decent sandwiches with crisp breads, right amount of rockets and fair portions of meat.

Coffee is great, place is nice and cosy.
I'm eyeing those cakes. Will return! 😁

#Burpple #BurppleSG #TheCoffeeShot #SGfoodie

Citrus-crusted Barramundi with Paella Rice and Roasted Cauliflower.

Omega-3 in the Barramundi, Nutrients soaked in by the Paella Rice and a dose (need more here!) of Cauliflower fibre.

Opted for citrus-crust and accepted the extra kcals versus the Harissa version. Skipped the sauces and thoroughly enjoyed the Heart-healthy wholesome meal.

So the next time you're out for a meal, remember, you always have a choice for the most Nutrient-vs-calorie dense option.

Whatever choices you make, accept it, embrace it and move on!

#LifeGoesOn #Burpple #BurppleSG #fishandco

1. Box of different flavoured buttered Toasts.
2. Box of fried banana fritters with layers of cheese, chocolate and condensed milk.
3. Pack of Shihlin XXL Chicken.
4. Netflix and chill.

Because we all need some downtime and food coma sometimes. #comforr

#comfortfood #Burpple

Though more a crepe, than a wrap, this egg batter 'wrap' conceals deliciously crunchy peanut butter. Crepe-like egg batter, Peanut Butter? Genius.

I'm not one for snacks but this is definitely my idea of tea-time (though I Never get tea) 💙.
My only gripe is that the wrap disappears in under 5 minutes. WHY?! 😩

#Burpple #BurppleSG #peanutbutter

First stab at Rocky Master and happened to be their re-opening of the Technopark outlet.

Spin and Win got us a Devil's Latte and we also grabbed the Devil's Brew 1-for-1 offer. Coffee was decent (slightly watered Americano style - atypical of what you would term 'Devil'). Since it was @wiyadali birthday, they kindly served a complimentary Lemon Meringue tart which was rather good. Right amount of sweet & tart combination 👌. Prawn Laksa was not on point on that day (according to Wiyadali). The sliders were really small but had a good gamey taste in the beef patties. We added $2 to upgrade the fries to truffle - pretty good - served with cheese, the fries had a light truffle smokey flavor.

Great ambience especially for an morning cup or an afternoon tea-time. Plenty of options and the staff are always receiving, friendly and quick to offer suggestions. 👍

#burpple #BurppleSG #RockyMasterSG #RockyMaster #SGcafes

When the waffles are crisp yet have enough Chew to be enjoyed slowly, the toppings do what they're supposed to: Compliment.

Ninety per cent of the world's woe comes from people not knowing themselves, their abilities, their frailties, and even their real virtues. Most of us go almost all the way through life as complete strangers to ourselves - so how can we know anyone else? - Sydney J. Harris

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(Well they're labelled chilled cakes here)
Unassumingly good. Swee Heng does decent sliced cakes with a good proportion of cream inside.

I like the modest Pandan flavor but the Apple Cinnamon fared better, with chunks of sweetened Apples amidst the Cinnamon cream. The Chiffon-like rolls are Fluffy yet aptly firm to eat in bites. Their Wholemeal and Charcoal options provides healthier alternatives for great afternoon snacks or just that sweet treat 😉. Priced at $1.80 a roll, they're bigger than the Polar Swiss Rolls and would be sufficient for a snack to tie you over temporarily. @sweehengsg is now in FairPrice! So you can not only get your fix at their outlets, but can grab their bakes in NTUC Supermarkets as well!

#sweeheng1989classic #Burpple #BurppleSG #Swissrolls #cakes #treats #snack #SG

Especially with a pairing like this 😋! . @coffeebeansg Nitro Cold Brew was very smooth and is one of the better Nitro Cold Brews out there. Paired with their Strawberry Yuzu Mousse Cake (one of their best sellers) which was sufficiently sweet, layered with soft sponge and hits all the right notes for a light teatime treat 💕. I would do you again 😉. #burpple #burppleSG

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