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Best Restaurants

Best Restaurants

Best places for dinner dates and perhaps special occasions!
Edith Loo
Edith Loo
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Had the small portion ($9) and it was amazing - the skin was incredibly crispy and the meat was juicy and tender. It paired extremely well with the mustard sauce on the side! The servers also help to cut the pork at your table.


Had to make another trip to IO to have their Italian fare and it remained phenomenal - the burrata was fresh, with generous servings of Parma ham, and the schiacciata was dripping with truffle cream. Service here was prompt and efficient as well! Do note that the last order is around 9.30pm as they close at 10pm.


Had the Tacos, sangria, a side of potatoes and a chicken quesadilla. The fish and beef tacos were to die for! Ambience here is wonderful and service is quick and attentive. It’s no surprise that this place was packed to the brim on a Saturday night, and despite the food here being more pricey ($20++ per person on average, when sharing), it’s well worth the visit.

From what I’ve gathered from the reviews here, many say that the pastas here need improvement/aren’t very impressive. Nevertheless, we decided to go ahead and order pasta to see if the naysayers were speaking the truth - I’d say this prawn tagliolini was pleasant on the palate, but it wasn’t exceptional. I could recommend this for someone looking for a rich prawn pasta with decent sauce, though! It was still enjoyable, just not mindblowingly exceptional (which seems to be the standard everyone holds restaurant fare to these days)


($18) Burrata, parma ham, rucola, cherry tomatoes - This was delightfully creamy and fresh, with generous amounts of Parma ham. I’d say for the price of $18, it’s really worth it! Some place I’ve dined at charge almost $40 for burrata of the same size and quality.

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At only $9 for small, this is an incredible steal. It was perfectly (yes, perfectly) done; with exceedingly crispy roasted skin on the exterior and tender pork inside. My partner and I were practically squealing with delight as we had this dish - Italian Osteria never ceases to impress.

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This was on their lunch set; I liked that it tasted light and fresh, and the texture was great. Great ambience, service and food at Amo as always!

($26) Mozzarella cheese, parma ham, arugula, cherry tomato, parmesan, burrata & balsamic - this was truly a joy to devour, with chewy but soft thin woodfire baked crust and generous toppings.


($22) Thoroughly enjoyed this dish - the veal was wonderfully flavourful and the ravioli was so nice and soft with every bite; an explosion of flavours in my mouth.


I dined at Brine soon after I had dinner at Le Bon Funk, and somehow this unassuming-looking dessert reminded me of the celery & buckwheat custard I had there. I really enjoyed this dessert! I’ve been to Brine 3-4 times now and their food always, always delivers. Their beef is also really good!

AUS Blackmore Black Angus, hazelnut butter, pickled cabbage / I really loved how this was executed, it was really flavourful and yet light. Gorgeous quaint little venue and beautiful plating by the chef in the semi-open kitchen, was sneaking peeps at the young chef painstakingly preparing our dishes. It’s evident that the young couple (correct me if I’m wrong) who runs this restaurant are really creative and passionate with their little restaurant concept.

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Had the Fun Boy Three, and it might be a solid contender for our favourite burger in Singapore. Three Buns never fails to deliver, in rich burgers exploding to the brim with goodness. Within: Truffle aioli, a 120g 21-day aged beef patty and generous portions of a roasted Portobello mushroom, melted smoked cheese topped with garlic and miso butter and double ketchup, in a lightly toasted demi brioche bun. 10/10 mindblowing for my palate, not very light on my wallet - but still worth it 🍔

Already thinking of my next meal 👅

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