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My friend wanted to treat me for a “good birthday meal”, and I think this works just well.

It still took about a 40 min wait, but nothing beats the comforting taste of good-old Singapore hawker food. Standard still about there.

I believe many food businesses are affected by the current situation. Unfortunately, I don't have an answer for this - fear is real, livelihood is also real. This has a spiral effect.

Once the situation improves, do not forget to support our local businesses, be nicer to our hardworking hawkers, and treat yourself a good meal. Yes, BCM over instant noodles anytime for me.

We can weather the storm together.

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The pasta here is surprisingly filling and tasty. One of the best pasta I ate period.

Bold flavours abound here, with premium ara fish dressed in a savoury medley of sweet breads, bacon and italian parsley. The foamy, golden sauce made from chicken wings boiled for 6 hours is refined yet packed full of flavour, truly delicious.

Taste: 4/5


Paying homage to a French classic, Beni's version is elevated with foie gras and black truffle. The savoury finale to what had been a very fine meal so far, the whole golden duck pie which emerged from the oven was nothing short of stunning. Pity we only got a quarter each, because it was excellent.

The buttery, burnished pastry was par excellence, and what it contained inside was even more indulgent – a thin layer of black truffle, sandwiched between ground duck meat and foie. Not letting up on the decadence, a commanding Sauce Rouennaise was served alongside the pie. Its dominant duck liver flavour might put off those with less adventurous tastes, but I absolutely loved it. And we added black truffles for $10, because why not.

Taste: 4/5


💵: $8

📈: 7.5/10

🤔: If you love vinegary BCM, then this place is for you. Didn't really understand the whole hype surrounding this place, and still don't, but it was still a good bowl of noodles. Pricey, but comes with an abundance of toppings.

Chef Kenji Yamanaka's Japanese influence really comes to the fore with this dish, which sees alabaster hunks of fugu meat coated in sticky rice and deep-fried to crisp, flaky perfection. Despite this, its flavour was incredibly delicate and natural, and the subtle chicken stock sauce peppered with pomelo and olive bits only served to enhance the fish.

Taste: 3.5/5

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Beni's fine dining is of the Japanese-accented French ilk, characterised by luxurious ingredients, immaculately prepared and delicately plated. We enjoyed this starter very much, with chunks of fresh, springy lobster well contrasted by crunchy radish, Italian broccoli and baby parsnip. Textures of lobster such as squares of wobbly lobster jelly and a scattering of umami lobster roe powder solidified the theme and the encore of concentrated lobster bisque was an unveiling of deepest umami. Great!

Taste: 4/5

Bold and punchy little bites! Almond biscuit topped with milk chocolate encased with banana compote, covered with black sesame purée with golden leaf. Cannelé made of Gula Melaka. Almond tart with tamarind purée covered with herbed meringue and angle hair chilli. White choc late with tonka bean and wasabi, coated with desiccated coconut and popping candy, topped green apple chip and pentas flower. Dark chocolate with nut infused with fish sauce, topped with finger lime.

A play on textures of chestnut. Can never get enough of shaved black winter truffles!

Inspired by Peking duck, substituting the duck for melt in mouth jowl. Good contrast of flavors & textures from the pickled radish and roasted peanuts. One of those memorable one bite wonders 😋