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🥮White lotus paste with Single Yolk ($61/4pcs)
🥮 White lotus paste with Double Yolk ($65/4pcs).
🥮White lotus paste with Four Yolk ($80/4pcs)

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@putien_sg well-loved traditional Madam Leng Handmade Mooncakes 莲姐手工月饼  are available at all 14 outlets while stocks last, or via https://inline.app/order/putien 
Handcrafted flaky pastry crust with premium Yam or first-grade Purple Sweet Potato fillings. These decadent mooncakes are made without preservatives and boast the natural sweetness of yam and purple sweet potato.
▪️Purple Sweet Potato 紫薯: $32 for a box of 2; $60 for a box of 4
▪️Yam 芋泥: $32 for a box of 2; $60 for a box of 4
▪️Purple Sweet Potato w/ Single Yolk 紫薯单黄: $36 for a box of 2; $62 for a box of 4
▪️Yam w/ Single Yolk 芋泥单黄: $36 for a box of 2; $62 for a box of 4
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Coated with a thin layer of Hokkaido potato flour before deep frying, this 辣子鸡 was hella addictive! Boasting a crunch, this made for a good snack to have while waiting for your main dishes to arrive. My only qualm was the spice, would have preferred if they were sweat inducing but hey, I guess this helps to maintain my glam at a restaurant 😂✨

Well, there was nothing to shout about for the fried rice here. With a 2 Michelin Star accolade tied to its name, I had expected the food here to be better. Don't get me wrong, some of the dishes were great, but were they 2 Michelin star worthy though, I'll let you ponder about that.

Of course, as with all restaurants, there are hits and misses. The Char Siew here were largely forgettable, though their sio bak here were pretty decent. I’d give this dish a miss if I patronise them again.

This was the main of the Tasting menu (dinner). The lamb wasn't tough at all although cutting it was a bit of a challenge. I loved their sauce, which I believe is grapefruit based. It went super well with the lamb. Little nuts on Apricot gave overall crunchy sour taste too. Very satisfied with the main.

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Indescribable! This is absolutely stunning (and their gorgeous plating is always a plus). I would describe this as a "soup", but as mentioned above you must try it and feel the taste. They also have corns inside, which balanced with whelk.

Well deserved 1 Michelin star. Ambience, food and service was excellent. Portions was albeit small for price but nonetheless felt it was worth the $$. Blue swimmer crab curry, assam sotong and wing bean salad are highly recommended.

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Inspired by local traditions, Chef Ivan has created this series of mooncake recipes by using all-natural ingredients, each having a unique theme around it. In each gift set, there is the A Little Eggsighted - a baked mooncake that contains premium white lotus paste and golden egg yolk, Are You Nuts – filled with an earthy medley of almonds, walnuts, white sesame, sunflower seeds, melon seeds and pine nuts, The Moonshot – a beautiful charcoal baked mooncake that contains black sesame paste, Bronte pistachios, candied orange zest and a centre of translucent kumquat sphere, and the Love is Everything – the sweet savoury combination of almond lotus paste with Chinese almonds, salted sakura cherry blossoms, peach and apricot slices. Besides the mooncakes, the box also stands out from the rest with a sustainability focus by using 100% compostable materials and plastic-free.
✨ Restaurant Nouri x Minerva Passion
📍 72 Amoy Street, Singapore 069891
🛵 https://shop.appetitesg.com/collections/featured-collection/mooncakes
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( 5 course - $148++ )
✨my first experience at @cornerhousesg ✨‼️check my instastories/highlight for details‼️ chef David thein recently took over executive chef position at @cornerhousesg with a modern singapore menu 🇸🇬 ✨ to summarize the experience: its like eating art in the gardens🖼 💕
🎉key highlights for me is firstly the 1️⃣ bread course - that sambal belachan butter is sedap✨that pairs well with each Asian-inspired pastry like squid ink youtiao and curry potato bun. 2️⃣ Achards which is inspired by Achaar is my favorite🏅it’s not just beautifully plated but an impressive unique interpretation of the household side dish👏 the used of cured hamachi and burrata with the various refreshing tonalities is truly gastronomical🙌✨3️⃣another intriguing creation is the rendition of koo chye/Chinese chives - he made a casual vegetable exquisite - a true translation of Asian food to modern art 👩‍🎨
Overrall, I do feel that the portions are way too small personally 😅 would love to see interactive elements to amplify the creative experience maybe (random suggestion)🤭if you are looking for an unique expressive fine dining experience, @cornerhousesg is definitely a beautiful place to go to for a special occasion (especially lunch time!) 🌸🌷🌿
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Idk how long these would be available, so I apologise in advance if this is giving you a severe case of blue balls; but I have to immortalise this moment. In particular, the sheer joy I felt taking my first bite. I’ve been blessed to have had really really great doughnuts the past year — Sourbombe’s bombolonis, Korio’s amazing brioche doughnuts, Nassim Hill Bakery’s kaya doughnuts among the many; and now with Burnt Ends Bakery’s SFF-special Milo Dinosaur doughnuts I can safely say I’ve died and gone to doughnut heaven. These babies were utter pillows of joy. The dough’s so so fluffy and soft, light and buttery, and just a wee sweet. It was an instant win on its own, and I was in love before even getting to that milo ganache snuggled within. I feel it’s challenging to nail a milo-flavoured dessert; more often than not we end up tasting more chocolate than the malty drink we love. But these: maaaaan they were so malty. So luscious, rich, and intense. I usually only down one doughnut and keep the rest for later, but with these I had two right at once. They were THAT good.