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We know chutoro and otoro, but there's also a very rare part of the tuna known as wakaremi. It's found near the fin of the tuna, and available only in very small quantities. Chef Tomo calls it the chateaubrian equivalent for tuna. It's a lean part of the tuna with little fibers, yet it's very soft and very rich.
Sushi Kimura serves sushi omakase, as well as omakase with other non-sushi dishes. At Kimura, you must go for non-sushi items as well, or better still go for all non-sushi dishes on Monday evenings.
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The pork was extremely well flavoured and tender, paired with a rich sauce and some potatoes. Our only gripe was that the pork was in such a small portion - the pork was sliced so thin (not more than 1cm thick) and it disappeared so fast from our plates.

I’d say this was pretty adequate, but not amazing. The chicken was soft and tender, and the pesto sauce was really rich in flavour, yet not too overwhelming. Everything went well together, but I guess for a main it felt a little plain and not too noteworthy. Nevertheless, I feel that their set lunches are extremely value for money.

This was so mindblowing - the tuna was lightly crisp on the exterior and extremely soft within; our knives sliced through it like butter. The dish tasted so fresh and refreshing, and we were left wishing this could be available in a larger portion, as a main. Such amazing food here!

Buffalo milk mozzarella with Italian San Marzano tomatoes & basil - this was one starter we chose for their weekday three-course lunch set. It was perfect! The buffalo milk mozzarella was so fresh and creamy, pairing perfectly with the sweet tomatoes. We mopped this up in a heartbeat.

This Crispy Tiger Prawn Fritters Wrapped in Red Glutinous Rice Cheong Fun is from the revamped Crystal Jade Palace @crystaljadesg at Takashimaya.

A unique dish that combines the crispy and the sticky. It takes a juicy Tiger prawn and mixes it with salted egg yolk, then made into a deep-fried fritter.

This elaborate red-tinged prawn is then wrapped in a red glutinous rice cheong or thin rice noodle roll skin.

The beauty is really in its centre, where the grainy salted egg yolk adds that element of surprise.



I once had chendol ice cream onboard an SQ flight when I flew to Mumbai in 2013, and I've been missing it since. That bowl came with all the ingredients of chendol, but they used coconut ice cream instead of coconut milk. It was so good, so simple to create and I had wondered why nobody had done it.
Many years after, I had this version @crystaljadesg, and it was a dream come true, and in fact it was 100x better than what I had previously. It came with a scoop of gula melaka ice cream and two scoops of coconut ice cream, with that balance well thought out so that it's more milky than sweet, with strong fragrance coming from both gula melaka and coconut milk. Another clever addition was these crispy bits of crushed mille-feuille for texture.
I don't usually eat more than a scoop of ice cream. But that evening I finished all three scoops here πŸ˜‹.
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Caramelized golden apples like a "tarte tatin" served with a spiced sablΓ© and yuzu foam, Tahitian vanilla ice cream

(Part of the Menu Gourmet $198+48)

Milk fed lamb rack roasted with fresh thyme, pastoral salad and garlic confit

(Part of the Menu Gourmet $198+48)

Slow cooked poultry from la Cour D'Armoise with "ivory" sauce, morel and green asparagus
(served with risotto)

(Part of the Menu Gourmet $198+48)

Pan-seared foie gras, Khoyo grapes with kriek beer reduction

(Part of the Menu Gourmet $198+48)