Top 10 Places for Michelin Guide Singapore 2018

Top 10 places for Michelin Guide Singapore 2018

Latest Reviews for Michelin Guide Singapore 2018

Latest Reviews of food and restaurants for Michelin Guide Singapore 2018

Those chocolate bubbles were amazing, the açai sorbet was perfect pairing for the choc and gin soup. Dig in further and you will be rewarded by a starfruit jam.

To say the plating here is visually captivating is an understatement.
The second of our 5-course meal, and the most Oriental in terms of taste profile in my opinion, arrived on a plate that looked like a pair of hands was carefully cradling the duck (don’t you just love a clever trompe-l’œil?). Perfectly apt seeing how delectable the braised French Challans duck revealed itself to be.
With the stringiness all but gone, the flesh was silky-smooth and soft, caressing my mouth almost, along with the voluptuous eggplant cream. Crunchy water chestnut, springy jelly mushrooms and slippery kanten noodles were the refreshing accents to each bite, multiplying the facets of texture and flavour exponentially in this slightly sweet dish.


This was the highlight for me. Spectacular execution, bold flavours and really pushing the boundaries in a good way. Duck which is typically served on French menus, here is given a local twist, both Chinese and Balinese. The sea cucumber duck gravy was so gelatinous and thick (imagine all that collagen goodness) and the sambal was so punchy that you can’t help but pay attention to how good it is. This was a course you want to end a last bite with.


Simple ingredients like Cinderella transformed into a magical course by the able hands of both maestros. Utterly comforting and it reminded me of a Chinese cabbage course except think of this as a version which is only worthy of the imperial courts. The shaved smoked aged ox heart added depth and dimension and the cashew sour cream richness. Truly crossroad cuisine at its best.

Plenty of textures and flavours. So sublime and I can have this again any day. Confit chicken legs, cured duck egg yolk, garlic miso and Vadouvan spice sure makes a great pot of Asian risotto. Yummy, yummy, yum, yum!

It was an interesting course, never had anything like this before and underneath the yacon, was a sweet tender jicama which balanced the flavours and the crispy fermented turmeric shallots were the bomb. The textural crunch was amazing.

Accompanied by a torch ginger sambal, calamansi vinaigrette and finished with charred coconut milk, this was utterly delectable! Not a drop of that divine coconut milk was wasted.

Served with a nasturtium tartar sauce and leaf, it was utterly delicious. The goat tartare rose to match its fishy counterpart. Seasoned extremely well with Kampot peppercorns, pickled belimbi and betel leaf, it was a punchy bite.

Already highly popular & requiring at least 2 months advanced booking, #burntends amazing food quality at a decent price is well-deserving of that ⭐️. For starters, the #beefanduni ($24) was a match made in heaven with soft tender beef pairing with creamy uni. The #grissini ($12) was an interesting dish of flavourful cod roe atop a crisp and thin breadstick. The #sanger has always been one of my favorite burgers but the standard can go up & down and today was a slight down. While still incredibly delicious with the generous mix of pulled pork, purple cabbage in a perfectly fluffy and soft brioche bun, the pork was not as juicy as I remember from previous visits and more sauce could be added. The #tenderloin ($28/100g) is really yummy and skillfully cooked. Juicy with a crisp thin outer layer and smoky flavour from the grill, it was highly enjoyable especially when mixed with the bone marrow.
📍@burntends_sg, 20 Teck Lim Road S088391

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Baked Skin favorites includes:
▪️Double Yolk and Silver Lotus Paste ($78 nett)
▪️Smoked Duck, Assorted Nuts and Lime ($78 nett)
▪️Osmanthus OoLong Tea Paste ($72 nett)
▪️Yuzu, Melon Seed and Silver Lotus Paste ($72 nett)
▪️Four Season Medley ($78 nett)
These are available for order from now till 24 September 2018.
Location: Four Seasons Hotel Singapore, 190 Orchard Blvd, Singapore 248646
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