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Everyone needs this to end their meal here! A beautifully smoked marshmallow!!

Holy cow look at that giant scoop of smoked ice cream topped above a lava chocolate brownie/cookie like pastry at the bottom! I truly enjoyed this but it may be a tad bit sweet for some; so do share with a friend!

Actually didn’t really know what I was going to receive when I ordered this 😂 but it ended up being a melted Italian cheese with a side of toast. Quite tasty.

Oh you know a medium rare steak will never do you any harm.. especially when at burnt ends!! So delicious and just lightly salted, it truly brings out the quality of the beef.

First time trying this dish here and the meat was so tender!

Never tasted leek this beautifully charred before and the element of hazelnut + black truffle just adds more texture and crunch to this dish. You can omit the truffle for a lower price tag :)

This one is good for sharing!! Look at that gorgeous shade of pink 😍

This one takes influence from the classic Korean bbq - If you know, you know 😂 tender pork meat, coupled with crunchy light lettuce, you’ll love this!

A light dish which reminds me of our Teochew steamed fish 🐠

This is an interesting one with a flavour I bet you’ve never tasted anywhere before! It has a light crispy fried skin with moist eggplant within and the eggplant lies atop a savoury miso purée. It has a light tinge of spice to it but it’s still rather light.

Honestly it’s pricey for these two dainty pieces of chicken but the chicken tastes so good you wouldn’t mind another one of this 😂 with a slightly crispy , crusty exterior and extremely soft meat within, you’ll enjoy this even without the tangy lime cream at the side!

A new dish at burnt ends!! And I’m loving it! The crispy thin exteriors, generous amount of perfectly marinated crab meat and pork, you’ll love it too!